“Make America Great Again”: The Psychology behind Trump’s Election

A great leader must be a great liar and a hypocrite. Men are simple of mind and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived. Men in general judge by the sense of sight than by the sense of touch, because everyone can see but only few can test by feeling.-Machiavelli

As a result of Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 presidential election, many people were disappointed as many others were excited about this alleged change. However, the questions are numerous regarding this election and Mr. Trump’s victory.  Per example, is it true that Mr. Trump’s win was a surprise to everyone including Mr. Trump? Does his victory signal a shift from globalism to nationalism?

Was Russia truly behind this surprise win of the Donald to destabilize America and create a new multipolar world?

Or was Hillary simply used to help elect a self-declared billionaire to stage the final and most blatant takeover of the private sector over the American government?

Has the “PPP” (public-private-partnership) finally converged into one entity?

Was the Trump victory choreographed as a mild “White Rose Revolution” and a covert coup d’état provoked and financed by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex to magnify their wealth and revitalize WASP’s racism and dominion over the masses and the world?

Will there be a “Brown Rose Revolution” as a repercussion led by colored minorities ?

Was the James Comey’s proclamation of concerns about Hillary’s new emails eleven days prior to the election6 a coincidence or a coup de grace to end Hillary Clinton’s campaign? We have to remember that Mr. Comey is nothing more than a bureaucrat who follows directions from his super-rich leaders, and did not act on his own volition.

Was the whole election nothing more than a farce played on the gullible American public, and a magnificent reality show engineered by our invisible government (CIA, MIC, Wall Street, etc) to engender fear, false hope, and pseudo-nationalism aimed at further dominance of the American people?

The questions can be endless and ambiguous, and the answers can be even more confusing.

Why Trump?

It appears that Mr. Trump was picked and/or motivated to run for president, because the ground was fertile enough for him after 8 years of a democratic black president in a white house.

Mr. Trump is not an anomaly but a true reflection of his constituents and the American people. His xenophobic appeal to the American public gained him tremendous popularity, as minorities and illegal immigrants were blamed for the woes of the middle class, terrorism, and for the superfluities of the super-rich.

Such distortions are typical in dying democracies and declining societies where scapegoats must be created and amplified, in order to rally the ignorant masses around their manipulative government. Furthermore, and if needed, like during George W. Bush’s reign, an incident could be staged against the homeland or the reigning president in order to muster the multitudes behind the commander-in-chief who foments fake nationalism and pseudo-patriotism. Nothing like a good low intensity conflict/mini-war to make people abandon their principles and have them loyally assemble behind their leaders regardless how corrupt and dishonest they are. In a war-based economy, a prearranged conflict is always welcome, because people love to win wars and wave flags, as their sense of vicarious accomplishment supersedes their ineptness, and their feelings of inferiority are replaced with feelings of phony power and pseudo-superiority.

Ironically, Mr. Trump mastered the scapegoat strategy, and identified several scapegoats who are allegedly jeopardizing the American society, from Hispanics to Muslims, and from blacks to Asians and every person who might express dissent against the prospective leadership and the mighty government of the United States. Comically, the fake idea of America as a melting pot has proven over and over again to be a “Big Lie.” The “melting pot” illusion has been nothing more than a marketing strategy for a bogus American image, which hides behind it the true identity of Anglo-American racism and desperation to maintain power over others, combined with the parasitic need to siphon off the wealth of other nations to preserve dominance over them.

As predicted in my CRG article in June 2015 that Hillary will agree to run once again for president knowing she would lose, under the assumption that JEB Bush will be the front runner.Then, Hillary would temporarily motivate the democrats to go out and vote, as she eventually fades away as a washed-up politician on the DNC shores. Meanwhile, she will be rewarded (like Al Gore) with speaking arrangements, awards, and millions of dollars as her consolation prize.

The entertaining surprise was the creation of the Donald Trump candidacy. As a result, sixteen Republicans including JEB Bush were knocked out of the ring. JEB was portrayed as a weak and a low energy candidate, a brother of the worst president, and spouse of a Mexican woman, which turned the white evangelicals against him.

Sadly, out of 325,000,000 million Americans, approximately 37% voted in the 2016 election, which is higher than past elections where the average percent vote was between 25% and 32%. The 5% to 6% increase could be attributed to the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump undeclared “White Rose Revolution” campaigns that called for change against the status quo. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans 63% plus of them remained impervious to voting, or was gerrymandered by the political system to eliminate their votes, which is remarkable in an alleged democracy. It appears that the majority doesn’t count, in a dominant minority rule where less than 1% of the people control most of the wealth and about 30% control the total vote.

Disillusioned observers hope that one day the majority of the American public will make a deliberate decision not to vote. That decision in itself, will constitute a true revolution and a definitive statement against the current corrupt system. “Abstention from voting” will equal “no democracy” and exposure of our fixed democratic system, which might make the elite nervous as their private pseudo-democracy/oligarchy is finally revealed as the greatest sham in history.

The psychology behind Trump’s election

Merriam Webster’ dictionary defines “Id” as the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives.2

The corporate media has incessantly promoted Mr. Trump despite his outcries and claims of their bias against him. He knew well that the incessant coverage of every “butt sneeze” he released was receiving never-ending and obsessive complimentary 24-hour news coverage. Even the CBS CEO Les Moonves openly stated that the Trump campaign may not be good for America, but it is damn good for CBS.3

Let’s face the facts. Donald Trump has skillfully and with full support of the corporate media knocked out all of his sixteen Republican competitors with insults rather than by substance. The media covered every insult, goof, and faux-pas relentlessly around the clock, which made Donald Trump the most covered presidential candidate in history. He received three-plus billion dollars in gratuitous coverage and in return, he gave the networks their highest ratings as the public yearned for more entertainment and awe with this self-declared billionaire.

Trump and his elite friends understand well the simplicity of the public mind. If you are rich and you openly insult your opponents, you will be automatically designated as a truth teller, even though everything you say after the insult will be a lie. The public wondered! How can someone call his opponent stupid, ugly, little, liar, crooked, and be dishonest? This was great strategy that Americans bought and devoured in their desperate need for some type of political transparency and honesty.

Mr. Trump is perfect for America! As a matter of fact, He is America, where the culture of narcissismand the culture of racism4 converge into one entity and thrive forever after.

Trump’s appeal is beyond the demagoguery and the false hopes he provides to the masses, he appeals to their inner and most primitive feelings in what Freud called the “Id” as part of his human psyche’s tripartite theory. The problem with this picture is that once the “mass Id” is unleashed it becomes impossible to control it. Hatred, violence, anger, paranoia, xenophobia, and racism will become the predominant force that moves the masses in the next four years.To add absurdity to the process, Mr. Trump has promoted himself as a pure “Id” which struck a sensitive chord in the hearts of the naïve public. The politics of power always works, because “power over people and total domination of others” has been the most consistent and stable human trait throughout history. Therefore, hatred and violence are more appealing to the human heart than love and peace. The proof of this concept is in the human wars that have been waged since the dawn of time and have been responsible for the brutal death of millions of people.

Regrettably, under the guise of nationalism Mr. Trump is going to promote globalism more than any other president in history. President Trump is going to lower workers’ earnings under the cloak of competitive global wages and the excuse for keeping companies in America. Moreover, he is going to dismantle further the carcasses of American Unions, privatize social security, reduce Medicare into a voucher program, eliminate entitlements, drill oil throughout the country, pollute the nation, wage additional and unnecessary wars like his predecessors, implement a surveillance state, divide people, induce hatred and violence, and finally makes himself the true billionaire he always aimed to be by using his presidency status. In another word, Trump will be known as the “Great Globalizer” despite the opposite rhetoric he promotes.

I sincerely hope that these predictions will be all wrong, and Trump will not become the Berlusconi of America.


Trump’s election can be perceived by the objective observer as the final coup D’état that the elite designed as a blatant takeover by the private sector over the American government. This flagrant usurpation is the ultimate expression of hubris by the Anglo-American-Zionist plutocracy. The Lincoln statement about “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth7”will become a “government of the Exxon, by the Goldman Sachs, and for the Trump, shall not perish from America.”

Furthermore, the protests across the nation against Donald Trump will probably continue under an inciting platform of a “Brown Rose Revolution” where Russia and ISIS will be blamed in order for the new government to exercise further control over the masses. Color revolutions can be used as a means for regime change abroad, or as a domestic pretext for total control over the local masses.

Big Brother already controls every aspect of American life under the façade of safety. This control foreshadows the end of our republic. In reality, a nation cannot be a republic and an empire at the same time. An empire requires globalization, massive debt and spending, total control of its citizens, loss of freedom of speech, elimination of guns, lower standards of living, and false news networks that emit misinformation around the clock to manufacture consent and manage perceptions. It is rather a dark Orwellian vision of what to come. Sadly, the public will always welcome these restrictions that make them feel safer from the darker and high melanin producing races.

Meanwhile, the mindless masses will cheer their strong leaders, and beg for their safety from their holy father embodied in their pseudo-government, as they will shout louder against scapegoats who are destroying their white nation by browning America.

The unleashing of the American “Id” is the ultimate coup D’état over the collective mind of the American public as political incorrectness is banished, and the new politically correct narcissi-racist culture will flourish and thrive.

The irony of it all is that if or when Mr. Trump completes the destruction of our republic, his legacy will leave us with nothing except for a funny hat with a catchy logo, “Make America Great Again.

That will be the greatest con in history!


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