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Pathways to Peace

By Mairead Maguire, October 07, 2019

We need to offer new hope to a humanity suffering under the scourge of militarism and war.  People are tired of armaments and war. People want Peace.  They have seen that militarism does not solve problems, but is a part of the problem.  The Global Climate crisis is added to by the emissions of US military, the greatest polluter in the World.  Militarism also creates uncontrollable forms of tribalism and nationalism.  These are a dangerous and murderous form of identity and about which we need to take steps to transcend, lest we unleash further dreadful violence upon the world.  To do this we need to acknowledge that our common humanity and human dignity is more important than our different traditions.   We need to recognize our life and the lives of others (and Nature) are sacred and we can solve our problems without killing each other.

Trump’s Stonewalling of Impeachment Inquiry Is an Impeachable Offense

By Prof. Marjorie Cohn, October 07, 2019

During the call, Zelensky indicated he wanted to buy Javelin anti-tank missiles from the U.S. Trump then replied, “I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.” After asking Zelensky to look into CrowdStrike (a cybersecurity firm that investigated the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee), Trump asked Zelensky to investigate alleged improprieties by presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine. Trump has accused then-Vice President Biden of urging the removal of a corrupt prosecutor to hinder an investigation of a Ukrainian gas company for which Hunter Biden was serving on the board. Biden has been cleared of any wrongdoing by Ukrainian authorities.

John Lennon vs. the Deep State: One Man Against the ‘Monster’

By John W. Whitehead, October 07, 2019

The official U.S. war against Lennon began in earnest in 1972 after rumors surfaced that Lennon planned to embark on a U.S. concert tour that would combine rock music with antiwar organizing and voter registration. Nixon, fearing Lennon’s influence on about 11 million new voters (1972 was the first year that 18-year-olds could vote), had the ex-Beatle served with deportation orders “in an effort to silence him as a voice of the peace movement.”

The Real Venezuela: Dignified, Indivisible and Truthful

By Nino Pagliccia, October 07, 2019

Much media effort has been put in creating the illusion that the legitimate Venezuela is the one “ruled” by a self-appointed (read, unelected) interim (read, for an undefined term) president that presides with no army, no cabinet, no judicial and no recognized congress. His name is hardly recognized in Venezuela were it not for the unrelenting promotion by his major supporter, the United States government.

The Dem-CIA Impeachment. Remove Trump from the Oval Office

By Renee Parsons, October 07, 2019

Trump’s response to the Dem-initiated furor was to release the White House transcript of the phone call which the CIA operative claimed was on ‘lock down’ by the White House to prevent its distribution.  Here is the only portion of that conversation that discussed the Biden Ukraine connection which is clearly asking the Ukraine President to conduct their own investigation.  Read the transcript and decide for yourself if there is political pressure, a quid pro quo or a violation worthy of impeachment – or is it all a Big Fat Nothing Burger?

Climate and the “Little Green Women and Men”

By Peter Koenig, October 06, 2019

The Little Green Women and Men (LGWM) are us, humanoids, especially those living in the west, believing we command Mother Earth. Well, no wonder, there is a group among us, who claims to be “God’s Chosen People” – and they act it all the way. So much so, that they and their influence on LGWMs, have almost managed to dominate all the women, men and resources of Mother Earth.

Brexit: A Symptom of Harmful Neoliberal Measures Which Have Undermined the EU

By Shane Quinn, October 06, 2019

The seemingly never-ending spectacle of Britain’s attempted exit from the European Union is part of a broader malaise affecting this association of European states. The EU is in growing difficulty and much of this is unfortunately due to its own making. The EU has become destabilised from within through a not altogether dissimilar manner to the Soviet Union, whose economy had been stagnating from the 1970s under Leonid Brezhnev’s inflexible policies, before the complete collapse eventually arrived in December 1991.


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