Pre-emptive Peace. The Current System is Shattered. Is Military Confrontation the Next Option?

Today, the world political situation resembles the conditions that lead to World War II. The Right-wing forces mixed with the fascist elements are gaining in the “democratic” and corrupted elections of Capitalist countries. Brazil is moving toward Fascism, of course with the support of the IMF and Washington.

In the U.S. the White House is occupied by an offensive fascistic minded President. He is known as a fraudulent businessman who like a runaway train terrifies the American people in one way or another.

China and Russia, which once experienced the power of working people for a short time now are in competition with the Capitalist countries for the world market.

Europe is strangled in the web of their own internal problems. The corrupted governments around the world with their brutal police forces in combat gears literally are assaulting their own people furiously and demonstrably on the streets. In almost every country on the map, masses of working people in huge numbers routinely are marching and demonstrating against inequality and injustice. Despite the lack of conscious leadership, people are spontaneously resisting the anti-democratic forces and governments as best they can.

From Yemen to Germany, there are impressive demonstrations for Peace and Justice. The size and commitment of the participants in these phenomenal demonstrations simply show the mood and energy of the powerless working people on the international scale. 

Unprecedented inequality and poverty are the 21st century hallmarks. Having a decent meal or access to clean water has become major problems for homeless and landless families in millions.

The number of innocent people who are victims of natural disasters or directly have been plundered by the greed of a few super wealthy families around the world are rising. The insecure and poor living conditions due to war and anarchy and also unnatural environmental conditions have pushed thousands upon thousands of people to leave their beloved homes and take the excruciating journey to foreign lands in hope of a better future for their children.

Today, the U.S. is the only military power which instigates a serious military conflict. The two party system is helping the 1% in the U.S. control public anger and diverts people’s attention from main social and economical issues. The family feud among the wealthy people in the U.S. has turned those who identify themselves as Democrat or Republican merely to a supernumerary crowd and pawn in the 1% political game.

Hypocritical politicians at the Capitol, while acting foolishly against their “opponents”, are united and unanimous in supporting anti working families legislation. Today the U.S. Congress, as a deceptive body, has zero credibility among the Americans. Yet both major parties have been successful to portray their victory in “elections” to control the Senate or the House as the optimum goal for the American people! Consequently, elections have become the most effective tool of distraction from the reality.The fact is that in the last decades, both parties have already had the majority of both Senate and the House, but while in power didn’t do anything to improve the life of the American people.

Both parties continued the senseless U.S. wars and with their legislative power have helped poverty to grow slowly. These laws have been destroying the edges of American cities like a cancer which the hopeless and homeless people are struggling to survive. This unfortunate reality is happening in the richest country in the world. Other “advanced” countries, more or less have a similar situation.

The 1% is well aware of the people’s discontent with the system, therefore they vigorously pursue policies that are able to censor sources and social media which dare to tell the truth and are informative. In this regard, first they introduced the concept of “Fake News” to dismiss any information that is against the interest of the wealthy and elites. The nightmare of censorship is limiting the right of freedom of speech, progressive and revolutionary thought.

The very ideas which allow working people to organize themselves against the power of corporates and their corrupt politicians. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are afraid of the birth of a THIRD party, a labor party that is truly independent of the ruling class and represent the real needs of the working people such as a robust healthcare system, affordable housing, job security with decent living wages and finally free and progressive education for all.

Naturally the corrupted media in the U.S. had to carry the 1% assault on the freedom of speech through their newspapers, radio stations and TV channels. The aim of the two camps in the media (like Fox News versus CNN and vice versa) is to propagate the same right-wing views of the ruling class while retaining a distinct divided line between the two main parties. Traditionally, the Ladies and Gentlemen of the media act like servants of the 1% – the real owners of the media. Some serve Republicans and some serve Democrats.

In addition to the fictitious “Fake News”, they also have added a new dangerous ingredient into their malicious political plans – that is accusation of violence against each other! While both sides are condemning any types of “violent” act, in fact directly or indirectly, from the President to the elected Representatives, are encouraging their supporters to engage themselves in physical confrontations against their opponents.

Unfortunately, in this chaotic situation, the first causality has been the fate of journalists who have dared to challenge the authorities simply by their written words. Today more than ever, independent journalists around the world – from occupied Palestine to Myanmar – are either locked up or simply have been assassinated. Mr. Assange, an outstanding journalist of our time and Mr. Hussein (Aljazeera’s reporter) who has been jailed in Cairo without charge since 2016 are fighting for the fundamental human rights to communicate from their cells.

Unfortunately, the data on the crime against innocent independent journalists is not available to the public, but against all odds and the savagery of the secret police, these dedicated people of the true media around the world are still shedding lights on corruption and injustice.

In the past 2 years, the “democratic values” in the U.S. have been defined by those who are capable of lying more than others. Despite the daily shenanigans in Washington, the cases of Mr. Kavanaugh and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud have opened the eyes of people around the world that in the court of the “cradle” of democracy the facts are no longer admissible! The U.S. President single handedly exposed the unfairness nature of Justice System in America. Today the U.S. government is defining her policies with the alternative facts!

The reality is that the current system is shattered and any thought of reform is impossible. But is there any alternative to this grim political situation? To answer this question, it is imperative to acknowledge that not all problems are created equal. The world political situation alarms us of the immediate danger of a nuclear war. Most people minimize the danger of a nuclear war in their minds.

However, wars do not start by accident or decision of a “crazy” leader over border disputes. The root of any war in our time grows out of economic uncertainty. The fact is that the victor of World War II no longer has a grip on the World Market. The “surplus value” or as it’s known “Capital Gain” is shifting from the old Capitalist countries to the younger ones! In the U.S. the economy has been reduced to property ownership and managing the gigantic Wall Street casino.

Production and Technical innovation concentration in the U.S. are limited to industries which create Weapons of Mass Destruction. Mr. Trump announcement to withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty is the reflection of this reality.

Furthermore, it is not a secret that sanctions and political pressure on other countries have their own limitations. Sooner or later as President Trump recently has stated until other nations “come to their senses” a military confrontation will be the next option – a war by all means, even a nuclear war. What is the Solution?

Part 2 of this conversation will cover a universal Preemptive Peace Program and the role of true peace activists.


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Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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