Second Nakba: Peace in Palestine Is Not Only Peace in the Middle East But in the World

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Last Wednesday marked the 76th anniversary of the great tragedy of Palestine. A day when hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed and desecrated, their peaceful inhabitants killed or expelled and for what? The crime of Palestinian people was their vulnerability. They could not counter the aggression of Zionist militias. They were the original inhabitants of this Holy Land. They did not believe in any Nazi ideology, they had nothing to do with any crimes against the Jewish people. Muslims, Christians and Jews were living peacefully in this Holy Land. The church, the mosque and wall had coexisted.

Humanity begins at home. A sanctuary that provides love and care to nurture a generation but sadly several generations of Palestinian people have been deprived of this basic human right. A refugee camp can never become a home.

What the world has been witnessing since last October is like a recall of this great tragedy. A second Nakba where Gazans are being deprived of their homes.

Most of our generation has recently become aware of the Palestinian cause but in reality this is a 76 year long continuous tale of unilateral aggression.

This serves as an example of how manipulative our sources of information are and how many other atrocities that are hidden from general human consciousness. We have been chasing one shadow after another with out actually realising our true adversaries.

If we follow the “controlled” trends of our global mainstream media as well as social media, climate crises would be at the top of the list; from academia to the vendors sitting at a tea stall we are discussing this imminent threat, pseudo-representatives of the young generation are cursing the elders for destroying the future but oddly praising the banks for being instrumental in transitioning to an eco-friendly future. The ugly truth is that institutions like World Economic Forum (WEF) and their proposed solutions like carbon exchange will only ensure the ever increasing profits of the mega corporations while the suffering of humanity and environmental pollution will further increase. Climate has always been changing and we need to adapt accordingly. The biggest polluters are the global war machines and the mega corporation, don’t put a humble farmer on the stake. Why are we so gullible? Why have we forgotten about the population crises? How supposedly people would resort to eating each other due to the immense scarcity of food by the early 2000 or how we are all going to die from the beaming radiation penetrating from the gaps in the ozone layer?

The “powers that be” have figured out that fear is the best motivation for masses because we have this “self preservation” instinct that takes charge when we perceive a threat that is deadly.

Carrot or the stick just don’t provide such a kick; any how, there are certain strings that even the people at the very top can’t control. It seems to me that Israel, the illegitimate child of these fearmongers has come under the spotlight. Like a conman, this apartheid state is becoming uncomfortable from this unwanted attention. One of the ugly scars on its hideous underbelly is the Jewish law of return.

Israeli law of return is no law and there is no returning.

It’s an instrument of ethnic cleansing, land grab, loot and plunder.

They are not returning but forcing themselves upon an innocent population.

Law of return is not a Jewish belief but the belief of a fringed minority, an extremist group called Zionists.

They do not represent Judaism. In 1950 this illegality was falsely termed a law, according to which “every Jewish person has a right to Israeli citizenship and a claim to the land of Palestine.”

They had already committed Nakba, displaced millions and settled hundreds of thousands of people but they wanted an instrument for perpetual land grab.

Later on in the 70s this law was amended to make sure only a certain minority might benefit from it.

Judaism is a religion, not a settlement if you follow its ideology you can be a Jew, you don’t have to relocate to follow its teachings.

Moses, peace be upon him, was against the oppressor and struggled for the oppressed, which the Pharaoh is chasing these new age settlers. Rather they are lured by free housing provided by the Zionist lobby.

A movement that started at the end of 19th century cannot claim absolute authority over a religion almost 4,000 years old. Specially when the original inhabitant of Palestine, whether Muslim, Christian or Jew, have more claim over the descent of Israelites then people of Eastern European descent.

There is no doubt in the hardships faced by Jewish people. It is wrong to judge, penalise and punish a community as a whole specially when you’re talking about a group of people with such diversity as the Jewish people.

It sickens me to my core when some ignorant keyboard warriors post pictures of innocent victims of global power politics, people who suffered in the Nazi war camps, they absolutely deserve our sympathy and to celebrate their suffering is incredibly evil.

Hitler and his movement was not based on any religious identity rather it was a nationalistic idealogy based on the superiority of the Arian race.

Like any leader, he tried to use every emotion to his advantage. Germans hate for Jews was based on the biases that most Europeans had against Jewish people but after the loss of the previous war, many Germans blamed the Jewish people for their defeat because it was the Jewish Zionist lobby that brought America into the war against the Germans.

If law of return is a scar, the tumor hiding inside this scar is the Balfour Declaration.

The Balfour Declaration is drenched in so much misery, suffering and deceit that no article can fully explain its treachery.

Germany had the upper hand in the First World War. Its Uboats had surrounded England, if the United States had remained neutral, the outcome of the war would have been much different. When the British crown was under immense burden, a shadowy group of international bankers dictated this declaration and changed the course of history.

So even before the tragedy of the holocaust, this evil plan was conceived to rob the people of Palestine of their homes.

Even though the British government had declared to safeguard the rights of local Palestinian population, Zionists not only attacked the local population they also attacked the hand that fed them.

The Bombing of the King David Hotel

The British administrative headquarters was housed in this building and it’s a known fact that Irgun a Zionist militia was responsible for this attack. They had disguised themselves as Arabs, such acts of terrorism persuaded the British to leave the Holy Land in a haste.

Zionist use of propaganda and deception is evident in the recent escalation. The story of beheaded Jewish babies is a prime example of this deception. They control the global economy and countries like Pakistan are enslaved by a dubious debt so we are reluctant even to verbally condemn the Zionist regime.

We need to become self-reliant in order to support this righteous cause. We should support “made in Pakistan” products and become part of the global BDS movement.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is a way the masses can get the attention of global powers. In our recent history, this BDS movement was instrumental in getting the people of South Africa their basic rights.

Awareness is the key. We should not lose focus of this tragedy.

Gaza, this small strip of land, has been leveled by bombs and innocent civilians are being starved to death. The Zionist are not even letting the much needed humanitarian aid to reach them. They deserve our attention, our sympathy and our loyalty.

If this fire is not contained, it won’t end in Palestine; this fire will engulf every home on this planet. We are not dealing with a fringe minority. It’s a state armed to teeth with nuclear weapons.

Peace in Palestine is not essential for Peace in the Middle East but it is necessary for global peace.

May Allah have mercy on the deceased and help with victims of this Zionist aggression.


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