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Syria: Britain’s Foreign Secretary’s Litany of Lies and Distortions By Dr. David Halpin, September 21 2012

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague has presented another breathtaking  litany of distortions and untruths at the United Nations regarding Syria.

It is fair to say that every sentence is a lie or a distortion


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U.S. Marines arrive in southern Yemen By Xinhua, September 21 2012

Earlier this week, the Yemeni parliament unanimously rejected the presence of any foreign military forces on its soil for any reasons, demanding an immediate departure of the U.S. Marines forces.
ADEN, Yemen: The second detachment of 30 U.S. Marines has …

West’s “Double Standard” Arms Embargo: Heavy Weapons for Syria Terrorists By Konstantin Garibov, September 21 2012

The West is testing its double standard policy on Syria. That’s how Russian experts have reacted to the reports that Western countries are planning to supply a large batch of heavy arms to the Syrian opposition and also that the

TARP Bailout Fraud: Where Did the Money Go? By Stephen Lendman, September 21 2012
On December 8, 2008, the Senate confirmed Neil Barofsky’s nomination as Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) watchdog. He assumed the post of SIGTARP (Special Inspector General for TARP).On July 20, 2009, he estimated the $700 billion bailout fund could
Seven Days that Shook Chicago: The 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike By Socialist Project, September 21 2012

by Peter Brogan

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to suspend their first strike in 25 years, begun on the previous Monday, September 10 at 12:01 am. Many commentators from both

Millions protest in India against “big bang” pro-market measures By World Socialist Web Site, September 21 2012

Tens of millions of workers, small traders and truckers joined a nationwide bandh (general shutdown) across India yesterday called by opposition parties against the Congress-led coalition government’s “big bang” economic reform measures, which are designed to boost foreign and domestic …

Last 5 Years. Today’s Global Economic Crisis Worse than the Great Depression? By Washington's Blog, September 21 2012

What Do Economic Indicators Say?

We’ve repeatedly pointed out that there are many indicators which show that the last 5 years have been worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, including:

End of Chicago strike paves way for redoubled attack on teachers, public education By Joseph Kishore, September 21 2012

Chicago teachers returned to work on Wednesday, one day after the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) succeeded in passing a motion to end the strike at a House of Delegates meeting. The political and media establishment is wasting no time in …

Agricultural Giant Monsanto’s Products Cause Tumors, Organ Damage In Rats By, September 20 2012

By Aviva Shen

A new study out today may hurt efforts by America’s largest biotechnology company, Monsanto, to defeat a California ballot initiative that would require labels on genetically modified foods (GMOs). The French study found that rats who were

Wake Up: Reject the Two-Party Plutocracy By Joel S. Hirschhorn, September 20 2012

Here we go again.  Millions of Americans will soon vote for either the Republican or Democratic presidential candidate not because they deeply believe that he is absolutely the best possible president the country needs and can have.  No, they will

Endgame for an “October Surprise”. Romney’s Latest Election Campaign Gambit: War with Iran? By Michael Carmichael, September 20 2012

Rending the veil of diplomatic protocol, Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu boldly plays the role of the primary protagonist in a dramatic television commercial attacking President Barack Obama’s policy of carrot-and-stick, sanctions and negotiations with Iran.  This latest pro-Romney commercial by

West Braces for Chaos and “Clash of Cultures” By Dr. Ismail Salami, September 20 2012

With the publication of the profane pictures of the holy Prophet of Islam in Charlie Hebdo magazine, the West seems to be consciously moving in a direction where chaos will dominate the international arena and a clash of cultures will …

Georgia Masses Troops, Equipment, Planes On Russia’s South Ossetia and Abkhazia Borders By Stop NATO, September 20 2012

What are the authorities of Georgia preparing for?

On the eve of parliamentary elections, the domestic political struggle in Georgia became extremely heated. And the trends in Georgian society are not in favor of Saakashvili.

There is a possibility that …

Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up By Mark Robertson and Finian Cunningham, September 20 2012
US Ambassador’s Killing Had Nothing to Do With Al Qaeda, Islamist Blowback or Anti-Islamic Video
Washington Wants the Pentagon and NATO To Have “Carte Blanche” In Syria By Dr. Pyotr Iskenderov, September 20 2012

Washington wants the [UN] envoy to have no influence on military and political issues in Syria, giving the US and NATO a carte blanche.

So, the West claims that all it wants is to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria

US-NATO Under Siege in Afghanistan By Najmuddin A Shaikh, September 20 2012

The furore in the Muslim world over the vicious trailer of the Innocence of Muslims, leading to the death of the US ambassador and three other US embassy officials in Libya, was only one facet of the hebdomas horribilis, or

The Sino-Japanese Standoff and International Politics By Afshain Afzal, September 20 2012

[I]t was the presence of the US’ most advanced submarines in the Philippines’ Subic Bay this month which generated alarms in Beijing while the Japanese action regarding the detention of Chinese was taken as part of the plan.

The expanding

Gold Is Money By Washington's Blog, September 19 2012

What Do the Experts Say?

Deutsche Bank analysts Daniel Brebner and Xiao Fu  have just released a new report saying that gold is money (via Business Insider):

While it is included in the commodities basket it is in fact

Will the 2012 Presidential Election Be Stolen? By David Swanson, September 19 2012

Why would I even ask that question?  I’ve been trying (with virtually no success) to get everyone to drop the election obsession and focus on activism designed around policy changes, not personality changes.  I want those policy changes to include

Excessive Speculation and Market Manipulation: The Murky World of India’s Commodity Futures Markets By Kavaljit Singh, September 19 2012
The recent guar trading scandal gives a peek into the murky world of Indian commodity futures markets and reveals how commodity exchanges are acting like casinos for speculators, moving away from their avowed objectives of price discovery and price risk
UN Human Rights Rapporteur Calls on US to End the CIA’s Drone War in Pakistan By Farooq Yousaf, September 19 2012
In a surprising, yet positive, statement, the UN Rapporteur for Human Rights and Counter-terrorism, Ben Emmerson, called on the US to answer questions regarding the secrecy of its drone operations. To many, the statement came as a shock as such
Forbes 400 Richest Americans: Real Source of Wealth? By Global Research News, September 19 2012
New report exposes how the Forbes 400 list misleads about the real sources of wealth and economic opportunity in the United States. Email campaign launching to coincide with the release of the 2012 Forbes 400.
The Born on Third Base
Chicago’s War on Education By Stephen Lendman, September 19 2012
On September 10, Chicago teachers walked out. By the time this article circulates, they may be back in classrooms. Since last November, they’ve been fighting stiff headwinds for justice.Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants them marginalized and denied vital rights. Their own …
Fukushima Radiation: Japan Irradiates the West Coast of North America By Washington's Blog, September 19 2012

Radiation from Japan’s nuclear accident has turned up in seaweed on the coasts of California, Washington and other parts of the West Coast of North America.

The ocean is so big … how could this be happening? Why didn’t

Human Rights Watch: “Syrian Rebels” Guilty of Torture, Murder By Tony Cartalucci, September 19 2012
US, UK, NATO, Saudi, and Israeli backed terrorists carrying out a campaign of systematic atrocities in Syria have finally been acknowledged and reported on by Human Rights Watch, who has for nearly 2 years intentionally portrayed the conflict as one-sided …
US gave Israel Green Light for Sabra, Shatila Massacre By Finian Cunningham, September 19 2012

For three days, between 15 and 18 September, up to 3,500 men, women and children were butchered in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps of West Beirut. Their mutilated, mangled bodies bulldozed into mass graves.

For three days, Lebanese Christian

The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the “Innocence of Muslims” Video By Justin Raimondo, September 19 2012
Justin Raimondo delves into the background of the makers of the inflammatory propaganda film, Innocence of Muslims, and discovers professional Islamophobes linked to the American pro-Israel network of radical neocons.
East China Sea Conflict: Harbor No Illusions Of U.S. Impartiality By Stop NATO, September 19 2012

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta just visited Japan and China and his position on the Diaoyu issue was intensively scrutinized by the media. But Washington’s attitude still remains vague, insisting that the White House takes no position over Diaoyu’s sovereignty.

NATO’s Secret Mission In Syria By Rick Rozoff and John Robles, September 19 2012

Interview with Rick Rozoff

AUDIO: Download

Rick Rozoff spoke to the Voice of Russia’s John Robles regarding the recent “quiet” of NATO.  Rozoff says that NATO and its Western allies are attempting to isolate Russia and China politically and using

America As Self-Appointed Avenging Angel: A Self-Made Illusion By Roedad Khan, September 19 2012

Democracy in Afghanistan is a self-made illusion. It is a Western-imposed farce that will be swept away if America and its allies stop propping it up with their bayonets.

The Islamic world contains the world’s greatest concentration of un-elected monarchs, …

Afghanistan: Organized Retreat Of Defeated US-NATO Armies? By Stop NATO, September 19 2012

Hoax exposed

[T]he commanders of the occupation armies have in effect fought the Afghan war throughout on lies and deceptions, not on the battlefield. It is they alone and their gullible political masters who talk of successes. But even their

‘Class’ Warfare: A Primer on the Chicago Teachers Strike By Justin Panos, September 19 2012

An estimated 30,000 public school teachers in Chicago walked off the job on Monday for the first time since 1987, leaving 350,000 students in limbo. Chicago has the third-largest school district in the United States and it is the city

Threatening Russia? Military Exercises in the Caucasus and NATO’s Hypocrisy By Stop NATO, September 19 2012

“NATO – kindergarten of the XXI Century”

One of the most popular topics in the Georgian media is the Caucasus-2012 strategic command staff maneuvers, which started on September 17, 2012.

The Georgian media regularly publish articles and broadcast discussions associated …

Russia Teaming up with China on the Global Stage By Stop NATO, September 19 2012

Reset to Reroute: Should Russia rethink Western relations?

“In the first years of Perestroika, Russia was definitely Western-oriented; Gorbachev had been speaking about a ‘common European home,’ while Yeltsin actually applied for NATO and EU membership.”

The only result of

After Russia, U.S. Deploys Missile Shield Against China By Stop NATO, September 19 2012

One more radar to strengthen the system

Andrey Karneyev

Last summer the Pentagon announced its plans to create an advanced missile defense system in the Asian-Pacific region. In the next few years a chain of modern missile defense radars can

Toxic Petroleum Pollution: Inconvenient Truths About Military Air Shows By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, September 18 2012

The Big Oil cartels, through the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico with millions of gallons of leaking crude oil from risky deep water wells, have committed rape the now mortally wounded Gulf.  And now these above-the-law perpetrators are back

Mapping Drone Proliferation: UAVs in 76 Countries By Drone Wars UK, September 18 2012
Towards Unmanned Global Warfare: The majority of foreign UAVs that countries have acquired are tactical UAVs for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions
Chinese influence over Sri Lanka grows By Tamilnet, September 18 2012

China has signed 16 agreements with Colombo on Monday. The agreements range from visa exemption and marine development to economic and technology cooperation. The agreements also promised to expand investment and increase imports from the island, reported China Daily on …

The Delusional Mr. Romney By Robert Parry, September 18 2012

Mitt Romney told supporters behind closed doors that he’s disadvantaged because he was born to a rich white family, that he’d have a better chance to win if his dad were a Mexican. It’s getting hard to decide if Romney

Is It Time For an “October Surprise”? By Danny Schechter, September 18 2012

The term “October Surprise” is one that always triggers speculation in political circles.

It refers to some covert initiative that a candidate takes in the month before the election to try to win an election.

Even as President Obama seems …

The Military Spending Cut Scare By David Swanson, September 18 2012

The fearmongering is on.  Here’s a typical article, this one from the only daily newspaper in my hometown:

“Defense spending could face large loss from federal cuts

“By: NATE DELESLINE III | [email protected] | 978-7243
“Published: September 17, 2012
Anti-US protests spread throughout Muslim world By Alex Lantier, September 18 2012

Protests that began one week ago at US embassies in Egypt and Libya against an anti-Islamic YouTube video are rapidly spreading throughout the Muslim world. The wave of demonstrations reflects the burning anger of hundreds of millions over the predatory …

West Risks Creating a “Second Iraq” in Syria By RT, September 18 2012

The chair of the Russian parliamentary committee for foreign affairs warned that the fall of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria would lead to a second Iraq, with Muslim extremists inevitably seizing power.

In a recent Web article, Aleksey Pushkov wrote that …

Georgia Gearing Up For New War in South Ossetia By Stop NATO, September 18 2012

Today in Tskhinval the president of South Ossetia, Leonid Tibilov, has declared at a meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions that the Georgian side is conducting intensive preparations for a war around the perimeter of the border with

East China Sea Conflict: Pentagon Chief Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do By Stop NATO, September 18 2012

The dispute over the Diaoyu Islands is essentially a US-made legacy of World War II.

The US’ intentional blindness to the illegal nature of Japan’s claims to the islands and the ambiguity they are intentionally trying to bring into the

The Global Economy Sucked into the Black Hole of World Geopolitics By Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, September 18 2012
As LEAP/E2020 anticipated since the end of 2011, the end of summer 2012 marks the beginning of the revival for Euroland with the emergence of a positive dynamic fed by two lasting phenomena:
Embassy Riots Pale Next to Western Powers’ State Terror Tempest By Chris Floyd, September 18 2012

Sparked by a deliberate provocation put together by Christian extremists, riots by groups of Islamic extremists are spreading across the world — a convenient symbiosis for both groups, as they use each other’s actions to “justify” their hysterically constricted worldviews.

U.S., NATO Bombed Libya Out Of Existence, Target Syria Next: Former Russian Envoy By Stop NATO, September 18 2012

Will the U.S. learn a lesson from the death of its Ambassador in Libya?

Andrei Rezchikov

America and NATO bombed Libya and suffered as a result. These are the fruits of their own air raids. The country is divided, and

Crisis in the Middle East: Militias, Movie Producers and Military Might By Tanya C. Hsu, September 18 2012
Twenty-four hours after Al-Qaeda’s Hassan Mohammed Qaed (aka Abu Yahya Al-Libi) was killed in a drone strike in June, a group calling itself Brigades of Imprisoned Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman detonated an IED outside the US Consulate in Benghazi. 

Filming, they

Turkey Facilitates Relocation of Al Qaeda Terrorists from Northern Pakistan to Syria By Global Research News, September 18 2012

Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders

TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey’s national air carrier, Turkish Air, has been transiting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from North Waziristan in Pakistan to the Turkish borders with Syria, sources revealed on Saturday, mentioning …

Russia Is Sitting on “Trillions of Carats” of Diamonds By Washington's Blog, September 17 2012

Enough to Supply the Global Diamond Market for 3,000 Years

Russia has just declassified a secret it has been keeping for 40 years: it is sitting on trillions of carats of diamonds, enough to supply the global diamond market

False Flags and Imperial Mobilization: The Middle East Explodes on 9/11 Anniversary By Larry Chin, September 17 2012
The overriding elite military and intelligence agenda remains the conquest of oil and gas resources.
The Corporate Takeover of Science and the Destruction of Freedom By Colin Todhunter, September 17 2012

When rich companies with politically-connected lobbyists fund their own research and distort outcomes for their own ends, we are in serious trouble. Due to the corporate takeover of science, our choices, rights and freedoms are currently in the process of

Threatening Iran: U.S. Navy, Allies Hold Largest-Ever War Games In Persian Gulf By Stop NATO, September 17 2012

Russia Today
September 16, 2012

US to flex naval might in Persian Gulf war games

The US Navy is leading its largest-ever war games in the Persian Gulf, with warships from 25 countries being deployed in the region. Tehran, in …

NATO Air Strike Kills Eight Afghan Females, Wounds Seven More By Stop NATO, September 17 2012

Xinhua News Agency
September 16, 2012

Air strike kills 8 civilians, wounds 7 in Afghan’s Laghman province

MEHTERLAM, Afghanistan: An air strike carried out by NATO-led troops in the eastern Laghman province 90 km east of capital city Kabul killed …

US Media Distorts Iran Nuke Dispute By Robert Parry, September 16 2012

 The major U.S. news media continues its biased coverage of the Israel-Iran standoff, tilting consistently in favor of Israel, in part, by ignoring Israel’s actual nuclear arsenal and hyping Iran’s hypothetical one. Even a rare wrist-slap from the Washington Post’s

Anti-US protests rage across the Middle East By Bill Van Auken, September 16 2012

Angry anti-US protests, including the storming of embassies, continued for a fourth day Friday from Indonesia to Morocco. Sparked by a rabidly anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube, the demonstrations have seen clashes with security forces leading to over a dozen

Gap Between Rich and Poor is Widening: The US Poverty Report and Obama’s “Economic Recovery” By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, September 16 2012

The poverty report released Wednesday by the US Census Bureau is another shattering refutation of the Obama Administration’s claims to be overseeing an economic “recovery” and working to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

The report revealed that the ranks

Chicago Teachers Union Sellout By Stephen Lendman, September 16 2012
It’s in the air.  Union bosses and city officials struck a deal. A previous article headlined Capitulation in Chicago?Final details aren’t known, but bet on it. It’s baked in the cake. By the time this article circulates, it may be …
Diplomatic Crisis in the Middle East: The Ingredients for a Catastrophe in the Making By Tanya C. Hsu, September 16 2012

The ingredients for a catastrophe in the making are being mixed in a minute-to-minute unfurling global crisis before our very eyes. It sounds like a bad film plot — but that will come later. This is real. Handled well it

America and Europe in Crisis. “China is the World’s Largest Economy” By Global Research News, September 16 2012

First published in December 2012

by Zheng Yangpeng

Too many businesses in China are still reluctant to give up their reliance on exports, despite the government’s calls for a more domestic-driven economy.

That’s according to Michel Chossudovsky, a

“The Innocence of Muslims”: Blasphemy as a Political Tactic By Thierry Meyssan, September 15 2012
The circulation on the Internet of the trailer for a film, The Innocence of Muslims, sparked demonstrations across the world and resulted in the killing in Benghazi of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.
Libya: Towards A Politically Divided State By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, September 15 2012

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya was interviewed by Life Week, a major Chinese magazine based in Beijing.  What follows is the English transcript of the interview with Xuxu Jingjing.

*       *       *

XUXU JINGJING: In your opinion, why did Mustafa Abu …

Revealed: Inside Story of US Envoy’s Assassination By Kim Sengupta, September 15 2012

The killings of the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were likely to have been the result of a serious and continuing security breach, The Independent can reveal.

American officials believe the attack was planned, but Chris

Was Agent Orange Stored in Okinawa? By Global Research News, September 15 2012

A disturbing report published in the Japan Times reveals, almost forty years later, that Okinawa Island was used to store the toxic U.S. defoliant Agent Orange used by US forces during the Vietnam War.  “Over the past 18 months, dozens

Privately Owned “Charter Cities” in Honduras: Entire Urban Areas Handed over to Corporations By Annie Bird, September 15 2012
The Charter Cities initiative cedes city-sized sections of Honduras to corporations and/or foreign governments indefinitely. Investors make their own laws, build their own police force, administer services.
America’s War. Next Stop Iran: Who Will Save Us? By Colin Todhunter, September 15 2012
The threat to global peace does not lie with Iran, or with China for that matter or any other bogeyman the Pentagon cares to dream up.
US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy By Tony Cartalucci, September 14 2012

US-Backed Terrorists in Syria Responsible for Ambassador’s Death in Libya.

The US has sworn to “make pay” those responsible for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. In reality, those responsible for Stevens’ death are fully armed, funded, trained, and

The US-NATO “New Great Game” In Central Asia By Boris Volkhonsky, September 14 2012

[W]hatever objectives it started with, now it has become their objective to continue the conflict. And because of that they will keep on looking for new enemies and new threats. It was Osama bin Laden then, it is Taliban now,

Washington had credible information of attack on US Consulate in Benghazi. No action was taken By John Glaser, September 14 2012

The assault on the US consulate building in Libya Tuesday night was a planned attack by al-Qaeda militants that may have involved infiltrators within Libya’s new security forces.

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information

Hypocritical Reactions to the Murder of US Ambassador in Libya… By Lizzie Phelan, September 14 2012

The first thing that comes to mind about the murder of the US Ambassador and his three staff in Benghazi, Libya today is the cruel irony. Indeed this is the man who served as envoy to the rebels/mercenaries during the …

Russia, China Join Hands Against America’s Global “Missile Defense” Plan By Stop NATO, September 14 2012

Washington announced plans last spring to expand its missile defence shield and install its components not only in Europe, but also in Asia and the Middle East. US Assistant Secretary of Defence for Global Strategic Issues Madelyn Creedon said at

US Diplomacy and America’s “Enablers of Terror” By Nile Bowie, September 14 2012
"I asked myself, how could this happen, how could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction." – Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State
Japanese Action Upsets Post-World War II Order In Asia By Stop NATO, September 14 2012

Japan’s ‘purchase’ of the Diaoyu Islands challenges post-WWII order in Asia

Today, the Japanese government’s move in regards to the Diaoyu Islands issue is a clear violation of what it had accepted and should alarm all those who suffered in

U.S. To Upgrade Georgia’s Air Defenses With Iran Strike In Mind By Stop NATO, September 14 2012

US to help Georgia modernize air defence system

Artyom Kobzev

The situation around Iran is becoming tenser. Georgia is presenting itself as a reliable U.S. ally. To confirm this, it has sent it forces to Afghanistan. In fact, at a

Greater Middle East: 33 Years Of U.S. Backing Terrorism, Regime Change By Stop NATO, September 14 2012

Russia warns US on consequences of regime change

[T]he so-called Arab Spring has come full circle: newly liberated Libya, which just passed through a brutal civil war that pitted pro-Gaddafi forces against a Western-backed opposition, is responsible for the death

U.S. Middle Eastern Policies Backfire By Stop NATO, September 13 2012

Time for U.S. to rethink its Mideast policies after ambassador’s tragic death

By Wu Liming

BEIJING: The attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya on Tuesday were hair-raising, and the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens …

Would Neocons Control Romney? By Paul R. Pillar, September 13 2012

Mitt Romney has articulated few substantive differences between himself and President Obama on foreign policy, but a Romney victory could dramatically change the U.S. approach to the world because he, like George W. Bush, is surrounding himself with neocon advisers,

US sends Marines to Libya after ambassador’s killing By Bill Van Auken, September 13 2012


The Obama administration has dispatched an elite unit of Marine special forces to Libya after the killing of the US ambassador and three other US personnel in the storming of the American consulate in Benghazi Tuesday.

The killing of …

The Eurozone’s Rescue Fund: German High Court Capitulates to Bankers By Stephen Lendman, September 13 2012
As expected, the Court caved. On September 12, headlines reported it. The Financial Times said “German politicians declared the road clear for the creation of the eurozone’s (500 billion euro) rescue fund after the country’s constitutional court rejected a petition …