Minneapolis Uprising: COVID and the American Ruling Class Are the Source of Violence. Trump Thanks Law Enforcement Shooter in Advance

It is imperative to realize that what is happening in Minneapolis and other cities throughout the U.S. is not only a revolt against the police brutality but also an indication of the potential uprising against an unbearable political and economical situation that the working people in the U.S. have been enduring for decades which has been intensified by the coronavirus crisis. 

The fascistic minded President Trump (who has been inciting violence against his opponent throughout his presidency) did not waste time directing the “Officers of Law” with a simple tweet that

“These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd … when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

So Mr. Trump is “thanking” law enforcement shooters in advance. He also threatens the protestors outside of the White House “with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons”. This ferocious perspective is the source of VIOLENCE in the U.S. today; which is proudly echoed by a fascistic minded President from the White House. Unleashing the “vicious dogs” against protestors; kneeling on the neck of already handcuffed people (the favorite practice of the Israeli police and military) is nothing new in the U.S.  However, it is the first time in the history of this country that this type of savagery is encouraged outright by an American President.

Those so-called “Black leaders and preachers” who suggest that it is time to “come together in peace” and start a “dialogue” are nothing but opportunists who have lost their magic wands. The pitiful politicians like St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms are hiding behind the “teachings” of Jesus or Dr. King to only serve and protect the interest of the wealthy elite in their cities against the poor working people. They have become the new favorite Democrat stooges among many other Black Trump lovers at Fox News!

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The spontaneous demonstrations have shown that the Democratic Party has no control over these protests. The sad and boring message by Vice-President Biden in regard to the killing of George Floyd was another pathetic and failed attempt to win the Black community’s trust and vote for the coming Presidential Election. People still remember that Eric Garner was choked to death in 2004 by police when Mr. Biden was the Vice President of the first and only Black President in the White House. So in regard to the killing of George Floyd; Mr. Obama’s “we can and must be better” statement on May 29, 2020 at best is hypocritical.

Now that people in huge numbers are demonstrating their outrage in many forms and in many words, the clueless pundits (mostly in the comfort of their homes) have become the preachers for peace!

The corporate media suddenly forgot their constant gleeful reports from Hong Kong which showed the young demonstrators who threw bricks and petrol bombs at the police. They justified those actions in support of the pro-democracy movement against China! Now, that the same scenario is happening on streets of America, the Democratic Party politicians along with Trump’s loyal servants no longer think that the Hong Kong model is appropriate for showing outrage!

In any case, more than anything else, the corporate media is reflecting the fear of the American ruling elite of the genuine outrage of the poor working people in the U.S. which is growing like a wildfire.

The true peace and justice activists, the revolutionary socialists don’t see themselves as sideline critics but conscious participants. They suggest and advocate objective historical working people solutions and not the subjective “good versus evil” divine verses. They understand the main source of violence is the wealthy ruling class who has burned entire cities and people in Japan and Iraq. The true activists have no illusion that any revolt will sooner or later come to its conclusion. Therefore, the true activists advocate for the unity of the community organizations to rally around specific demands. Those diverse and vital demands must come from the heart of the community and independent of the influence of billionaires’ founded organizations and the Democratic Party.

The 1% is organized and equipped with the most brutal and destructive forces. They easily can sacrifice many of their servants like the killer Officer Derek Chauvin if they feel it would pacify the demonstrators. The true activists know that police brutality will not end with sentencing one or two killer police. More importantly, all true activists know wholeheartedly that a Death Penalty option which has been suggested by some will legitimize the death penalty against poor innocent victims of all races. The outstanding work of the great people of the Innocent Project shows that the victims of the U.S. unjust system who have been exonerated are the poor minorities.

Social science like any other field of science is the progress of a proven phenomenon in deed. Therefore, in different societies, the wealthy elite in power will try their own way to deal with their internal and “foreign” challenges. In the U.S., the “most powerful man in the world” actually is a simple bankrupt fascist armed with the most destructive arsenal in the world. So for a weak and frustrated leader like President Trump who is facing intense internal and international challenges, the best way out of this critical political and economical situation is igniting a war. Historically, WAR has been the best solution for the powerful but frustrated ruling classes. That is why President Trump and Mr. Pompeo continuously are propagating anti-China bizarre statements as the main enemy of the American people to prepare public opinion for outright war against that country.

Today (May 31st) is the 6th day that the American people have shown their outrage in different ways since Memorial Day when an innocent George Floyd was murdered in public by a coldblooded murder cop.  The fact is that the Trump administration and Congress do not like to see the multiracial demonstrators protest peacefully or not. The 1% is in agreement to crush these demonstrations as soon as possible by any means necessary. Killing, injuring and arresting protestors or reporters are on their agenda. Police and politicians see the “looting” and “burning” as blessings. In most cases, they send their own provocative agents (as they have done this before through COINTELPRO Project by FBI since 1956) to excite protestors and create chaos.

True activists seek for POLITICAL solutions independent of the Democratic and Republican Parties and reject their agents among their ranks. What is needed is a list of demands which must come out of discussions among the activists and concerned working people of the different communities.


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Massoud Nayeri is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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