The World in Crisis: Time for responsible decision-making

Elaborate efforts are being made by corporate-controlled mainstream media to downplay (if not ignore outright) the mass demonstrations taking place worldwide in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York City last month. Mirror protests are springing up globally with momentum and support increasing day by day.

Some of the big-brand media dismiss the protestors as ill-informed youth bored with their workaday lives. Still others point fingers at the attempts being made to infiltrate the movement by the same influential individuals and institutions that have financed and controlled earlier mass movements and so-called color revolutions, intent on aligning them with Western military and corporate interests.

Whatever one may believe at this point, there can be no denying that unprecedented numbers of people, of all ages and creeds, are increasingly frustrated by the governmental controls and machinations which keep them struggling to make ends meet while effectively jeopardizing their long-term potential to secure an adequate and fair standard of living.

Those who research further have come to see how the markets are manipulated by powerful figures to serve the interests of the few, the elite, the same individuals who control and determine economic trends and invariably direct them in their favour… at the expense of the broader public. As Tony Cartalucci points out:

“As Americans begin pouring into the streets with dissatisfaction, there seems to be some confusion as to who the source of their problem is. That ‘who’ is a corporate-financier oligarchy that has been destroying America for nearly a century and until now, has done a good job of parasitically feeding from America in the shadows.

They are not the “1%.” They are the 1% of the 1%. They are billionaire banksters the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve and the directors and chairmen of many of the largest corporations on earth including big oil, the military industrial complex, big pharma, big agri, and the corporate media which combine their resources and collective agenda in self-contrived institutions, think-tanks, and working groups to dominate humanity.” (Read: #Occupy Wall Street: Change will not come until we Understand and Rewrite the Entire Balance of Power in America)

And while mainstream media keeps pumping out absurd disinformation of the necessity of invading and crippling sovereign nations abroad in order to bring them “freedom”, the juxtaposition of these “humanitarian wars” with the economic collapse at home is not going unnoticed. (Watch the video: “I am not moving”: Confronting America’s Hypocrisy, which contrasts Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s statements on freedom and democracy relating to Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iran with the brutal and repressive treatment of peaceful protestors in America.)

Global Research has been bringing you a broad spectrum of voices analyzing these situations and we will continue to do so because we believe that access to information is the key to the truth. We encourage you to read as much as possible and discuss widely the issues on the table. Challenge yourselves and challenge each other, and in that way we will come to identify the real limits to our freedom and democracy and thereby determine the course of action that is right for us. It is time to seek out the truth and engage in responsible decision-making.

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