Video: West’s War Against Syria Is Packed in Lies and Deceptions
By Mark Taliano and Tate Ulsaker
Global Research, July 17, 2018

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The West’s “Regime Change” war against the legitimate government in Syria, based upon fake humanitarian pretexts, is a war of Supreme International War Crimes, packed in lies and deceptions. 

Mark Taliano and Tate Ulsaker unpack the lies and point at our complicity on “Truthseeker’s Path”.

As Christians in the West, through our political passivity and quiescence, we are offering tacit consent to terrorists in Syria who slaughter and ethnically cleanse Christians — in the land which gave birth to Christianity.

Beneath the lie of “freedom and democracy”, we are giving consent to undemocratic terrorist mercenaries who are and have been destroying Syria – against the will of Syrians. We are giving consent to chaos, totalitarianism, and fundamentalist, distorted interpretations of Sharia Law.

Under the false pretext of a “War on Terror” we are supporting ISIS and al Qaeda.

In the name of “helping refugees”, we are creating refugees.

We are impoverishing ourselves, and the entire world, by supporting the War Machine.

The policymakers who have successfully fabricated consent for their megalomaniacal and criminal ventures are hollow men and women, empty shells. And we are duty bound to resist.

Source: Truthseeker’s Path


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