Venezuela, Iran and the Chaotic Imperialists!

The drum beat of the warmongers in the U.S. undeniably is loud. The preparation for the “regime change” in Venezuela and Iran is in full speed. However, it looks like the warmongers are finding it difficult to take direct military action against Venezuela and Iran. The aim of this short essay is to point out that PEACE activists around the world still have a chance to unite and organize against WAR thanks to the deepening crisis in imperialist countries.

Both Venezuela and Iran have many similarities, but what makes the both countries strong against an imperialist or a foreign military attack is the political awareness of their people. In different degrees, the Venezuelan and Iranian people are determined to defend the sovereignty of their nation with their blood.

Both nations have shown that they will rally and support their own governments – regardless of their frustration with their “leaders” intentions, policies and in some cases their corruption. Historically, both nations have experienced the pain of living under the dictatorship of Monarchs or installed Presidents (1). Both nations through a long heroic struggle and tormented journey have ended the Autocratic regimes once and for all in their countries and have embraced a form of a democratic governing system – although a “Bourgeois democracy” (2).

This common experience makes it almost impossible for the people of either country to accept a return to a brutal dictatorship form of government without a bloody fight against the foreign invaders. The warmongers in the Trump Administration are well aware of this fact. They know very well that the resilient and proud Venezuelan and Iranian people will not allow a plot of “regime change” to succeed from within. At the same time, the warmongers in Washington are incapable of rallying the American people for a DIRECT war against Venezuela or Iran at this time.

So, for the most powerful military force in the world, the only option is to impose sanctions and create chaotic situations for the Venezuelan and Iranian people in order to bring the working families of these two countries (who are economically suffering under U.S. sanctions) to their knees. For the warmonger, the ideal outcome is pushing Venezuela or even Iran (which just last week demonstratively celebrated its 40th anniversary of its revolution against monarchy) toward a civil war.

Hunger and starvation is an old weapon of mass destruction (WMD) of powerful warmongers. This weapon has been used against the poor nations for submission throughout history. Babies and infants are dying every day because of hunger due to the wars that are financially beneficial to the commerce of warmongers of the so-called democratic countries.

The catastrophic situation in Yemen, the miserable conditions that are imposed on children of Palestine, Sudan or Haiti shows the immorality of the “leaders” in charge in the U.S., E.U. and Israel. True peace activists have no doubt that the real aim of “humanitarian aid” which is delivered by the U.S. military plane to a Colombian town on the border with Venezuela is to ignite a civil war in Venezuela. In the case of Iran, the U.S. warmongers are implementing an even more absurd strategy! They are desperately forcing their Arab allies to start a war against Iran in a conference in Warsaw in Poland to solve the Middle East problems! Indeed, this “genius” idea was a disaster from the start for both the U.S. and Israel. To make this ridicules idea even worse, the White House sends Mr. Pence to the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany to order the E.U. to “abandon the Iran nuclear deal”. Of course the E.U. representatives politely said no and responded with silence whenever Mr. Trump’s name was mentioned during Mr. Pence’s presentation!

Without a doubt, a quick review of the world political situation indicates that the obstacles against the U.S. hegemony as the sole military power are greater than ever before. The U.S. old allies since WWII, such as U.K., France, Germany and Japan are struggling with their own internal problems in unprecedented ways. The 1% in France is engaged in street fights week after week. The “Yellow Vests” movement is unveiling the pretentious French democracy. The French reactionaries are seeking a permanent police state as the only solution to protect the interest of the French wealthy elite in the 21 century. The other imperialist powers including the U.S. are considering moving toward one form of police states that fits their own situation. The declaration of a “National Emergency” by Mr. Trump is a dangerous step toward this idea. Regardless of the endless “discussion” around the concept of a boarder WALL by the ignorant American TV “pundits”, the aim of Mr. Trump is to bypass the incompetent Congress and strengthen a section of “Law Enforcement” to act as a police force that is loyal only to him and ready to punish any and all dissident voices.

However, in the U.S. just like in France, the Presidents and politicians are not able to define a clear policy except to fall deeper into their senseless family feud. Meanwhile the American people are realizing that both the Democratic and Republican parties have no interest in solving any of the dire social and economical problems in a meaningful way. The number of strikes and demonstrations by workers, teachers and students are at record highs in the recent years. The main obstacle for the PEACE activists around the world is the elusive character of the Social Democrats in the E.U. and the Democratic Party in the U.S. The far-right groups and the Republican Party are easy to identify but characters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be confusing to many honest democratic minded people. This ambiguity is an obstacle for the true PEACE activists. The Democratic Party leadership has proven that they are the best Party for the 1% to pacify the energetic activists among workers, minorities and intellectuals. If Mr. Sanders is too old for the new generation of activists, then they throw a young woman on the stage to distract the militant youth.

In conclusion, we are living in a time that mutilating a body of a journalist inside of an Embassy in a foreign land is acceptable by the most powerful “democratic” countries. This is the continuation of the same conduct that we already have witnessed in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay hellholes under the U.S. military supervision. While the people are rising up against injustice and inequality, the warmongers and their allies are running out of options to control civil disobedience. The continuation of these tense situations brings us closer to a nuclear war. The true PEACE activists are conscious of this fact and seek for a universal PEACE plan and strategy. American people can contribute the most to this cause since they are capable of contorting the pulse of warmongers in Washington by general strikes against all wars.

Hands Off Venezuela and Iran!

Author’s note:

1. To understand the Venezuela people’s history, one must read the Michel Chossudovsky conversation with Bonnie Faulkner on Guns and Butter; which is very similar to the situation in Iran before the 1979 revolution. “Venezuela: From Oil Proxy to the Bolivarian Movement and Sabotage. Abysmal Poverty under US Proxy Rule (1918-1998)”

2. WSWS.ORG is a rich source of news, information and analysis of and for the working people on a national and international scale. 


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Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses hundreds of thousands of supporters on Bolivar Avenue in the heart of Caracas. (AVN)

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