The Genocide of a Nation, With the Full Support of the United States Government

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I recently read that one of my heroes, Kevin Barrett, is leaving the country.  Barrett is a strong proponent of 9/11 truth and an even stronger enthusiast for human rights.  He cited several things, pictures of dead babies on the news overseas, probably the most exasperating, but he mentioned something else that should hit all of us square between the eyes, as well…the American Dream is dead.  He, like so many of us, is just plain fed up with the lack of conscience of this country’s leadership.  I have to say, that I can’t blame him.  

We, in the United States, pride ourselves with the knowledge that we are a civilized society.  We feel that we are humane, compassionate and care for those less fortunate than ourselves.  In his final press conference, Outgoing-President George W Bush told us that America is compassionate.  I am here to say that that notion could not be farther from the truth.  Bush said that if we don’t believe it we should ask China or Africa or India about the compassion of America.  What about the Palestinians?  Should we ask them?

Rep Nancy Pelosi along with her hoard of bi-partisan co-sponsors, pushed through H Res 34, Israel’s Right to Defend Itself.  Did any of these Representatives ask we-the-people if it was okay for the United States to take sides in this conflict, because I thought they represented us!  It appears they represent Israel, though…yet we pay their salaries… Shouldn’t The Gaza Strip have the same right to defend itself?

In his comments about this egregious piece of legislation, Rep Ron Paul told Congress that they have a moral obligation to both Israel and the Arab Nations, because “we provide help and funding for both,” yet as a country, the House has chosen to support Israel…again.   

During Bush’s press conference, when asked about peace between Israel and Gaza, Bush says that he is for a “sustainable ceasefire.”  He goes on to define a “sustainable ceasefire” as “Hamas stop(s) shooting missiles into Israel.”  What if Israel stops shooting missiles into the Gaza Strip? 

A very observant journalist asked about how other countries around the world view the United States. Bush goes on to say that he does not feel the entire world views the US as immoral, and that, if we wanted to, we could become popular by blaming everything going on in the Middle East on Israel.  Israel has broken the past several ceasefire agreements, so who should be blamed for that? 

According to an article by Global Research, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had the Israel Defense Force start preparation for this latest slaughter in The Gaza Strip six month before its December 27th beginning, preparation that, incidentally, was started during a ceasefire.  The article also says  “…Operation ‘Cast Lead’ is a carefully planned undertaking, which is part of a broader military-intelligence agenda first formulated by the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2001.”  Wait, 2001?  It goes on to say that the operation “is intended, quite deliberately, to trigger civilian casualties.”  And Israel is not to blame for this?  The “sustainable ceasefire” has to be at the disarmament of Hamas, but not Israel?  And, by the way, since when does the United States get to decide who can be “armed” and who can’t?  I may have missed this in Civics class!

According to secret documents obtained by Reuters, the Pentagon is seeking the services of a merchant ship to transport 325 20-foot containers of “ammunition” from Greece to Israel by the end of January.  The manifest says only that the shipment contains such hazardous substances as explosive materials and detonators. 

Pentagon spokesperson Air Force Lt Col Patrick Ryder confirmed the shipment and said it was not in support of the Israel-Gaza conflict, yet a London senior military analyst stated that the timing was “irregular.”  A shipping broker in London stated that a 3000-plus ton “in one go” ammunition shipment is pretty rare. The Pentagon recently made a December delivery of 989 20-foot containers to Israel, as well, but Hamas needs to disarm? 

Rep. Paul reminded House members of the US involvement in the creation of Al Qaeda, as well as its indirect involvement in creating Hamas.  And Hamas is to blame?  He also reminded the House that the US pushed for Democratic elections in the Palestinian State, and they followed the process, electing the Israel/US created Hamas, and now they (the Palestinians) must be killed for it.  Paul, of course, was making a point, not advocating the actual deed, but the rest of the House, with the apparent exception of Paul, Kucinich and three others, is advocating the actual deed through blind support of Israel.

During the first days of the attack, Former Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney was aboard a private boat attempting to deliver medical supplies to the war-torn Gaza Strip when an Israel Patrol vessel rammed the private boat.  McKinney said the purpose was one of peace and that the boat was clearly not engaging in terrorist activities, yet the Israeli’s rammed them.  She said that this paled in comparison to what the Palestinians were going through and reminded the CNN audience that this was also not the first time Israelis attacked a friendly American boat.  Remember the USS Liberty?  (Because I guarantee you the survivors remember it well!!!)

Recently, Rep. Dennis Kucinich spoke out about the tragedy in Gaza. He told the House that some fifty percent of Gaza inhabitants are under the age of fourteen.  That is younger than my youngest daughter.  Some of his words will live on in my memory for the rest of my life.  “We cannot avert our eyes without staining our soul.”  He is right!  We call ourselves a nation created by God, and Israel is quick to claim they are “God’s chosen.”  This travesty against the Palestinians is not godly at all.  It is heinous and barbaric.  Kucinich went on to say that “this is a humanitarian crisis of the highest magnitude.”  He also confirmed that Israel is using aircraft and weapons supplied by the US which “imposes a moral obligation for this congress to speak out.”  He is right…again.

The current death toll reported by one outlet as of January 14th, 2009, is 13 Israeli casualties, 3 civilian and 1010 Palestinian casualties.  Of that, 311 are children and 100 are women. For those concerned, that means 31% of the casualties are children and 10% are women, but how many civilian men?  It didn’t say that.  I have read several places on the Internet that say Hamas has brought this on the Palestinian people themselves.  Really?  Just the other day it was reported that several schools in the Gaza Strip were targeted by Israeli attacks.  So Israel has the right to target schools, and hospitals, clinics and refugee settlements?  Why would they attack a school or hospital or clinic, or refugee settlement?  What has that got to do with Hamas?

What is going on in the Gaza Strip is genocide, pure and simple.  In all the barrage of rockets and missiles and whatever else Israel could shove down Palestine’s throat, “Israeli death squads,” according to another article, started moving through a Palestinian village separating the men from the women and children and then slaughtering the men, including young adults and teen-aged boys, shooting them in the back.  Paul, Kucinich and McKinney have stated that the US has basically supplied the weapons that Israel is using to kill Palestinians…at least 41% civilian women and children.  Again I ask, why would our government supply arms to Israel, yet ask Palestine to disarm?  This doesn’t make sense!

Where does President Elect Obama stand on the situation he is about to inherit?  He has said that he does support Israel’s right to defend itself, and I am not saying that they shouldn’t, but if we afford Israel the right to defend itself then we must afford the Palestinians the same rights.  After all, this attack was planned in 2001, and was being prepared for during a ceasefire.  Israel broke this ceasefire…And, given the casualty rates that have been reported, Israel is killing far too many “women and children.”  What country is proud of collateral damage to the tune of 41% women and children?

McKinney has a plea for President-Elect Obama.  She is asking him to please “say something…about the humanitarian crisis that is being experienced right now by the people of Gaza.” 

It is apparent by the vote on H Res 34 that this country is sorely lacking integrity.  The United States has just sworn in a new Congress, one that is supposed to bring about positive change.  Yes, I remember, Obama’s campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe in.”  But didn’t some of the newly elected Representatives tout change, as well?  Yet, one of the first pieces of legislation they pass, and quite handily, I must say, is the support of Israel…there is no change in that! 

It is time we took a page from Rep Paul’s playbook, which, by the way, is not a new idea, and stood down with regard to other governments.  Have we learned nothing about the blowback, as Paul recently pointed out, which is certainly not worth it?  The United States must stand down…stay out of the affairs of other country’s.  Let them rule themselves.  Let them work out there differences, the only exception being of a TRUE threat against the United States.  Since when did the United States become the police of the world?  Is that a roll we really want?  I don’t think we do…the cost is just too high!



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