“Israel Firsters” on Parade in Chuck Hagel Nomination


Only the most extreme Likudnik could regard Chuck Hagel as anything but a rock-solid, and implacable friend of Israel. Except for the fact of his saying, at one time, that he was a Senator from the United States of America, and not the state of Israel — that has obviously been questioned. And so, for that “egregious” and “insurmountable sin/error” he is being driven through the coals. No doubt, that brownie points will be earned for those who go the furthest — in gumming up the works for the Defense Secretary nomination — with extensive senatorial anachronistic/byzantine/archaic, and furthermore small-minded maneuvering.

Why Obama, who is as much a tool of the lobby as anyone, has nominated Hagel is an absolute mystery. Hagel may be about as good a friend to Israel as anyone, but he is; of course, not being perceived in many corners that way. So there seems to be some risk for the congenitally/serially timid Obama, in offering up Hagel as his Secretary of Defense nominee. Perhaps Obama is retaliating against Bibi Netanyahu (for his support of Romney in the presidential campaign), this is unlike Obama; however, who typically has no chutzpah, stick-to-itiveness, courage, mettle, wherewithal or spine though. Obama’s modus operandi rather is to typically “lead” from the rear. Better off not to get his hands dirty, apparently, or at least wait until the last minute, to engage in such “burdensome deeds”.

What happens to those who do not show the requisite fealty to the state of Israel (and the Israel lobby), has been well documented by the former Congresswoman from Georgia Cynthia McKinney. Redistricting, via the assistance of the ostensibly civil rights Anti-Defamation League, was a tool used in dislodging the venerable Congresswoman; cancelling fundraisers that the lobby would have conducted on her behalf; and smearing her as palling around with “fringe” Jewish elements — all coalesced in her disreputable ouster. These tribulations were leveled upon her for failing to sign a pledge in support of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (which is illegal under international law), vowing to vote in favor of the United States ensuring Israeli military superiority over its neighboring adversaries, and agreeing to consistently vote in support of the economic aid that Israel deigns. According to McKinney the pledge has since been replaced by a written paragraph — from all congressmembers and senators — that is analogous to the aforementioned (now retired) one.

The exceptional Congresswoman was succeeded by a rather erudite man who thinks that islands can capsize — owing to their overpopulation! But undoubtedly, he duly states his morning oath to the Israeli lobby every day! In other words, what stands in for free, and/or critical thinking when it comes to the “special relationship” between the United States of America, and its “indispensable ally” the state of Israel. This would appear to be a privileged issue over education, war, peace, the general welfare, the overly extensive “defense”/military budget, massive corporate tax evasion, the wealthy paying their fair share, the continued lack of universal health care in America (which Obamacare won’t change), the seemingly ever-growing inequality in America today, and the evisceration of private sector unionization concomitantly with that of the American manufacturing base. Additionally, any number of other issues could be named of which the alleged special relationship, seems to be a burning priority over them.

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has said, “America and the Constitution will be safe the day Cynthia McKinney or a similar person is president of the United States. Until then, we are in great peril.” Chuck Hagel is certainly far-flung from the character of a leader like Cynthia McKinney (and he is of course not being considered for president), but among the atrophied minds of the moribund and ossified career politicians in Washington, he may be a cut above — the garden variety individual — among that sordid breed! For not accepting some of the bromides, and imposed articles of faith of our “utmost” politicians in Washington he appears to undergoing a certain kind of crucifixion! The irony should not be lost that he is experiencing this exceedingly astringent thrashing; coincidentally, by many of the same people, who claim to be devout and pious adherents of Jesus of Nazareth.

My jury is still out about Chuck Hagel, I am certain that he is not a panacea — a salve, however, he might be. The devolved, retrograde, stolid and imperceptive minds of many of the Israel Firsters that overwhelmingly populate the United States Congress undeniably cannot see things this way. And so for that they will make an example out of the former Nebraska Senator! He will eventually be confirmed in my opinion, though, but the dark hearts that are allied against him, will defend the foreign diktats that they adhere to with immense glee! They will go down shrilly; for certainly, but it looks like — when it is all sown up — they will go down (accordingly) inelegantly too.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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