The Technological Revolution: The best of times, the worst of times

The elite have the money, but we have the MANY!

It seems as if the world is in the process of a rapid global transition, with the continued descent into the global economic crisis, the rapid acceleration of foreign wars, the erosion of liberties and standards of living at home, the usurpation of governance by bankers, the absolute subservience to corporate interests by our supposed democratic nations, the Arab uprisings, and potentially going down the road to World War III.

As Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

While it certainly appears to be among the “worst of times,” there are many facets to our global human story that indicate it is also among “the best of times.” We are, after all, in the midst of a ‘Global Political Awakening,’ which is activating and educating the masses of the world to the oppressed conditions they and others live in. They are becoming radicalized and energized for change – not Obama Brand Change, Inc., but true – systemic change.

Both the good and the bad – the best and the worst – have been largely driven by a process that has taken place most rapidly in the past century and with exponential growth: the Technological Revolution. Surpassing the Industrial Revolution in its historical importance and transformative potential, the ‘Technological Revolution’ has made war more destructive with the advanced weaponry and bombs being constructed; more dehumanizing with the detachment of people to targets, such as with the flying robot ‘Predator’ drones bombing civilians in Pakistan and Yemen, remote controlled from a base in Florida; made the systems and structures of control more effective, with surveillance equipment George Orwell could not even imagine, and the applications of science to social control in ways Aldous Huxley feared inevitable; and the great kings of finance were able to more quickly accumulate and exploit vast amounts of wealth, moving money in and out of nations so quickly and at such quantities that they have the ability to bring entire nations to their knees.

On the other hand, the ‘Technological Revolution’ has also facilitated the greatest information and communication revolutions ever known, making more information more accessible than ever before, and allowing communication between people around the world to be far easier and more effective. This transformative force has largely been driven by the Internet as a democratic forum for discussion and dissemination.

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and Global Research have, for the past ten years, been a force for information, communication, and empowerment for free humanity. Our information is made available to all for free, and our readership is increasing, and with that, our message is getting to more people in more places and through more mediums than ever before. There is a growing demand for truth, justice, and information which can inform action. The aim of Global Research – in economic terms – is to ‘supply’ that ‘demand’ with the information and education it deserves.

To continue to do this, and to grow with the demand and thirst for knowledge, Global Research does need the help of its readers. We do not take money from corporations, governments, universities, think tanks or foundations; thus, we are able to maintain our independence and intellectual freedom because our patrons are the people, and the people demand truth. To continue to be a force for truth in the world – to continue to help move humanity into “the best of times” and away from “the worst of times,” Global Research needs your help.

We understand that you, our readers, are not likely in the greatest financial position; after all, we are as a global society, on the brink of an ever-greater financial calamity. However, it is precisely for these reasons and at this time that access to such vital information is all the more necessary. While it may often seem that the odds are stacked against us – the people – the numbers are with us. While the elite – those who make the political, economic, and social decisions in our societies – certainly have the money, we have the ‘many.’ In this context, any donation, no matter how meager or major, makes a difference. For with a large and growing readership, a great many small donations equals one rather large donation. So, whether minor or major, every dollar given is a dollar well spent.

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