“Never Again is Now Global” Documentary by Vera Sharav: The COVID-19 – Holocaust Comparison

Part VI of a 6-part series

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This is the sixth and final post in a six-part review of the documentary film called Never Again Is Now Global.

The series is structured as follows:

1. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 1

2. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 2

3. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 3

4. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 4

5. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 5

6. The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 6 – Conclusion (this post)

  • Parts 1 to 5 Recap
  • Series Conclusion
  • Dedication
  • Full Series eBook of The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison



The Covid-19 – Holocaust Comparison, Part 6 – Conclusion

Parts 1 to 5 Recap 

Part 1 of this six-part series presented the documentary film under review, Never Again Is Now Global, and the methodology to examine its merits from an independent and objective lens.

For this, key claims (shown hereunder) from each episode of the documentary film are presented and evaluated. Here is what has been examined thus far:

Series Conclusion

On January 30, 2023, a five-part documentary series called Never Again is Now Global premiered.

The film, produced by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, highlights the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies and mandates related to Covid-19.

Each part of the series lasts about an hour and is filled with poignant testimonies and captivating visuals along with observations and claims made by participants about various abuses suffered by billions around the globe during the pandemic.

This author embarked on a mission to objectively review some of these key claims, setting aside the rhetoric and drama of the film itself, instead focusing on the facts about the events and measures surrounding the pandemic in order to arrive at the truth on these matters.  

In all, 12 claims brought forth by participants in the film were reviewed for their veracity and accuracy by thorough examination of supporting evidence.

The range of topics about these claims are listed in the previous section of this post (Parts 1 to 5 Recap).

All claims but one proved to be completely true, and the supporting evidence is quite undeniable.   

The only claim that wasn’t entirely proven true is that of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko about how the Covid-19 vaccinations were causing the equivalent of AIDS in patients. While this particular claim had some backing from scientific data and literature, as was outlined in Part 2 of this review series, more research is needed into the subject to fully substantiate it.

When we set aside the melancholic tone and rhetoric of the documentary, the overall substance of its subject matter remains mostly true and honest.

Despite the events of the Holocaust and the Covid-19 Pandemic being nearly eight decades apart, the comparisons are uncannily similar.

The level of technology may have changed since, but the concepts and tactics are the same.

FEAR and PROPAGANDA, in particular, have been employed with great skill and deception during both periods.

In the years leading up to World War II, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party created the Propaganda Ministry which took control of film, radio, theatre, and the press.

The Propaganda Ministry aimed further to control the content of news and editorial pages, handing down instructions to editors and journalists.

Newspapers in Germany printed cartoons that used antisemitic caricatures to depict Jews in a negative light.

We can easily compare how the mainstream Western press has similarly fomented copious amounts of fear at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic and propagated consistent, single-sided narratives regarding pandemic measures and the so-called “safety and efficacy” of the Covid-19 vaccines throughout the debacle.

Moreover, a large part of the mainstream press ran articles which vilified people who chose to not be subject to the experimental vaccinations, often labelling them “anti-vaxx” or “anti-vaxxers” who “don’t believe in science,” as the Canadian Prime Minister often uttered. They also regularly shamed and ostracised medical doctors who questioned the efficacy and safety of these novel experimental treatments, rather than giving them an opportunity to present their legitimate concerns.

On television and via social media outlets, entertainers and celebrity figures also chimed the same narratives, rarely deviating from the established orthodoxy.

During the Nazi era of WWII, MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION was performed on Jews and other minorities as eugenics disguised as science – which was really pseudoscience.

Similarly, but on a much larger scale, medical experimentation was at the forefront of with billions of citizens across the globe serving as unsuspecting guinea pigs during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Most were psychologically manipulated or coerced into taking highly unproven and experimental mRNA technologies which were not even technically vaccines even though cheaper, safer, and more effective drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were available for treatment of the Covid-19 disease.

In Part 1 of this review series, it was hypothesized, through a Canadian researcher’s work, that the number of deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines worldwide could amount to around 13 million – more than twice the amount of deaths attributable to the Holocaust from WWII (and nearly double the actual deaths attributable to the Covid-19 disease).

Whether this figure eventually proves to be valid certainly remains to be seen. Time will tell. Regardless, the sheer number of individuals who have died or suffered serious adverse effects from taking the experimental “vaccines” is enormous and is most likely to grow as months and years pass by.

Many of the health institutions (such as the CDC & FDA), hospitals and their leaders (such as Dr. Anthony Fauci) around the world have proven themselves to be far too obliging in support of the financial interests of pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson

Though it was not a claim that was explored in this review series, the film Never Again is Now Global touched upon the subject of FASCISM and how corporate giants such as Ford and General Motors (GM), IBM, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, and Dupont profited from the war and contributed and even enabled the atrocities committed against the Jewry.

The series also outlines the fascist parallels that are occurring today. Not only are pharmaceutical giants in on the action, but also hoards of private enterprises that are benefitting from the Covid-19 gravy train.

Part 2 of this review series focused on the symbiotic relationships between private corporations, governments, and public institutions for profit-making and the aggrandizement of power and control.

Some of the principal power players involved in these fascistic endeavors include the likes of members of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization (WHO), and United Nations with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   

The promise of gargantuan profits and the enlargement of power are central to this corporate takeover which takes the form of biomedical/pharmaceutical products, Digital IDs, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), vaccine passports, increased surveillance and censorship, among other power grabs.  

Finally, EUGENICS figures among the major arcs and parallels between the Holocaust and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Part 3 of this review series was the longest of the lot and focused on three main aspects of the Eugenics Movement: its origins, the quest for the purest and fittest of human species – what we now refer to as transhumanism, and biowarfare.

As was explored, thoroughly documented and evidenced, the origins of the Eugenics Movements has its ideological roots from the elites and tycoons of Britain and the United States. Hitler’s Germany espoused and imported their lethal methods so as to more systematically exterminate Jews and other races they deemed as inferior stock, or breed.

In the 20th century, organisations largely funded by the industrialists’ so-called philanthropic foundations emerged to further accelerate the depopulation of the unwanted classes by means of access to birth control, abortion, sterilisation, and vaccines.

While claiming that the Eugenics agenda is continuing to this day may, at prima facie, appear far-fetched or even absurd, there is plenty of evidence to confirm that it is occurring at an accelerated pace, not the least of which includes plummeting fertility rates which are particular steep in African nations – the main targets of “global health” (which really means eugenics) by foundations of the billionaire classes, many of which have been exposed in Part 5 of this series.

And while it is still early to tell just how much of the carefully planned biowarfare methods that were used against the global population during the Covid-19 Pandemic have resulted in the extermination of relatively healthy people, the global scale at which it is occurring is rather alarming.

The silver lining in this monumental Covid-19 plot – with all its fear porn, mandates, diktats, and malevolence – is that people have risen up, resisted, and are rejecting unlawful and immoral commands which seek to shred their God-given freedoms and human dignity.

“It’s a race between enslavement and expansion of global human consciousness,” stated Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in the Never Again Is Now Global trailer.


This work is dedicated to all the lost souls who have suffered the ultimate fate of Covid-19 as well as all the courageous persons who have never lost their integrity and common decency to speak out about abuses. These include nurses and doctors such as Dr. Daniel Nagase, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, Dr. William Makis, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, along with many others. It also dedicated to truth warriors such as Steve Kirsch, Karen Kingston, Peter Halligan, Prof. Patrick Provost, former Ontario Provincial Police investigator Vincent Gircys, and Christian Leray from Réinfo Covid Québec.

Full Series eBook of The COVID-19 – Holocaust Comparison

I have compiled all six parts into a single PDF eBook which can be downloaded either by clicking this link or the image hereunder.

I hereby release this 188-page eBook into the Public Domain but ask that all its contents including hyperlinks be preserved in its entirety.

Please share far and wide.


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This article was originally published on Dan Fournier’s Inconvenient Truths.

Dan Fournier is from Canada. After having worked for over 35 years in the education sector, 22 as a teacher (including at the collegiate level), he has recently transitioned into investigative journalism. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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