Ten Years after 9/11, the US/NATO War Machine Rages On

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As we prepare to face the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, let us give pause to consider the state of the world today, the resulting wars, rampant militarization, top-level coverups and media disinformation that have been launched as a direct result of the events which created the so-called global “war on terror”. Global Research brings you this week’s top articles for you consideration:

“The US government’s account of 9/11 is the foundation of the open-ended wars that are exhausting America’s resources and destroying its reputation, and it is the foundation of the domestic police state that ultimately will shut down all opposition to the wars… Today Americans are unsafe, not because of terrorists and domestic extremists, but because they have lost their civil liberties and have no protection from unaccountable government power. One would think that how this came about would be worthy of public debate and congressional hearings.”
-Paul Craig Roberts, 9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything? 

Special Commemorative Conference, Montreal, September 8
– by Cynthia McKinney, Wayne Madsen, Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-09-09

Paramilitary Monster: From CIA To CKA – “Central Killing Agency”
– by Boris Volkhonsky – 2011-09-02

You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don’t Know the Official 9/11 Story
– by Jesse Richard – 2011-09-02

War? “There is no war” in Libya
– by Global Research – 2011-09-01

Pentagon Allows “Near Slavery” Conditions Among Foreign Workers in Iraq and Afghanistan
– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-09-01

VIDEO: Tripoli BEFORE and AFTER NATO/Rebel “Liberation”
View the footage on GRTV
– 2011-09-01

VIDEO: Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11
Watch the new GRTV Feature Interview
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-09-01

US Targetted Assassinations in Iraq confirmed by Wikileaks Archive
– 2011-09-01

NATO has conducted 7920 strike sorties since March 31, 2011. Its mandate is R2P
– 2011-09-01

NATO is a Loser in Terms of Morality and Justice
– by An Huihou – 2011-09-01

NATO’s Deceitful Libya War of Aggression: Its Meaning for Africa
How will history judge the West’s imperial interference
– by Colin Benjamin – 2011-09-01

Orwellian Hypocrisy of NATO’s Mission: In Libya, a Bloodbath Looms
– by Robert Parry – 2011-09-01

Libya: NATO Acquires Military Outpost In Third Continent
– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-08-31

In America The Rule Of Law Is Vacated
Bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free…
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-08-31

Obama’s Widening War In Somalia
– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-08-31

Bahrain: US Ally Kills Children… So When Is NATO Intervening?
– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-08-31

Al-Qaeda and NATO’s Islamic Extremists Taking Over Libya
– by Alex Newman – 2011-08-31

The Crime of the Patriot Act, 9/11 and a Whistleblower’s Truth
Review of Susan Lindauer’s book
– by Rady Ananda – 2011-08-31

Arab Spring: Revolutions, Lies, and Intervention
– by Devon DB – 2011-08-31

BREAKING NEWS: CIA Recruits 1,500 Jihadists in Afghanistan to Fight in Libya
“Al Qaeda Created by the CIA”
– by Azhar Masood – 2011-08-31

George W. Bush: Canada Must Bar Entry or Arrest and Ensure Prosecution for Torture
– by Lawyers Against the War – 2011-08-30

Libya: The Greatest Betrayal: Handing Libya over to Al Qaeda
– by Tony Cartalucci – 2011-08-30

VIDEO: 9/11: The Myth and The Reality
Now on GRTV
– by Prof. David Ray Griffin – 2011-08-30

Syrians Fear NATO To Attack Their Country After Libya
– by Oleg Gribkov, Natalya Kovalenko – 2011-08-30

The War on Libya: NATO Uses And Abuses The United Nations. The Role of Russia
– by Konstantin Garibov – 2011-08-30

NATO faces ‘catastrophic success’ in Libya
“Tens of thousands of casualties of innocent civilians, people homeless, huge humanitarian disaster”
– by An Huihou – 2011-08-30

Deadliest month yet for U.S. in Afghanistan
– 2011-08-30

Conference: After 9/11 — Ten Years of War
Montreal September 8
– 2011-08-29

Photo gallery: NATO bombs bring democracy to Europe, Asia and Africa
– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-08-29

The “Liberation” of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands
“Former Terrorists” Join the “Pro-democracy” Bandwagon
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-08-28

The jihadists and NATO work hand in glove. These “former” Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the “pro-democracy” rebellion.

VIDEO: Make No Mistake. NATO is Committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Libya
Exclusive GRTV Report from Tripoli
– by Julian Teil, Mathieu Ozanon, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-08-28

Expose the Lies. This Global Research video was produced and directed in Tripoli by a team of committed journalists, researchers and cameramen.

Cynthia McKinney: WAR KILLS
– by Ron Ridenour – 2011-08-28

Cynthia McKinney will be in Montreal on September 8 for a special commemorative conference on 9/11, together with Michel Chossudovsky, Wayne Madsen and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. For details click here. Please show your support for this project by clicking here.

The Fruits of Elite Immunity
Exonerating Bush Era War Criminals
– by Glenn Greenwald – 2011-08-27

VIDEO: Petroleo: The Oil War Agenda in a Minute
A creative peace initiative, now on GRTV
– by Adrien Gromelle, Juliaon Roels – 2011-08-25

9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-08-24

Americans are bound to the story of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack, because it is what justifies the slaughter of civilian populations in several Muslim countries…

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