Israel Supports Al Qaeda Operatives in Syria

This is the third attack recently. Now nobody can say Israel stands aside. The conflict in Syria spills over the national borders to encompass other international actors.

Israeli aviation hit a target in the North-West of Damascus. 300 are killed and wounded as a result; dozens of military warehouses are destroyed. Overall 43 military targets are struck, including the headquarters of 43 the army division, underground bunkers storing Scud missiles, the positions of 104th and 105th brigades (where Iranian advisors were located), and a military research facility. 18 aircraft are reported to take part in the operation. Magnitude 5.4-strong earthquake shook the area after the most powerful explosion.

The fact that Israel sides with the forces of terror appears to be something out of ordinary. It’s a long time since Israel started to use terrorist methods against Palestinians, but there have been no reports on their cooperation with Al Qaeda as yet… Israel is second to none fighting terrorists; nobody can match its HUMINT capabilities.

And now, they strike from flanks in support of militants terrorizing Syria’s population. What goal is pursued? Eliminating Syrian Scud missiles with chemical (sarin gas) warheads, capable to strike Israeli territory? But Syria had no intention to attack the neighboring state being itself plunged into the quagmire of terrorists-led insurgency.

So what is behind the Israeli aggression? Israel understands Damascus will abstain from retaliation as long as it can. It’s not the right time for combat beyond the national borders. It realizes it and strikes without mercy. It even ignores the fact that Carla Ponte, a leading member of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, said says there are «strong concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof that Syrian rebels have used the nerve agent sarin».

Israel is on the way of taking the axe of war and there are quite different reasons for that.

The following reports are noteworthy: the Pentagon has come up with a number of action plans to intervene into the Syrian conflict… Obama says he has no intention to take a military action while there is no evidence that Syria uses chemical weapons, but still he has issued a «serious warning» to Syrian leadership.

So, what are the options offered by the Pentagon?

1. Expansion of arms supplies to the rebels.

But they get arms from different sources and it has not turned the tide of war. True, the United States may start deliveries of up-to-date anti-tank, portable air defense and communication systems to change the situation as time goes by.

2. Surgical strikes

High-precision air strikes may send a message with a warning against the use of weapons of mass destruction by Syrian government. Sea-based cruise missiles launched outside the territorial waters could be used for the purpose.

3.Air war.

According to the Pentagon, Syria doesn’t have a cutting edge air defense, predominantly it possesses obsolete Soviet systems, like SA-22, SA-26. The close range Panzir-S-1 is a modern one, but none of these weapons pose a challenge for NATO. According to expert Sean O’Connor, Syria cannot counter contemporary high-precision strike weapons and electronic warfare systems. Still, an intervention should be preceded by strikes against the country’s air defenses. NATO aircraft can enter the country’s air space only after radars, launching pads and communications are out of function.

4. No-fly zone

According to the Pentagon, the Turkey based Patriot air defense systems could be used for the purpose.

5. Air borne operation to secure critical infrastructure objects.

As one can see, the Pentagon has foreseen everything except the talks between the belligerents. Washington and the allies are reluctant to see any kind of negotiation process. They have their own reasons: the Assad government has proved its survivability, it will gain from armistice. The «dogs of war» are not interested in any seize-fire. They get money for killing people. If a lull takes place, some of them will move to where they’ll be paid for committing daily terrorist acts, places like Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

All the scenarios have one goal – to pour fuel into the fire. US State Department deputy spokesperson Patrick Ventrell has said that Washington is intent on boosting non-military aid to Syrian opposition. He stresses, it’s non-military. As to him, the US sent the first medical and food aid package directly to the Syrian Supreme Military Council. The aid is to be expanded and diversified; the talks are on the way to make precise priority items. All these facts make clearer the motives behind Israel’s hostility. It wants to have it over and done with the Assad’s regime. Air strikes are to provoke tensions and push Washington to taking a final decision. The international forces will be drawn into the fray.

The Syrian armed forces gradually push the terrorists away, no matter the terror forces are backed up by an anti-Syrian international conspiracy. They get everything they need in any quantity: arms, money, and manpower. Thousands of people perish in the terrorists-sparked fire. It’s high time the activities against the Syrian people are to be qualified as genocide. The death toll is over 70 thousand; no end of the slaughter is in sight. But the United Nations and other international organizations are not in a rush to put an end to ongoing genocide. The reason is simple: the Syrian government cannot be blamed for the slaughter, it didn’t start it, and it doesn’t provide aid to the terrorist gangs penetrating the country’s territory from neighboring states.

Raising the issue of genocide means asking a question: who is behind it. That’s when confusion starts. International bodies have no guts to state it straight that Turkey shoulders the burden of providing the Free Syrian Army with all it needs and fuels the fire by doing so. Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay for arms supplies destined to the rebels, so they are behind the genocide, being responsible for the deaths of dozens of thousand people. No guts because Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are linked to the US foreign policy pursuing the overthrow of Bashar Assad. That’s what is behind the strange maneuvers of the West, which is not able to make the Syrian opposition sit at the round table and stop bloodshed.

In reality, the United States and NATO encourage the genocide of Syrian people; it will become even more obvious in future.

Articles by: Dmitriy Sedov

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