Reflections on a Post Election Soft Coup: “Fake News”, CIA Intervention, US-NATO Militarization on Russia’s Doorstep

The entire episode of the Russian-Hack-Influenced-the-US-Elections campaign,  initiated by the Obama White House and referred to by President elect Donald Trump as a ‘witch hunt”,  continues to be confounding to much of the American public with some of these concerns:


  • to what extent has the CIA intervened in the Clinton-Trump post-election results just as it has over the years in the elections of so many other countries; and
  • whether the unfounded allegations and intervention have created a climate threatening to the Constitutional order of presidential succession.

As if those troublesome post-election issues were not enough, the American public has been conveniently distracted by flawed intel ‘assessments’ (with Obama’s personal accusation of Russian President Vladimir Putin) from the urgency of two impending foreign policy quagmires that Obama is gifting to the Trump Administration.

The first is what has been described as “one of the largest movement of US troops to Europe since the Cold War” to counter ‘Russian aggression” with the quiet arrival of over 4,000 American Special Op and NATO troops including 2,800 tanks and assorted military equipment” through Bremerhaven, Germany.  The newly arrived forces are to be deployed to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Baltic states along the eastern European border with Russia.  This development is nothing short of alarming but most Americans are unperturbed.

The liberation of Aleppo has done little to bring the Syrian conflict to a conclusion and has, instead, emboldened Obama, in his closing days, to indiscriminately increase anti air craft missiles  (above those already  provided) to rebels whose loyalties are in dispute.  At the same time, renewed US air strikes in concert with rebel attacks on Syria utilities (electricity and gas) as well as attacks on and contamination of Damascus water pipelines are all meant to bring a civilian population to its knees.

Observing the President since the November 8th election, his reactions reveal an aggressiveness rarely, if ever seen in an outgoing President’s closing days, and has become a fascinating study in human dynamics.   Obama is clearly experiencing more than a normal reluctance to hand over his @POTUS twitter account as perhaps the reality has only just hit home that it is far too late to create a new, improved legacy.  One explanation may be that the President’s carefully constructed veneer of personality, never convincing for those who have long sought the ‘real’ Barak Obama, has cracked under the pressure of the 2016 losses.

As a cultivated political anxiety in the US anticipates Trump’s inauguration, against a well-coordinated effort that continues to fuel a false narrative and public rebellion, there is an undercurrent of expectation that another impending crisis just prior to January 20th might deliver a final knock-out to a Trump presidency.  Fear looms that a false flag event said to be an attack from Russia would justify a US military response.

Or might the inexplicable ‘federalizing’ of US elections by the Department of Homeland Security defined as a ‘critical infrastructure’ (ie the nation’s electric power grid) might serve as a catalyst to ‘secure’ election results. Described as a ‘silent coup’ with odd timing and using the Russian allegations as the smokescreen, a White House Policy Directive has now moved all election results to the direct jurisdiction of the Federal government.

As the drama accelerates in eastern Europe with German citizens demonstrating in the street against NATO and the ‘militaristic march on Russia’, American ‘liberal’ women, more interested in identity-politics, remain feckless and unconcerned about brewing international tensions in favor of a march to protest Trump’s democratically elected victory.

There can be little doubt that after living the last eight years under the umbrella of Barack Obama’s illusionary world, the liberal class has been content to sit on their butts, smug and self-satisfied, convinced that all is well despite a $20 trillion debt, believing the economy is in recovery, joblessness is down, there is peace in the world and there are no hungry, homeless children in America. None of that is true but it is what many liberals believe –  check it out on Facebook where you will find a disturbingly gullible slice of the population who seriously have little real awareness about what the hell is going on except what Rachel Maddow tells them.

By linking Trump with the MSM-reviled Putin, Obama’s game has been to discredit Trump’s election goal of a more responsible vision for foreign policy; that is, no interventions, no regime change, more equitable trade deals and upping the globalist apple cart.   That simply cannot be allowed to happen as it is in Obama’s best interest, as messenger for the creatures of the dark lagoon, to smear and impair Trump’s objectives and whatever opportunity for credibility he may have.  Since the election, Obama has proven he is not above sabotaging Trump to protect his own place in history.

On ABC’s  This Week Sunday New Year’s Day morning,  Trump press secretary Sean Spicer responded to Russian sanctions and expulsion of diplomats:

“One of the questions we have is why, the magnitude of this.. when you look at thirty five people being expelled, two sites being closed down.. the question is is that response in proportion to the action taken.”

Spicer went on to add

“In 2015, China took over a million records, sensitive data, …classified or personal information, things we had written down on our applications, on our security clearances.  And  a White House statement wasn’t even issued, no action publicly was taken, nothing …when millions of people had their private information including information on security clearances, not one thing happened. China did something so egregious  in 2015 and the White House did nothing publicly, not even issue a statement.”

“So there is a question whether there’s a political retribution here versus a diplomatic response.”

Even as the Senate Armed Services Committee, under the Chairmanship of the ever reliable neo-con Sen. John McCain (R-Az), chose to hold a nonsensical hearing regarding Moscow’s “motivation” and ‘intentions’ re US elections and its use of “cyber tools”, the latest US intelligence report provides not one iota of forensic evidence to prove its contentions.

As McCain takes the lead in opposing a Trump presidency and for all the patriotism he wraps around himself, his history in Vietnam deserves a closer look as does a trip to Syria in 2013 where he met with ‘terrorists’ including ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, rumored to have been trained by Mossad.

The only Senator on the Committee who had anything worth saying was Sen. Tom Tillis (R-NC) who offered that the “US has been involved, one way or another, in eighty one different elections since WWII.  That does not include coups or regime change. That’s tangible evidence where we tried to affect an outcome for our purpose.  Russia has done it thirty-six times”.   Every other Member of the Committee could be best described as either a bobbing head or an empty suit.

Interestingly, the report, supported by the CIA, the NSA and the FBI, (not nineteen intel agencies) focused extensively on Russia’s ‘media campaigns to influence US public opinion” such as “overt efforts by Russian government agencies” including rants about the popularity and effectiveness of RT News and Sputnik.  As if lifted out of the Propornot website, the report states:

“Some of our judgments about Kremlin preferences and intent are drawn from the behavior of Kremlin-loyal political figures, state media, and pro-Kremlin social media actors, all of whom the Kremlin either directly uses to convey messages or who are answerable to the Kremlin.”

Containing nineteen ‘assessments’ (otherwise known as double speak) and with eight blank pages out of twenty five, the report is an embarrassingly politicized read of amateurish quality.  It is hardly worth consideration as a product from a sophisticated, well informed, professional intelligence gathering organization with a bazillion dollar funding. And this is the best quality document that our in-house neo-cons could do? The Report has been enthusiastically embraced by President Obama, every MSM outlet, a majority of Congress and those Facebookers mentioned earlier.

Listening to McCain’s opening statement made it sound as if the US is the new kid on the cyber block, being taken advantage of or lagging behind the rest of the cyber world.   Nothing could be further from the truth – with the US Cyber Command, created in 2009 with 6,000 employees by 2016 and a new $1.8 billion building project of 600,000 sf in 2015 bringing together all military cyber branches under one roof.

Of note was that not one Senator dared ask Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the NSA and Cyber Command, another committee witness, The Question :  What is NSA’s analysis of whether a hack or a leak occurred and who is responsible?  Clearly, the NSA, as Snowden, Binney and others have said, has all the answers.  Here was The Golden Opportunity to put the entire controversy to rest – and no one did.   What does that tell you?   It tells me that Russian hacking is the cover for nailing Trump; that the Deep State is terrified of a Trump presidency.

While Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was a committee witness, the average American may not understand that intel professionals like Clapper and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director have lied to Congress in the past.  These guys and their peers have it in their DNA to confuse and distort reality without a moment’s hesitation. They are trained to fabricate fairytales and sell their fables to a knowing Congress and naïve American public.

All this brings to mind the report that Trump is considering a realignment of the intel agencies including staff reductions and reassignments as it compares with JFK’s experience when he fired CIA Director Allen Dulles.  Kennedy replaced Dulles for lying to him about the Bay of Pigs debacle with an inept outsider named John McCone who was easily snookered by CIA staff.  Kennedy did not fully realize the depth of Dulles’ betrayal as he continued to meet with senior CIA staff at his home on a regular basis where they discussed, debated and decided CIA policy.

What Trump needs to understand is that certain cats, especially the neo-con variety, have more than nine lives and will hang on to their power base with every fiber of their being –  and we know how that worked out for JFK.

Hot Off The Presses:

In the neo-cons-never-give-up category is Buzzfeed’s latest ‘explosive’ revelation which began with CNN  (who provided them with the dossier), found its way into the hands of  Sen. McCain who then forwarded the documents to the FBI who then delivered a two page dossier to both Trump and Obama alleging that Russia has ‘compromising information’ on Trump. This is another example of shoddy, sloppy, unverified counterfeit being passed off as proof that Donald Trump is a traitor.  While it is difficult to imagine how a document can be ‘explosive’ and ‘unverified’ at the same time, Buzzfeed, which has drawn comparison to The Onion, goes on to state that “the document is not just unconfirmed; it includes some clear errors.”

Even if the dossier is inauthentic with an unknown origin, the double-dutch message to Trump is “mess with us, your ass is grass.”   There are some who believe there might be an attempt, prior to or after the Inaugural, to demand that Trump step down and if he refuses, to initiate removal from office per Amendment XXV…only in a neo-con globalist’s dream.

And given all of the above, it does seem curious that HRC is planning to attend the Inaugural.


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