Inauguration Day: Fools and the Devil Against Donald Trump

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With just two days until President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration and an unprecedented divisiveness grips America and much of the world. Never in modern history has an incoming president been confronted by such hate, vehement fear mongering, propaganda, and undue negativity. The foul stench of something decidedly wrong now permeates Washington D.C., and everybody can smell it. Fake dossiers, an empowered generation gnashing their teeth, all of Hollywood boycotting? If Satan were being inaugurated less people would be in a tizzy. And maybe this is the point.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made the case better than anyone this week when he said “Trump’s attackers are worse than prostitutes”. Demonized like no leader in history, Putin understands all too well the depths to which his western opponents will sink to further their agendas, and it is that agenda that is at the crux of all the anti-Trump fiasco. Much has been made of the evident mutual respect Trump and Putin exhibit.

The “fake news” that is western mainstream media today has created meme on top of viral meme propagandizing a so-called Trump-Putin “bromance”, but somehow the negativity of such a potential friendship has not caught fire, at least not in the way the necons and far left of America wanted. Trump and Putin have a sort of armor coating that protects from slings and arrows like this. I think that most people understand inherently something that Mr. Trump said on Twitter recently:

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only “stupid” people, or fools, would think that it is bad!”

Trump, by his own PR team’s admission, is a genius on Twitter. Unlike 99% of celebrities and almost all politicians, the president-elect understands real time engagement and the credibility it affords. The man simply comes off as genuine, but more importantly as a typical American who just happens to be rich. This statement is the most telling and intelligent foreign policy remark in half a century. It begs the question; “Exactly who told you America and Russia should be fighting?” My question for readers is exactly this. The answer is pointedly obvious, don’t you agree?

Taken from the perspective of “who is against and why”, Donald Trump is a fascinating case. Assuming he is right, and that American needs to be made great again, the people opposing clearly want the opposite. Let’s look at what is the biggest rub against him, or the allegation he is sexist, or racist. Excuse me, that’s pretty much it isn’t it? His opposition harps and harps about his wanting to solve the “illegal aliens” problem. Focus on “illegal” if you will. As for allegations he is some kind of sexist pig, there is no more proof than there was for Barack Obama fanny watching and flirting with everything in a skirt (or Hillary Clinton pant suit). Then there is the Russia connection, the fake dossier, and Obama administration intelligence personnel briefing the world using “maybe” as hard evidence. Back Mr. Trump’s Twitter assertion, “What kind of fools believe a friendship with Russia is bad?”

On Friday thousands of so-called anti-Trump protestors will try and muck up a presidential inauguration. What should be a celebration of America’s ultimate right to choice, will be marked by whatever Machiavellian mischief those who supported this anti-Russia war can contrive. Trump’s supporters will no doubt be hurt at how far their countrymen will go to perpetuate disastrous policies and foreign relations. But what is most sickening for me is the aggressiveness, the outright meanness, selfishness, and the blatant stupidity of some of my countrymen. Even before taking office, Trump has not only Tweeted about a pragmatic approach to US-Russia relations, he’s stood up to some of the most powerful corporations and lobbyists on Earth.

First the Carrier deal promised hundreds of Americans jobs, and a trend toward “buy American” again. Then Ford promised to cancel a Mexico plant and to invest $700 million in a Michigan factory. Then When Toyota announced plans for a Mexico plant to ship cars to the US, Trump said “no”, a huge tax would follow. Next, Fiat Chrysler announced plans to invest $1BILLION in Michigan and Ohio plants, adding 2000 jobs. Then Trump hit German carmakers upside their heads promising a 35% for their Mexico endeavors in favor of US plants. These and others of his campaign promises are being kept before he sets foot in the White House! My question now is; “What kind of fools are against Trump if he can repair America’s industries and create high paying jobs?”

Finally, Donald Trump has sent the message clearly that NATO is obsolete. A military organization to defend against “nobody” is something to be done away with. The people of America and all NATO nations pay trillions of dollars to defend against an enemy that never attacks? Our anti-Trump Cold Warriors and empowered special interests will argue of course: Russia, Iran, ISIL, China and tiny North Korea are deadly threats! On those accounts NATO is first and foremost useless, for ISIL has killed from Paris to Brussels to Berlin, Turkey, and anywhere they saw fit to murder. As for Russian aggression, the assertion of this is moronic. What would Russia do with more land and more mouths to feed? Vladimir Putin’s people do not need more land or resources, and Europe has nothing to offer beyond a billion people under various forms of socialism. Russia invade Europe? Greece to Moldova, the people should only hope so.

If Satan were being inaugurated, only Trump supporters would complain. What’s more, even though they are called names like “redneck”, “deplorable”, “racist”, and woman beaters, I am sure their protests would be more civilized and classy. Of course if Satan had been elected, rich movie starts and big shot pop singers could have shined brightly January 20th, but the Devil did not win. Thank goodness for Donald Trump.

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