Week in Review: Headlines of the Week

Libya and “The Arab Spring”: Neoliberalism, “Regime Change” and NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars”
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Finian Cunningham, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-12-10

Why Moscow does not Trust Washington on Missile Defense
– by F. William Engdahl – 2011-12-02

Secret Meeting. War on Syria: Head of Syrian National Council meets leader of NATO sponsored “Free Syrian Army”
– by Ipek Yezdani – 2011-12-01

Germany supplies Israel with Submarines capable of carrying missiles with nuclear warheads
– 2011-12-01

Central Banks’ Latest Move Shows Desperation: This isn’t a financial crisis … it’s a bank robbery.
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-12-01

Vietnam-Style Exit: Russia Could Deliver Death Blow To NATO in Af-Pak War Theater
– 2011-12-01

War and the Economic Crisis: America’s Military Obsession Leads To Economic Decline
– 2011-12-01

Britain’s Sabre Rattling against Iran. The Threat to Global Security is Israel
– by Julie Webb-Pullman – 2011-12-01

VIDEO: Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20
Find out more about the history of the Canadian police state in this week’s GRTV Backgrounder
– by James Corbett, Dan Dicks – 2011-12-01

Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War
– 2011-12-01

– 2011-12-01

BREAKING NEWS: Russia’s Star Wars: Moscow Activates “Space Defense Troops” against U.S.-NATO ABM
– 2011-12-01

The Euro Zone System in Crisis. Will it Backlash on Wall Street?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-01

Israel’s grand hypocrisy
Netanyahu slams ‘anti-liberal’ Arab Spring
– by Jonathan Cook – 2011-12-01

BREAKING: ‘US used nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan’: Atomic bomb dropped on Tora Bora: Expert
– 2011-12-01

George Orwell’s Guide to the News
– by Adrian Salbuchi – 2011-12-01

Carefully Planned Sting Operation? What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn?
– by Edward Jay Epstein – 2011-12-01

Kuala Lumpur tribunal: Bush and Blair guilty
– by Prof. Richard Falk – 2011-12-01

Occupy Movement: Next Step Convergence
– by Joel S. Hirschhorn – 2011-12-01

Report: New Libyan Regime Sends 600 Troops To Fight In Syria
– 2011-11-30

China: U.S. And NATO Have Trampled On International Law
– 2011-11-30

Rampant Militarization of the World: West Risks New Arms Race In Europe
– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-11-30

Moscow Slams NATO Power Games in Kosovo
– 2011-11-30

VIDEO: 9/11 and the Global Community
See the round table discussion on GRTV
– by Anthony Hall, Michael Keefer, Graeme MacQueen – 2011-11-30

SYRIA: The Orwellian “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) used to Justify “Regime Change” and All Out War
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-11-30

False pretences of humanitarianism are being used with a twisted legal regime in a plan for regime change against Syria.

Escalation Around the Trans-Caspian Pipeline
– by Aleksandr Shustov – 2011-11-30

Lawyers Seek New trial for Robert F. Kennedy Assassin
– 2011-11-30

Article Sheds Light on the Fabrication of Charges Against Strauss-Kahn
– by Patrick Martin – 2011-11-30

Morocco Gets Muslim Brotherhood PM
– by Eric Walberg – 2011-11-30

The European Central Bank Fiddles While Rome Burns
– by Ellen Brown – 2011-11-30

BREAKING: Military Confrontation between Washington and Moscow? Russian Warships head for Syria
– 2011-11-29

US Senate Considers Bill Authorizing More Torture
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-29

Why Banks Deserve Preferential Treatment While Millions of Homeowners Are Denied Assistance And Are At Risk of Foreclosure?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-29

VIDEO: Military Spending: Is Congress About to Put You Out of Work?
Learn more on GRTV
– 2011-11-29

The Next Banking Crisis
– by Hugo Radice – 2011-11-29

VIDEO: More Violence in Kosovo: NATO Tells Troops to Use Live Ammunition
New report now on GRTV
– by Sasha Knezev – 2011-11-29

Upholding Justice in the ‘War on Terror’
– 2011-11-29

Syria: Russia Rejects Arms Embargo, Repeat Of Libyan Scenario
– 2011-11-29

“NAFTA of the Pacific” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Washington’s Hidden Agenda is to Isolate and Subordinate China
– by Dana Gabriel – 2011-11-29

Climategate 2.0: Anatomy of a Media Distraction
– by Edward Miller – 2011-11-29

Millions Gather in Syria’s Squares to Express Condemnation of Arab League Decisions and Reject Foreign Interference
Photographic Evidence: People against US-NATO R2P
– 2011-11-29

Unknown Snipers and Western backed “Regime Change”
A Historical Review and Analysis
– by Gearóid Ó Colmáin – 2011-11-28

Understanding Cyber Warfare. From Cyber Warfare to Cyber Resistance
– by Rachael M. Rudolph – 2011-11-28

World War III Scenario. America’s Hypersonic Missile: Who is the Target?
– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-11-28

Fight the War Propaganda. Share the Awareness.
– 2011-11-28

VIDEO: Iran and Syria: Isolation, Regime Change and the Pursuit of Oil
See the report on GRTV
– 2011-11-28

Russia Could Cut U.S.-NATO Afghan War Transit Over Missiles
– 2011-11-28

VIDEO: NGOs and the War on Libya
Join us for this week’s GRTV Feature Interview
– by Julien Teil – 2011-11-28

Russia-China-Iran Consultations On U.S.-NATO Global Missile System
– 2011-11-28

VIDEO: Iran Contra at 25: Reagan and Bush ‘Criminal Liability’ Evaluations
Reagan Briefed In Advance on Each Group of Missiles Sold to Iran
– by National Security Archive – 2011-11-28

Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial
Allows U.S. Military to arrest American citizens in their own backyard without charge or trial
– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2011-11-28

BREAKING: Report suggests Israel linked to Irangate Scandal
Comment by Michael Carmichael
– 2011-11-28

The New Authoritarianism: From Decaying Democracies to Technocratic Dictatorships and Beyond
– by Prof. James Petras – 2011-11-28

Treason From Within: The Road towards a Police State in America
Defense Authorization bill allows for military detentions of American citizens in the US.
– by Dr. Andrew Bosworth – 2011-11-28

Neocons Planned Regime Change in the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-28

The Syria-Iran-Turkey Triangle: A New War Scenario in the Middle East
– 2011-11-27

While there were good relations between Syria and Turkey only a year ago, today we begin to to talk about NATO intervention led by Ankara into Syria. This is also tied to US efforts against Iran, the main regional power.

VIDEO: Kosovo – Violent Clashes Between NATO’s KFOR and Serbian Minority
Learn more on GRTV
– 2011-11-27

VIDEO: Nuke Carrier Leads U.S. Strike Force Into Syrian Waters
– 2011-11-27

VIDEO: Syria: We are Seeing the Initial Steps of a New Cold War
See the interview on GRTV
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2011-11-27

ALL OUT WAR? If Israel fires single missile at Iran… Tehran Threatens Retaliation against Israel in the Case of an Attack
– 2011-11-27

Full-Spectrum Dominance and the Regime-Change Project
– by Richard K. Moore – 2011-11-27

The Mega Banks: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, et. al. Control Europe’s Political Landscape
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-27

US Social Crisis: 25 Million Unemployed and Underemployed
Making No Effective Protest, Economist Says
– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-11-27

The obscene Transparency of the “Mainstream” Pundits: Ask the Candidates Real Questions – Like These
– by Ray McGovern – 2011-11-27

Congress to Vote on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-27

War and the Cradle of Civilization: Spinning “Humanitarian Invasions”, from The Nile to The Euphrates and Beyond
– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2011-11-26

NATO Conceals Preparations for Military Action against Syria
– by Vadim Trukhachev – 2011-11-26

Chavez repatriates Venezuela’s foreign gold reserves
– 2011-11-26

Bankers have seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-11-26

The demise of European democracy. Who will rule the New Europe? The private European banks and Goldman Sachs.

Preparing the Chessboard for the “Clash of Civilizations”: Divide, Conquer and Rule the “New Middle East”
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-11-26

The ripple effects of the US-NATO Invasion of Libya. Redefining and Destabilsing the Arab World…

Prelude to All Out War: Specter of no-fly zone darkens Syrian skies
– 2011-11-25

Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Chemtrails
“Proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, …”
– by Rady Ananda – 2011-11-25

Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War
– by Tom Burghardt – 2011-11-25

The Road to World War III? ‘Offensive cyber operations’ combined with advanced 21st Century military technology…

Arab State Urges Citizens To Leave Syria
– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2011-11-25

Did the US Co-opt OWS in Order to Legitimize Egypt’s Flawed Elections?
– by Jacob Levich – 2011-11-25

VIDEO: Imperialism and the 99% Solution
Watch it now on GRTV
– by Michael Parenti – 2011-11-25

Is Britain plotting with Israel to attack Iran?
Ex-ambassador exposes government cover-up
– by Jonathan Cook – 2011-11-25

Media Lies Used to Provide a Pretext for Another “Humanitarian War”: Protest in Syria: Who Counts the Dead?
– by Julie Lévesque – 2011-11-25

The reliance of the mainstream media on information emanating from anonymous groups provides a biased understanding of the Syrian protests

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