Global Warfare: Where will Obama Strike Next? “Preplanned Wars” will lead to “Preplanned “Results”

While promoting his book on October 3, 2007 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco California, former four star general, NATO Supreme commander, politician, hawk, and 2004 presidential candidate Wesley Clark stated in a surprisingly significant speech that the neocons had committed a “policy coup” and took over the direction of American policy but forgot to notify the rest of the country.

Clark went on to say that he met with Donald Rumsfeld in the Pentagon ten days after 9/11. He added that on that same day he also met with an officer from the joints staffs who discussed with him and attempted to show him a classified memo issued by the secretary of defense’s office that called for invasion and destruction of governments in seven countries (besides Afghanistan) in the near East and Africa in a five year period. According to Clark, these countries listed in the memo were Sudan , Syria , Libya , Lebanon , Iraq , Somalia , and Iran .[1].

In addition, Clark connected this classified memo to another meeting he had with Paul Wolfowitz in the Pentagon in 1991, when Mr. Wolfowitz was the undersecretary of defense for policy (number 3 position in pentagon) and after the first invasion of Iraq by the US in Desert Storm. Clark edified that Mr. Wolfowitz wasn’t satisfied with keeping Saddam in power at that time. However, he allegedly told General Clark that the US learned an important lesson during Desert Storm. The moral of the lesson was that the US can use their military power in the Middle East and the Russians won’t intervene or stop them. In addition, Wolfowitz allegedly pontificated to Clark that they had about 10 years to clean up those old soviet client regimes like in Syria , Iraq , Iran , etc, before another great super power emerges and challenges them. [1].

Clark’s 2007 speech was eerie in a sense that it clearly illustrated the plan to reshape the Middle East has been at work for many years. The vision of Oded Yinon is unraveling, and the Arab Spring is far from being a spring where life is rejuvenated, but instead it is a path to the underworld and to the total destruction of the entire region.

One of the nagging questions would be why has Russia never interfered or objected to the US military interventions in that region as claimed by Wolfowitz?

A possible answer would be is that post Soviet Russia became the ill and feeble patient of Eurasia who always was dependent on capitalist money, and has become satisfied with being a spectator who is rewarded with any bones or carcasses that the West will throw their way.

Ironically, The alleged Arab Spring widened beyond the seven countries mentioned in the Pentagon’s 2001 classified memo, and apparently became more comprehensive to ensure that new boundaries for every country in the region are remolded. President Obama, Nobel peace prize winner seems committed to complete his predecessor’s job, and to the cause of restructuring the Middle East and North Africa .

Subsequently, Mubarak of Egypt had to go just like the Shah of Iran did after years of loyalty to his Anglo-America bosses. The time is right for the old CIA allies “the Muslim Brothers” to be finally appointed as rulers of Egypt . I am certain that Mr. Obama’s administration and the intelligence agencies will eventually facilitate a bogus election in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood will win in a landslide making Egypt the new extremist Sunni state that will empower the Sunnis all over the region. Backed by American-Saudi money Egypt will take a stand against the extremist Shiite state of Iran . Meanwhile, the Saudis will applaud once again the destruction of another secular Arab State that was the cradle of Arab Nationalism during the reign of the late Gamal Abdel Nasser who was also opposed by the Saudis as their competitor to the leadership of the region.

Pan Arabism is a thing of the past while Islamism will be the future for the region. Fundamentalism is essential for globalization and balkanization of nations. That is clearly why the US and their allies have worked hard for years to finance fundamentalism in the US and abroad, while providing opposite rhetoric against it in the media.

Meanwhile, the Saudi hyenas will howl in celebration of the Muslim brothers’ victory, which will strongly renew their old pact with the US as their corrupt monarchs maintain their wealth and power. Ironically, on an official visit to Paris on May 18-20, 1998, the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak declared the following in the Paris-Match: “You should be aware that, under the current conditions for international terrorism, the attack that took place at Luxor (referring to the November 17, 1997 Luxor attack in Upper Egypt ) could happen anywhere in the world. And we already know who fomented it: The residues of the war between the Afghans and the USSR , the alleged Mujaheddin that are financed by the CIA and the inexhaustible source of drug money.” It is the first time that the leader so specifically pointed a finger at the America “Big Brother,” who gives more than $2 billion in direct assistance to Egypt every year. [2].

Brief history:

The old pact between the US and the Saudis was sealed on board of the “Quincy” (Quincy was a 60 year-old pact 1945-2005, that granted the U.S. a monopoly on the exploitation of all the oil-bearing layered discovered in Saudi Arabia, and in return a protection of the kingdom’s integrity and a long term economic, financial, and commercial partnership, non-interference in Saudi domestic politics) between president Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud was already an exchange of oil for security and political protection. From that point forward, the Americans and Saudis would play Islamism and all other forms of religious fanaticism against secular and progressivist forms of Arab nationalism. The end result would be the establishment of a pax Americana that feeds on a “Lebanization” of the world. This order has produced a mafia-like links between organized crime and the great business networks of global capitalism, where the unifying thread of Islamic terror is not religion but money. [2].

Absurdly, Islamists and Zionists are complementary enemies, who work toward the same ends. Per example, with Hamas always upping the ante, the Likud is all the freer to pursue its broad scale policy of establishing colonies using immigrants from The Soviet Union and other nations, and completing the encirclement and Judeification of Eastern Jerusalem. [2].


Finally, don’t be surprised and be ready to finance new and expensive sham wars that are actually military exercises due to the weakness and the insignificance of the alleged enemies. These new preplanned conflicts will only lead to their preplanned results. The current regime in Iran will definitely be changed in the near future, and British Petroleum with their global oil cohorts will be eagerly waiting to re-renter Iran and take over their oil resources, which will be privatized by a new puppet government possibly led by an American stooge like the oldest son of the late Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi.

As a conclusion, the fulfillment of the Yinon’s covenant in the near east by the Obama administration will definitely guarantee Mr. Obama a second term as president of the United States .



2. Richard Labeviere, (2000). Dollars for terror. Us and Islamism. Algora publishing, New York 

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