COVID-19, We Are Now Living the “Lock Step Scenario”

International Conference on the 75th Anniversary of Liberating Italy; An interview with Peter Koenig livestreamed by BYOBLU and Pandora TV

The 25th of April is an important date in Italy’s history. It commemorates the 75th anniversary of  Liberation, which is also the Anniversary of the Resistance.

On April 25, 2020, Commemorating the Liberation of Italy. We express our solidarity with the people of Italy. At the same time we express our concern regarding the US military bases established in Italy immediately established after World WarII.  

Italy like many other countries is currently experiencing the COVID-19 crisis. This year on the 25th of April which commemorates Italy’s Liberation, we were  not able to meet in Firenze to debate and discuss the “coronavirus crisis” which is affecting millions of people Worldwide.

Below is the transcript of the interview with Peter Koenig


QuestionAfter the Corona virus lockdown that stopped the economy in a large part of the world, what do you think will happen with the economically weaker countries and how can they be defended?

Peter Koenig: First, I must tell you, it is virtually impossible to predict what might happen and in what time. We are quite possibly experiencing a huge paradigm shift. That means that nothing will – or almost nothing – will remain the way it was before.  This is a well-concocted plan -emanating from the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report. We are right now living the beginning of the first phase, called the “Lock Step” scenario.

What we can see already after barely 3 months of this “pandemic” lockdown – there is massive unemployment. In the US already more than 23 million people are claiming for unemployment benefits. That does not take into account, all those that have given up….

FED and GS (Goldman Sachs) predict unemployment to reach between 32% and 40% in the next quarter.

And there will be massive bankruptcies- over the next few months, spinning out of control- triggering more unemployment. Hardest hit are the small and medium size enterprises

The situation in Europe will be similar- if not worse.

So far, we have barely seen the tiny tip of the iceberg.

The countries most affected will be the debt dependant – i.e. highly indebted countries. And I’m talking about enslaving foreign debt.

This evil plan COVID-19 /2010 Rockefeller Report – contains many very people-unfriendly elements. It would be too long, to explain them here. But let’s list the most important ones – and how they may impact us and the economy:

  • A massive vaccination program
  • population reduction through vaccination – and other means, like induced famine, man-induced climate change, GMOs, 5G (strong electromagnetic fields – EMF) – and so on….
  • digitized ID
  • digitized money – no more cash
  • rolling out 5G – to control all and every move we take – plus our digitized bank accounts – what is commonly called and misleadingly called “the internet of things”
  • 5G is a weapon when used at its full strength – which is not yet the case. 5G is weaponized and can kill.

The Plan foresees massive repression through – what has already been called before the end of the last Century – the NEW WORLD ORDER, often also referred to as the ONE WORLD ORDER. A small elite of super powerful and super rich people would control us all.

The principal of the “Lock Step” arrangement. All we have left is marching in Lock Step to the orders from above.

But we do not have to allow this to happen. If we are aware of the Plan, we can take control – I suggest that you all read the 2010 Rockefeller Report – it’s probably still to be found on Internet. So, you realize that I’m not talking “conspiracy theory” – but that this Conspiracy is REAL.

For example, tell your governments with urgency to Stop Rolling Out 5G -the health impact has not been studied, except for individual scientist- 180 of whom have written to the EU Commission in Brussels, asking for a moratorium and independent study.

WHO has suspiciously remained silent about 5G.

Mr. Putin, for example, so far has refrained from rolling out 5G in Russia.


This may not answer the original question. But it is important to know the Plan to find the answers on how to save our local – not globalized – economies:

So – Deglobalize –

  • Do not belong to a monetary or a political union that has no common constitution, no common interests, and no common goals- and especially no solidarity.
  • Italy knows best about abject lack of solidarity within the EU – recent events with COVID-19 are a living testimony to the sham of the European Union.
  • Greece also knows what it means to be in a union without solidarity
  • So – get out of the EU and the Euro-prison. Yes, a Euro-prison, because the Euro, the way it has been injected into Europe, does not allow your countries economic and monetary sovereignty.
  • What happened for example to Greece could never have happened if Greece would have had her economic and monetary sovereignty -i.e. her own currency
  • Countries do need to regain their economic and monetary sovereignty – and
  • be able to restart their local economy for local consumption with local money, with local public banks and with a publicly-owned central bank, that works for the local economy.

At the beginning, until a country achieves a high degree of auto-sufficiency, international trade is of lesser importance.

Then – trade with friendly nations, with countries and people that share the same or similar values. Make your own trading agreements – you do not need WTO.

And once you take back your country’s economic and monetary autonomy, you do not need international loans – from – I call them indebting organizations, like the World Bank and the IMF and regional development banks.

You can create your own internal debt and resolve that internal debt according to your own economic pace and strength. No need to pay a foreign institution interest for a foreign currency.

As to a recovery, poorer – or less industrialized – countries may be better suited to recover quickly, because they have a much bigger informal sector. Informality is creative and can adapt and adjust usually much faster than strictly and often rigidly structured economies.

A Prominent example is China – China grew out of the ashes in 1948 – internally independent, no foreign debt to speak of, with the principal goal of becoming auto-sufficient in food, education and health. When these goals were nearly reached, China started opening up for international trade and relations – in the 1980s.

Granted, China is not Italy – China is a huge country with 1.4 billion people. But the principal applies to every nation that wants to become her sovereign self again.

QuestionAfter this long Covid-19 economic stagnation, can Europe recover? and by what means?

PK: Yes, Europe can recover. It depends how.

Remember, there is going to be a great paradigm shift in socioeconomic terms, as I mentioned before – of values, of customs, of our behaviour vis-à-vis each other – and likely in relations between countries. It is difficult – or rather impossible to predict – which way the wheels will be turning.

But what we can say now, is that our world will not be the same again – at least for a long-long time.

What happened during this almost total lock-down – not only of people, but of the world economy, lives have been destroyed, not by COVID-19, but by the shrieking unprepared halt of the economy around the world, and the multiple consequences that nobody with a sane mind could have foreseen.

People who have caused that were and are of an insane mind. It looks like a wanton destruction of the world’s assets, savings, incomes – the entire societal livelihood has been annihilated. At will. None of this would have been necessary to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that is another subject.

What to do now?

This is the moment for US, the people to take over and create a new economic system, one of peace, equality and solidarity.

What first must go – in order to foster peace and to use available resources for the benefit of the people – we Europeans have to get out of NATO.

Imagine the trillions of dollars or Euros saved by abandoning this war-mongering apparatus that has only hostile and negative effectives on our closest neighbour, Russia – and a bit farther away – China?

These are our normal partners, they have been for centuries, if not millennia before the onset of the Anglo-American Empire – as they are on the same huge landmass, called EURASIA – no need to look and listen and being sanctioned left and right by the Masters across the Atlantic. No need at all. Europe and her Eastern Partners don’t need NATO.

There is no aggression whatso ever coming from either Russia or China. These people are friendly and want to enter into social and economic relationships.

None of these countries have a history of invading and interfering in other countries, not like the west – with at the forefront the US of A.

We are being indoctrinated on a daily basis that these are our enemies. That is a huge LIE. – A lie, the west, or the United States needs to maintain its power base, its military industrial complex that produces about half of the US GDP.

So, the silver lining of this crisis is that it gives us the opportunities to rethink Europe’s priorities, who are our true alliances – peaceful alliances. – And we do not need NATO.

Again – imagine what we, Europe, could be doing with the trillions saved from not belonging to the most destructive war-machine of this planet.


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This was livestreamed by BYOBLU and Pandora TV.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greanville Post; Defend Democracy Press, TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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