Palestine and the World Crisis: The Road Ahead After the Gaza Relief Convoy

In-depth Report:

Palestinian determination, so well articulated by members of the Gaza relief convoy, has  resurrected  the historical saga of the people of Palestine,  once again re- focusisng  our attention  on the colonization of Palestine, as much  as on the recent  re-colonization of parts of the Arab world extending into Central and South Asia, with Afghanistan alone brutally occupied by military contingents deployed  by more than 50  governments supporting  the US-UK led military invasion, with the destiny of the people of Afghanistan sought to be determined at an  International Conference to be  held at London by occupying powers .

Undoubtedly in the Arab world, it is the people of Palestine  who  were one of the most advanced in their political and  intellectual perspective, a characteristic shared by movements   inspired and  organized to resist enslavement. The radical political stream of the Palestinian struggle invited the wrath of conservative and reactionary governments  in the Arab world , in the main  collaborators .Therefore in addition to collective killings and exile forced on the people of Palestine  by the government of Israel, aided and abetted  by the governments of Europe  and North America among others, pursuing a common policy of preying on the region, with Israel as a military outpost; Palestinians  faced discrimination and surveillance from   one Arab country to another, apart from severe economic deprivation and second class status, notwithstanding lip service to Islamic or Muslim solidarity, further exposed by the involvement of Islamic governments as a part of the contingent of occupation forces  and the military bases given to occupying powers even by the UAE . That this is not a civilizational struggle between cultures and religion  is reflected in the treatment of Christians in  occupied Palestine and Iraq and the atrocities being faced by diverse groups of Islamic people in Iraq , in Afghanistan and in Yemen among other countries where  there is collaboration with occupiers.

After the invasion and  occupation of  Iraq  in 2003 to open up the economic space of Iraq for better exploition of oil resources, Palestinian  refugees who had once  been  given asylum in Iraq , faced some of the worst attacks  and were  the first to be displaced  from Baghdad when sectarian warfare and covert attacks by  death squads were  unleashed. Earlier in 1991 theywere imprisoned , tortured and turned out from Kuwait after the withdrawal of Iraqi forces and accused of collaboration .

The reality is that the occupation of  Palestine as a bridgehead for the region , was the strategy of Western oil companies,banks and Financial Institutions among  other Companies, as part of  as the “great game ” of national rivalries ,with policies for  living off the surpluses of  several regions,  including  the Arab world , forging  a compact with Zionism  for this  purpose, while  using the  military resources of their own   political  system to colonize  more than one region , through  military means, a policy  revived when another severe  financial  crisis  commenced in the last quarter of the 20th Century  in North America , followed by  Europe and  thereafter in   the Triad as a whole . As a consequence ,  re-colonization has now been implemented  as  brutally , a continuation  of the policies articulated by Cecil Rhodes among many other think tanks and reactionary  policy Institutes for world wide  seizure of resources and markets .The  recent horrific war on Gaza was an example of renewed brutality for effect in the wider region  which back fired , pulverizing a population already under siege by Israel,  assisted by the blockade from the other side by  Egypt , a policy of using collaborating classes of neighbouring countries for the more complete  enslavement of economic and military strategic regions . Earlier the same strategy had been attempted in Lebanon and defeated by a well organized Resistance dedicated to national liberation with its social and political base in   the working people of Lebanon among others .

The invasion of Iraq is another  example, indicating that countries can once again be re-colonized and subjugated, either by military means or by incorporating comprador classes nominated from   within the country or from emigre circles ,with or without elections.The inciting of fratricidal warfare in Yugoslavia for the breakup of the Republic, to open the economic space of  the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia  was contributed to by the ruling classes of more than one country in a covert alliance . Recent history is replete with examples of governing oligarchies  or privileged groups  and even of  émigrés being  turned into allies and  collaborators , to devour whole societies. Many erstwhile communist and socialist countries have succumbed to this strategy of global finance capital  in  the name of economic reforms, with the party  bureaucracies transformed  overnight  into  oligarchs.

The present  reality responsible for the emergence of a new spirit of independence of societies ready to brave all odds , defying fear and  the serious  attempt to breakout of the encirclement  among the Palestinians and many other movements and societies,   is  directly related not only  to the financial  collapse of economic centres but to   the military reverses visible in the face of Resistance movements of the  region  facing occupation ,including in Iraq, in Lebanon ,  in  Afghanistan , spreading to Somalia , Yemen and Latin America ,  which has  considerably weakened the erstwhile  citadels , even as these citadels face revolt from their own citizens, gradually pauperised or fed into the military machine .

Yet fascist systems never surrender unless overwhelmed is a lesson of the history of the 20th Century whether in Europe, the Americas or in Asia .The recent  targeting of the citizens of so many  countries for racial profiling in so called ‘Security Checks’ is in reality a list of societies sought to be taken over by military means , coloured revolutions or otherwise, for regime change; a propaganda  ploy to prepare the ground for the take over of regions with economic and geopolitical objectives . Similarly the attempt to muzzle media channels on one pretext or another, despite the fact that it is BBC and CNN who are actually culpable of carrying on inimical propaganda against other countries, is with the same purpose , to prevent the reality of aggression and occupation from reaching the citizens and soldiers of governments ,whose ruling classes are resorting to seizure of resources of other societies .

The weakening of the heart of the financial centre of the system is now a reality. The political,  economic and what is more the grave  moral crisis of the dominant system  can no longer be swept away or concealed.Not even by the former  CEO  of Shell now a  member of a group  of NATO  Experts, advising the  military pact ; nor by Lloyd’s the world’s leading Insurance Company ,despite the  fervent rhetoric of Lloyd’s Chairman  at a NATO strategic conference  in the UK, on the “MYRIAD OF DETERMINED AND DEADLY  THREATS ” that require daily  NATO intervention .

While new manufacturing and investment platforms and markets have been acquired by those responsiblefor the strategy of NATO  and those incorporated into the alliance , people everywhere are restive and have lost faith in their future in these systems, as observed by the Secretary General of the United Nations in an interview to the Guardian  when the financial collapse of the leading Banks and Financial Institutions commenced  ,as he was alarmed  at what he  correctly perceived as the dilemma of many governments in containing the unrest.

Mr. Galloway ‘s spirit and that of all the members of the Gaza relief convoy is to be emulated and admired. It was necessary, the visible acts of solidarity with the people of Palestine, to  expose the inhuman and criminal blockade of Gaza and of  the entire people of Palestine and to attempt to defeat  the blockade. However,the people of Palestine as of all regions occupied, will have to discern the machinations of those governments and people who while paying lip service to their cause , including in  neighbouring countries , continue to  have military and other covert  arrangements with the  countries in occupation  and  with their Oligopolies , the Companies, who are the real architects of the occupation or policies of apartheid of peoples and races and of  religious or sectarian warfare by death squads  and the occupation of Palestine .For real change, a scientific construct and and on the ground political strategy  will be necessary by people, to ensure the present and   future of  civilization , as the biggest casualty  in this period is the sanctity of  human life itself  . The people of Haiti, even before this enormous tragedy resulting from the massive earthquake , have been enslaved, liberated , colonized and re-colonized yet again,  denied the right to form their own government , terrorized by UN peacekeepers and now directly by US marines , with  urgent relief convoys being obstructed as  the airport is  being occupied by US forces  , with  even the French government protesting .

The accumulation of millions, billions and trillions in profits, speculation or bonuses,  has come at  a price  which the planet and its inhabitants can no longer pay , which is  the desertification of whole economies, with no answers in sight . As a consequence of the subsidies  paid out to millionaires and billionaires from public funds, directly or indirectly, the tributes paid by all  including  alliance partners to the hitherto  global reserve currency,  the financing of successive wars from the public exchequer and the hiring of contractors and mercenaries apart from standing armies;   many  erstwhile  financial and economic success stories are now  being  reduced to dust bowls, with sovereign debt defaults by more than one country and by  regional government in Federal States  a certainty , with millions unemployed and worse ahead ,notwithstanding the manipulation of statistics by rating agencies who have lost their credibility .

The International alliances during this contemporary period are on the one hand  between   those who stand for the military and economic conquest of societies and  those who finance wars and occupation  seeking covert benefit , while on  the other side of the divide   are   those who are  opposed to the seizure of the economic resources of other  societies by military or other means.

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