Rising Euroscepticism Cannot Solve The Eurozone Crisis


Greece is in a terrible situation. It is worse than military occupation, because with a military occupation you see your enemy and it is clear. However, when your own government is doing what foreigners do, it is much worse.

For example, you had President Boris Yeltsin in Russia, who applied the policy that the USA wanted him to apply, and you could not protest even against the USA. So, this is why a military invasion would be, of course, more dramatic, but much better than what is happening now.

I believe that there is an international struggle and one of the battles is for peoples’ minds. It is the equivalent of Stalingrad in 1943. We have to struggle against the empire, which is using deceptions, which is using economic and intellectual power to subjugate human being.

If you believe in God then you believe also in Devil. The destinies of God and the Devil are interrelated. In the last month, we had a visit by the US Ambassador to the European Union. But he wasn’t dealing with the problems of Germany, France, Italy, the relationship between the USA and Europe, or the problems of sanctions with Russia. He was visiting almost every Greek TV station and explaining to us, as a very good friend of Greeks, why we should go out of the Eurozone for our own good.

When I hear such advice, I am getting really afraid. We have seen what Germany has done to our country. They did it “in order to save it”. Now we have the Americans who want to “save” it. Donald Trump said some years ago:

“Germany has to pay for Greece. But if Germany does not want to pay for Greece, Germany has to let Russia pay for Greece”.

But, as we know, we are living in the world of deception, everyone has competition. Politicians usually say something that is opposite of what they mean. You have to inverse their declarations to understand what to do. I hope Donald Trump is an exception. But until he has proved it, I will remain suspicious.

Why do so many people in Europe have a problem with the European Union? They have a problem because this union is not acting in the interests of the European people. It is acting in the interests of its real owners. And who are the real owners? They are hidden, but we know them. They are the huge international banks, huge international corporations, the oligarchy, the elites. These forces have hijacked the idea of European integration and are using it for their own purposes. Nevertheless, leaving the EU and going to the framework of competing nation-states does not mean that we will be free from the elites.

My own personal preference would be for European nations to be able to dominate over these forces and to unite against them. As Charles de Gaulle said: “We need Europe united from the Atlantic to the Urals, so I could move from Ireland to Vladivostok, if you want”. I think that is the direction we should follow.

What can we see now? On the one hand, we see the party of globalization, which has put the European Union under the domination of NATO. On the other hand, the Eurosceptic parties that make a very good critique of the European Union, but do not have any proposal or any plan. But in the case of the European Union, there cannot be a chaotic break-up. There must be collaboration and cooperation between European nations to create a democratic, social, ecological, and independent society. You cannot solve a problem only by speaking about what will be good for one particular country. You have to see a total perspective.

So, in order to find the solution to very complicated European problems, we should have a comprehensive strategy, and that means we have to begin taking back our countries from international finance and from the Americans, because this is not only the case of Greece. Everywhere in Europe, the political elite are in control. The second thing is that we have to take back the idea of European integration from the persons who have hijacked it.

But we do not need to destroy everything just because we do not like it. We have to have a positive program. And the program of the Eurosceptics is not enough. They do not have something to propose, even though they say that the European Union is a very bad structure and I agree 100%. And it is indeed a very totalitarian structure. The question is how and where do we go from here?

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