Week in Review: Ugandan Oil, Wall Street Criminality and Al Qaeda in Syria

GLOBAL RESEARCH’S NEW ONLINE STORE: Request for Readers’ Feedback
– 2012-04-15

Canadian Public Investigation of 9/11: Richard Gage AE911Truth Tour Canada, 24 March-April 7
– 2012-04-07

United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference. March 23-25, 2012
– 2012-03-25

Conference: Kosovo and Metohija 13 Years After NATO Aggression
Belgrade, March 24, 2012
– 2012-03-24

BOOK LAUNCH: “Towards a World War Three Scenario” NOW IN PAPERBACK!
Pick up the new title from Global Research
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-19

Hollywood and Madison Avenue: Elevating the U.S. Military’s Public Image: “Towards the Sound of Chaos”,
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2012-03-17

Twenty million could lose employer coverage under Obama health care overhaul
– by Kate Randall – 2012-03-17

J.P. Morgan Chase’s Ugly Family Secrets Revealed
– by Matt Taibbi – 2012-03-17

Azerbaijan: Mafia State
– by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich – 2012-03-17

Uncertain Future for the Euro: Thr Plight of the Netherlands. Staggering Unemployment in Spain and Greece
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-17

WAR PLAN IRAN: Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf
– by Finian Cunningham, Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-16

GR ONLINE NEWS READER. The region is on a hair-trigger for a conflagration that would involve nuclear weapons and the collision of global powers…

Rediscovering Poverty. How We Cured “The Culture of Poverty,” Not Poverty Itself
– by Barbara Ehrenreich – 2012-03-16

VIDEO: Al Qaeda and US-NATO Special Forces on the Ground in Syria
Watch now on GRTV
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-16

Documents in foreclosure fraud settlement highlight lawlessness of the banks
– by Barry Grey – 2012-03-16

Israel’s Willing Executioners: AIPAC Invades Washington
– by James Petras, Robin Eastman Abaya – 2012-03-16

Occupy and “The American Spring”
A Time for Occupy To Blossom?
– by Kevin Zeese – 2012-03-16

Subjects of Empire: U.S. Public Opinion on Syria
– by Ben Schreiner – 2012-03-16

Is Iran a Threat to Global Security? Notes on Dr. Zogby’s “Dealing with Iran”
– by Prof. Ismael Hossein-Zadeh – 2012-03-16

Why The Huge Spike in Oil Prices? “Peak Oil” or Wall Street Speculation?
– by F. William Engdahl – 2012-03-16

the price of oil is rising because of the speculative pressure on oil futures markets from hedge funds and major banks such as Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs…

ELECTIONS 2012: Why Labor’s Rank and File Won’t Campaign for Obama
– by Shamus Cooke – 2012-03-16

A Decade of America Ravaging Afghanistan
– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-16

JOSEPH KONY, AMERICA’S PRETEXT TO INVADE AFRICA: US Marines Dispatched to Five African Countries
– by Global Research News – 2012-03-16

Launching the U.S. Terror War: the CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia
Bush’s Terror War and the Fixing of Intelligence
– by Prof. Peter Dale Scott – 2012-03-16

On September 11, 2001, Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney committed America to what they later called the “War on Terror.” It should more properly be called the “Terror War,” directed against civilians by all participants, both states and non-state actors

UGANDAN OIL: US Africa Command a tool to Recolonise the African Continent
– by Dr. Motsoko Pheko – 2012-03-15

November 20011: Washington Ordered Troops in Uganda to Capture Joseph Kony
Americans Should Worry About Obama, Not Uganda
– 2012-03-15

Both The Market and Government Are Irrational
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2012-03-15

VIDEO: War Criminal: Cheney Cancels Visit to Canada
Find out why on GRTV
– by Joshua Blakeney – 2012-03-15

NEW COLD WAR: Massive NATO Exercise in Norway Provocation directed Moscow. Russian General sends “Arctic Warning” to US
– 2012-03-15

Building a “Humanitarian”Justification (R2P) to Intervene Militarily in Africa: Appalled Ugandans Riot at Kony 2012 Screening
– 2012-03-15

VIDEO: US Launches PR Campaign for Ugandan Oil Intervention
The debate on Joseph Kony explodes in this week’s must-see GRTV Backgrounder
– by James Corbett – 2012-03-15

The debate on Joseph Kony explodes in this week’s must-see GRTV Backgrounder

“Trusted Messengers” and “Humanitarian Groups” Target Russia and China, Endorse the US-NATO Mandate
– by Richard Nogueira – 2012-03-15

The Political and Social Crisis in Mexico
López Obrador, Candidate for the PRD in the 2012 presidential election
– by Dan La Botz – 2012-03-15

Challenging the Ruling Global Corporate Conglomerates. Regaining the Real Economy
– by Prof. John McMurtry – 2012-03-15

An Insider’s View of Wall Street Criminality: Toxic Culture of Avarice and Fraud
– by Andre Damon, Barry Grey – 2012-03-15

US, UK vow no change in war after Afghanistan massacre
– by Bill Van Auken – 2012-03-15

SYRIA: Testimonies from Homs Reveal Identity of Terrorists and Mercenaries involved in Atrocities
– by H. Sabbagh – 2012-03-15

African Ping Pong: US Plays both Sides in Uganda. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a US-backed Guerilla Force
– by Richard Cottrell – 2012-03-15

U.S. OUT of Afghanistan! Money for jobs, not war and occupation! NYC March 15 Demonstration
– 2012-03-14

Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony. The Hidden Agenda is to Invade Africa
– by Bruce A. Dixon – 2012-03-14

The Globalization of War: The “Military Roadmap” to World War III
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Finian Cunningham – 2012-03-14

The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US-NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

“The Most damning Video on Syria” is a Fake
– by Marinella Correggia – 2012-03-14

SPYING OPS: Australian Secret Squadrons Operating in Africa
Underground Special Forces in Civilian Clothes…
– by Global Research News – 2012-03-14

VIDEO: KONY 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime
Find out the truth on GRTV
– by Kambale Musavuli – 2012-03-14

KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation. An Orchestrated Campaign to Justify US Military Intervention in Africa
– by Vigilant Citizen – 2012-03-14

Russia calls for probe into NATO’s “massive bombings” in Libya
– 2012-03-14

Europe’s Economic Crisis: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Belgium are Heading in the Same Direction as Greece
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-14

NATO Proxies behind Syria Massacre
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-14

The “Lone Gunman” of Kandahar Province? “The Dehumanization of the Enemy” Engrained in the Behavior of US Soldiers…
– by Andy Dilks – 2012-03-14

Media Lies and Fabrications Fully Revealed: Al Jazeera’s Identity Crisis.
– by Ibrahim al-Amin – 2012-03-14

Attorney General Eric Holder upholds “The Legality of Assassinating Americans”
Responds to Rosemary Award for Worst Open Government Performance
– by Nate Jones – 2012-03-14

State Sponsored “Pre-emptive Murder”: US and Israeli Targeted Killings
– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-14

Vanishing Pensions: All Over America Old Age Pensions Are Being Slashed or Eliminated
– 2012-03-14

KONY 2012: Merchandising and Branding Support for US Military Intervention in Central Africa
– by Nile Bowie – 2012-03-14

The documentary uses potent emotional communication to influence the viewer to support US military operations in resource rich Central Africa under the pretext of capturing the LRA’s commander, Joseph Kony.

TARGETED KILLING: US and Israeli Drone Strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Gaza: Legal Action in UK
– 2012-03-13

OCCUPY: Infiltration of Political Movements is the Norm, Not the Exception in the United States.
Part II
– by Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers – 2012-03-13

Almost every movement in modern history has been infiltrated by police and others using many of the same tactics we are now seeing in Occupy.

Cheney says Canada ‘too dangerous’ for visit
– 2012-03-13

VIDEO: Al Jazeera Exodus: Channel Losing Staff Over Bias
Find out what’s happening on GRTV
– by Paula Slier – 2012-03-13

VIDEO: One Year Anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi
Learn about the effects of global radiation on GRTV
– by Arnie Gundersen – 2012-03-13

VIDEO: Radiation, Coverups and the Legacy of Fukushima
The nuclear danger analyzed on GRTV
– by Dr. Helen Caldicott, James Corbett – 2012-03-13

One year on from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan’s northeast, details continue to emerge about how the crisis was much worse than the government and TEPCO originally let on.

SOCIAL INEQUALITY IN AMERICA: Incomes of Top One Percent in US Skyrocket…
– by Kate Randall – 2012-03-13

Israel expands deadly air strikes on Gaza
– by Jean Shaoul – 2012-03-13

Unemployment in the Post-revolutionary Arab World
– by Dr. Ali Kadri – 2012-03-13

Blood Earth and South Africa’s White Farmers
– by J.B. Gerald – 2012-03-13

Redefining the U.S.-Canada Border: The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation?
– by Dana Gabriel – 2012-03-13

The proposed changes promise to bring about a radical transformation of the northern border. This will further bring Canadian security practices in line with American ones and under the reach of the Department of Homeland Security.

Washington Plans War on Syria
– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-13

UNRAVELLING MEDIA SCANDAL: Al Jazeera exodus: Channel losing staff over ‘bias’
– 2012-03-13

WAR PROPAGANDA: Staged Media Reporting from Syria: Fabricating the News
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2012-03-12

MEDIA DISINFO: Resignations at Al Jazeera due to “Biased Coverage”
– 2012-03-12

VIDEO: War Crimes: NATO Obviously Killed Civilians in Libya
Is Syria next in line? Find out more on GRTV
– by Lizzie Phelan – 2012-03-12

After Afghan Massacre: Media Treat Killings as PR Problem for Occupation
– 2012-03-12

The “Moral Equivalence” of War: British Soldiers versus Afghan Children
– by Andy Dilks – 2012-03-12

SYRIA:Terrorist Groups Committed Atrocious Massacre in Homs to Elicit International Support against Syrian Government
– 2012-03-12

Lavrov: Syria is Confronting Armed Gangs, al-Qaeda Members that Commited Horrible Crimes
– 2012-03-12

Independent Media Delivers Truth and Accountability
– 2012-03-12

The Dirty War on WikiLeaks is Now Trial by Media in Sweden
– by John Pilger – 2012-03-12

An Israeli Attack Against Iran “Would Destroy Chance of Peace for Generations”
– by Richard Silverstein – 2012-03-12

Financial organisations declare Greece to be in default
– by Stefan Steinberg – 2012-03-12

Massacre in Afghanistan: US soldier kills 16 villagers, including 9 children
– by Patrick Martin – 2012-03-12

AFRICA: The Legacy of Cecil Rhodes’ Anglo-American Empire
– by Dan Gordon – 2012-03-12

Fast-forward to March of 2012, when the non-profit “TRI” launched an online video called “Kony 2012.” Filled with footage of battle-scarred African children, and tearful appeals to emotion, the movie rallies its viewers around a single goal: stopping the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader Joseph Kony…

The Unspoken Dangers of NATO Enlargement: America Threatens Russia on its Western and Southern Borders
– 2012-03-12

In the Wake of the Durban Climate Talks: State and Market Climate Failures Amplified by Civil Society Failure
– by Prof. Patrick Bond – 2012-03-12

The Greek Bailout and Germany’s “Plan B”: If Germany bails on the Euro, the EU will collapse
The Black Swan NO ONE is Talking About
– by Phoenix Capital Research – 2012-03-12

The Disinformation Campaign on the Greek Debt and the Rescue Plan by Private Creditors
– by CADTM – 2012-03-12

Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
– by David Swanson – 2012-03-12

The Collapse of American Democracy
– by Barry Grey – 2012-03-12

America’s Afghanistan Legacy
– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-12

SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-11

ONLINE INTERACTIVE I-BOOK. The insurgency in Syria is based on the “Libya Model”: it is integrated by mercenaries and Al Qaeda affiliated paramilitary brigades supported by British, French and Turkish Special Forces…

Beyond Equivocal Equality and Masking Myths: Grounding Justice in What We All Need to Live as Human Beings
– by Prof. John McMurtry – 2012-03-11

The Global Financial Crisis is a Global Human Rights Crisis
– by Danny Schechter – 2012-03-11

Israelis build the world’s biggest detention centre
Thousands of African asylum-seekers fleeing persecution could end up in Negev desert camp
– by Catrina Stewart – 2012-03-11

Enhanced Militarization. Senator Lugar’s “NATO Enlargement Bill”: Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Montenegro
– 2012-03-11

Impasse in Israel-US Relations
– by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich – 2012-03-11

Indian Bomb: Iranian Terror … Or False Flag?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2012-03-11

The Land of the Mega-rich: No Jobs For Americans
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2012-03-11

PsyWarfare: “The Battle for the Mind”
– by Adrian Salbuchi – 2012-03-11

Haaretz: Netanyahu’s conspiracy to drag the U.S. to war
– by Sefi Rachlevsky – 2012-03-11

Global Scenarios for 2012: How the World is Changing
– by Daniele Scalea – 2012-03-10

Afghanistan: “Reducing the Number of Troops”. To Claim Total Pullout in 2014, U.S “Troops” will be transferred to the CIA
War funding would be concealed from Americans
– by Global Research News – 2012-03-10

13 years since NATO aggression against Serbia: Violation of Human rights of Serbs in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija
– by Zivadin Jovanovic – 2012-03-10

The Politics of Imagined Opinion
– by Prof. James Tracy – 2012-03-10

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