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The Liberation of Aleppo from NATO-backed Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, February 05, 2016
Beijing vs. Washington: The Battle for Southeast Asia. “Free Trade” and US Economic Hegemony By Tony Cartalucci, February 04, 2016
Talisman Battles IEDs in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
US-NATO Invade Libya to Fight The Terrorists of Its Own Creation By Tony Cartalucci, February 02, 2016
Laos: The New Cold War Battleground You Don’t Know About By Tony Cartalucci, February 01, 2016
US Iran
Iran: Lifting Sanctions and Coming Betrayal By Tony Cartalucci, January 27, 2016
The Solution is to Eradicate ISIS and Al Qaeda: Syrian Peace Will Be Decided on the Battlefield, Not in Vienna By Tony Cartalucci, January 22, 2016
Turkey: The Islamic State’s Second Home By Tony Cartalucci, January 18, 2016
The Islamic State (ISIS) Goes to South East Asia, US-Saudi Plague Reaches Indonesia? By Tony Cartalucci, January 16, 2016
Obama in Jakarta. Secret Files: Indonesia's US Backed Special Forces Engaged in "Murder and Abduction"
Jakarta Blasts: ISIS Inc Strikes Again By Tony Cartalucci, January 15, 2016
US Desperately Paints Russia as Villain in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, January 15, 2016
The Crucial Difference Between Donbass and Oregon By Tony Cartalucci, January 10, 2016
Oregon ranchers
Showdown in Oregon between Armed Ranchers and Federal Agents: How to – and How Not to Fight Tyranny By Tony Cartalucci, January 07, 2016
Nimr al-Nimr
Executing Political Opponents: Saudi Arabia’s Growing Body Count By Tony Cartalucci, January 04, 2016
Surreal: West Mourns Death of Al Qaeda Commander in Syrian Airstrike By Tony Cartalucci, January 03, 2016
Aung San Suu Kyi and the Derogation of Human Rights in Myanmar By Tony Cartalucci, December 18, 2015
terror jihad mi5 cops
Islamic State (ISIL) based in Northern Syria: A Wahhabi Colony of Saudi Arabia? By Tony Cartalucci, December 16, 2015
140227-map-crimea-1250_5f00f6012cf34480d5b588e14677df11 (1)
Russia Asserts Sovereignty over Crimea By Tony Cartalucci, December 11, 2015
US war Syria
America’s Creeping War in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, December 08, 2015
Turkey’s Downing of Russia’s Aircraft: Was it Coordinated with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff? By Tony Cartalucci, December 03, 2015
Syrian border
“Humanitarian Supplies” for the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Terror Convoys Halted at Syrian Border By Tony Cartalucci, November 29, 2015
VIDEO: NATO Troops on Syrian Border
US-Turkey Edging Up to Syrian Border. Pretext to Invade, Establish ISIS “Safe Haven” in Northern Syria? By Tony Cartalucci, November 28, 2015
Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? By Tony Cartalucci, November 26, 2015
Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War By Tony Cartalucci, November 24, 2015
Myanmar’s New “Democratic Dictator”: Aung San Suu Kyi By Tony Cartalucci, November 21, 2015
Another 9/11? West Leverages Paris Attacks for Syria Endgame By Tony Cartalucci, November 18, 2015
Paris Attack Novemeber
Confirmed: French Government Knew Extremists “Before” Paris Terrorist Attack By Tony Cartalucci, November 14, 2015
France’s Surveillance Law Amid Terror Created by The French Republic By Tony Cartalucci, November 14, 2015
terror jihad mi5 cops
Attack in France = State Sponsored Terror, But Which State? By Tony Cartalucci, November 14, 2015
Bangkok’s Pivot to Beijing. The Erosion of US-Thai Relations in Favor of China By Tony Cartalucci, November 13, 2015
DNA helix
Big-Pharma Seeks Monopoly Over Life-Changing “Gene Therapy” By Tony Cartalucci, November 12, 2015
EUA na Síria: Ponha um Ponto Final para o “Bombeiro-Incendiário”, “Abertmente Armando, Financiando e Treinando Terroristas” By Tony Cartalucci, November 09, 2015
Obama talks about bombing Syria (this time to fight the insurgents that the US created)
US in Syria: Stopping the “Arsonist-Firefighter”, “Openly Arming, Funding and Training Terrorists” By Tony Cartalucci, November 06, 2015
syria US invasion
America’s Ground War “Against” or “In Support” of The Islamic State? ISIS Supplied Via Turkey, a US Excuse to Seize Syria By Tony Cartalucci, November 03, 2015
syria US invasion
America’s Invasion of Syria. Ground Operations have Commenced By Tony Cartalucci, October 31, 2015
Russia's President Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  shake hands as they meet in Moscow
Russia’s “Bombing” of Syrian Hospitals: The Incredible Expanding Lie By Tony Cartalucci, October 27, 2015
US-Turkey “Buffer Zone” to Save ISIS, Not Stop Them By Tony Cartalucci, October 25, 2015
US Asia-Pacific Hegemony vs. A Rising China By Tony Cartalucci, October 18, 2015
us-syria flags
US End Game in Syria is Just the Beginning for A Wider Regional War? By Tony Cartalucci, October 17, 2015
us-syria flags
The Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK): The US Prepares to Back a New Terrorist Army in Iran, Prelude to a Wider War? By Tony Cartalucci, October 11, 2015
Blast Shakes Ankara Just in Time to Justify NATO Incursion into Syria By Tony Cartalucci, October 10, 2015
The Beast Revealed: US Celebrates Iranian General’s Death at ISIS Hands By Tony Cartalucci, October 10, 2015
America’s Dwindling Power. Your Trip Through the American Empire By Tony Cartalucci, October 10, 2015
ISIS Toyotas
The Mystery of ISIS’ Toyota Army Solved By Tony Cartalucci, October 09, 2015
US Upstaged at UN General Assembly – Who’s to Blame? By Tony Cartalucci, October 02, 2015
Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO’s Proxy War in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, October 01, 2015
US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists By Tony Cartalucci, October 01, 2015
media fail
The Western Mainstream Media Is Dying and Here’s Why By Tony Cartalucci, September 29, 2015
Absurdities and Atrocities: The Threat of World War III
Know World War II, Avoid World War III. US Provocation and Propaganda directed against China By Tony Cartalucci, September 27, 2015
Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc. – America’s Other Al Qaeda By Tony Cartalucci, September 23, 2015
syrian refugees
Social Engineering 101, How to Make a Refugee Crisis: Destruction of All Prevailing Political Orders in the Middle East By Tony Cartalucci, September 13, 2015
Washington Seeks Invasion and Occupation as US and Coalition Fighters Flood Syria By Tony Cartalucci, September 09, 2015
Italian navy rescue asylum seekers
Refugee Crisis to Justify “Humanitarian” Military Intervention and the Creation of “Safe Havens” in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, September 08, 2015
Smoke on a Bridge: Lebanon Awaits a Verdict
Color Revolution 2.0 in Lebanon: From Piles of Trash to Piles of Rubble By Tony Cartalucci, September 05, 2015
“Global Gladio”: NATO Terror Network Reaches into Asia By Tony Cartalucci, September 05, 2015
Has China ALREADY Surpassed the U.S. as the World’s Largest Economy?
Asia: Choosing Between East and West By Tony Cartalucci, September 04, 2015
Confirmed: Washington Intends to “Use” Al Qaeda to “Take Out” Syria and Overthrow the Assad Government By Tony Cartalucci, September 02, 2015
us-syria flags
How the US Can Stop ISIS Without Setting Foot in Syria By Tony Cartalucci, September 01, 2015
“Responsibility to Destroy” (R2D): Total War in Yemen, Humanitarian Catastrophe, Ignored by Western Media By Tony Cartalucci, August 27, 2015
Jane’s Analyst Implicates NATO Terror Group in Bangkok Blast By Tony Cartalucci, August 26, 2015
Obama’s “Pivot to Asia”: US Sponsored Mobs Seek to Overthrow Malaysian Government By Tony Cartalucci, August 24, 2015