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Global Research, May 20, 2017

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“Well, the totally imaginary interior of Saydnaya now – according to US State Dept – has a totally imaginary “crematorium” added to it in which to dispose of all the totally theoretical corpses being generated by the completely unsubstantiated mass-murders. Here is the impressive and plausible Stuart Jones telling us all about it.” (Catte, OffGuardian)

“While painting a picture of torture, neglect, and even mass executions, Amnesty forgot to include any actual evidence to corroborate its claims. The only actual evidence included in a report that otherwise consisted only of alleged interviews and 3D models of the prison made in London, was a picture taken from outer space by an imaging satellite.” (Tony Cartalucci)

Global Research brings to your attention the articles below on another failed attempt by the US in toppling down the Assad regime.

Imaginary Interior of Saydnaya Now Has Imaginary Crematorium – US State Department

By Catte, May 17, 2017

Remember “Saydnaya Military Prison”? It was the subject of enormous media attention a while back on the basis of a “report” from Amnesty International that turned out to have been fabricated in the UK by a virtual reality company “using 3D models, animations, and audio software, based on the admittedly baseless accounts of alleged witnesses who claim to have been in or otherwise associated with the prison.”

US Revives Discredited Syria “Slaughterhouse” Story

By Tony Cartalucci, May 16, 2017

The report’s release and leveraging by the US came just ahead of another round of talks aimed at stemming the catastrophic 6 year conflict. The move by the US was a bid to give Washington and its regional allies extra leverage at the negotiating table. And now – months later – and just when the US is in need of more leverage, the Sednaya story has once again been revived.

Fake News and Fake Intelligence: Another U.S. Attempt to Undermine Negotiations on Syria

By Sophie Mangal, May 18, 2017

According to Jones, the building has been allegedly used by the Syrian authorities to burn the bodies of prisoners died of tortures and inhumane treatment.

As a proof, the U.S. brought the ‘evidence’ of some international organizations and NGOs including Amnesty International which claims 50 prisoners get killed per day.

Fake News “Evidence”: US State Department Admits There Might Be No ‘Assad Crematorium’ in Saydnaya Prison

By News Desk, May 18, 2017

The State Department stated Monday based on international and local NGO reports that the alleged crematorium used to burn the bodies of hundreds of hanged prisoners at a prison run by the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad may not be a crematorium at all.

Syria Dismisses US Accusations About Crematory at Sednaya Prison, Demands The UN to Take Action Against Coalition’s Slaughters of Syrian Civilians

By Samer Hussein, May 18, 2017

Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry dismissed the latest Trmup administration accusations about a crematory at Sednaya prison, which is allegedly being used to cover-up mass executions, saying the US administration is trying to amuse the public with yet another Hollywood-like story.

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