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All Out War on Russia’s Doorstep: Full Scale Military Operation by Kiev Forces against Donbass By South Front, August 22, 2015
The War in East Ukraine. Renewed Artillery Attacks by Kiev Forces By South Front, August 20, 2015
Afghanistan Map of War, Taliban’s Disunity Hasn’t Made the Group Any Less Lethal By South Front, August 17, 2015
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Turkey Expands Military Campaign in Syria and Iraq By South Front, August 02, 2015
The US-China Standoff in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region By South Front, August 01, 2015
The US-China Standoff in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region By South Front, August 01, 2015
War in Donbass: Ukraine Forces’ New Fortified Area around the Port City of Mariupol By South Front, July 31, 2015
Yemen, Map of War: Saudi Offensive, Resistance and Counter-Attacks by Yemeni Forces By South Front, July 31, 2015
The Afghanistan Map Of War By South Front, July 29, 2015
Syria Government Forces Regain Control over ISIS Held Territories By South Front, July 23, 2015
Military Report of Novorossia – 100 US Humvees for Ukraine Delivered to Odessa and Moving to the Frontline By South Front, July 20, 2015
ISIS Operations in Anbar and Ramadi. Iraq Government Forces Response By South Front, July 16, 2015
US-NATO’s Undeclared Proxy War “Inside Russia”? The Islamic State (ISIS) Insurgency Extends into the Russian Caucasus. Who is Behind The Terrorists? By South Front, July 06, 2015
Foreign Mercenaries Fighting with Ukraine Armed Forces in Mariupol Area By South Front, July 05, 2015
The War in Syria, Report from the Battlefield By South Front, July 02, 2015
The New War of Transnistria and Moldova, Confrontation with Russia By South Front, June 29, 2015
Kiev Forces Shelling of Donesk, ISIS Extends its Presence in Afghanistan By South Front, June 18, 2015
Kurds Retake Town of Tal Abyad, US Warplanes Strike Iraqi Army and Popular Forces, Deliver Weapons to ISIS By South Front, June 18, 2015
Advance of the Islamic State (ISIS) into the Heartland of Central Asia. “The US Plan is to Set Central Asia Ablaze in the Fire of Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism” By South Front, June 16, 2015
Iraqi Army Fighting ISIS in Iraq, “Moderate” Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria Pledge Allegiance to US By South Front, June 04, 2015
Report from The War Front: Ukraine, Yemen and Iraq By South Front, May 30, 2015
Yemen Armed Forces Strike Back against Saudi Aggression, Syrian Army Offensive against ISIL By South Front, May 27, 2015
Color Revolution in Macedonia? By South Front, May 21, 2015
map of ukraine
Ukraine Regime Planning “Chain of Terrorist Attacks” against Donbass Civilians, Report By South Front, May 18, 2015
map of ukraine
Ukraine Crisis Report: Military Escalation in Donesk By South Front, May 16, 2015
War in Syria Video: Saudi Arabia Supporting a Hardline Coalition of Islamist Rebels, on Behalf of Washington By South Front, May 16, 2015
SYRIA: US-Saudi-Turkey Supported “Army of Conquest” Comprised of “Jihadist” and Al-Qaeda Affiliated Groups By South Front, May 14, 2015
Ukraine: Kiev Regime Violates Ceasefire in Donbass, China War Ships to Join Russian Navy in Black Sea By South Front, May 10, 2015
VIDEO: Who Won World War II? The Eastern Front and the Great Patriotic War By South Front, May 09, 2015
War in Ukraine. Kiev Economic Blockade Directed against Donbass, Humanitarian Crisis By South Front, May 08, 2015
Yemen: The Shadow of Invasion. The Deployment of Saudi Ground Forces? By South Front, May 07, 2015
Memorial Video for the Victims of Odessa Massacre on May 2, 2014 By South Front, May 02, 2015
War in Ukraine: Kiev Plans Military Escalation, Large-scale Provocations in Donbass By South Front, May 01, 2015
VIDEO: Yemen War, “Bombing Not Talking” By South Front, April 21, 2015
VIDEO. Military Escalation in Ukraine. Poroshenko Pushes EU into War, US Tightens Sanctions against Russia By South Front, April 21, 2015
Kiev Launches Massive Battle-Tank Shelling in Donbass, NATO Military Exercise in Czech Republic directed against Russia By South Front, April 11, 2015