Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s Death and Trump’s Emerging “Legal” Coup d’Etat. Unprecedented Political Crisis.

In-depth Report:

Yesterday Supreme Ct. Justice, Ginsburg, died. McConnell & Trump now moving rapidly to replace with 3rd right wing nominee to SCOTUS. Democrats mount feeble and futile defense, saying McConnell should not proceed with nomination based on McConnell’s own argument back in Feb. 2016 used to thwart the nomination of Obama’s Garland candidate; McConnell in reply expediting the nomination and promises Trump decision before Nov. 3 election.

The death of Ginsburg and quick replacement of another ultra conservative to SCOTUS has big implications for November’s election: it strengthens Trump’s strategy and plan to contest the election voting by mail process, declare it fraudulent (in select blue states), try to stop the counting of mail ballots, and have the Supreme Ct.–now in his pocket with 6-3 majority–cut off the vote counting, just as happened in Florida in 2000. Only this time not just in one state but across multiple states.

Trump’s strategy has become increasingly clear: create the public impression mail in voting is fraudulent and the basis for stopping the counting of mail ballots. This will be supported by what polls show as the likely way direct in person voting vs. mail voting will occur:

CNN polls show 65% of Biden supporters expect to vote by mail, while only 21% of Trump supporters will vote by mail. This will mean November 3 voting will show Trump winning by significant margins due to direct voting, confirmed by exit polls at the time. As mail in ballots will be counted, his lead will begin to fade in blue and swing states (though not likely in most red states due to widespread voter suppression). But before the mail in ballots do wipe out his lead, he’ll raise the ‘fraudulent’ voting claim, get Attorney General Barr to file injunctions to stop the vote count of mail in ballots, and push to the Supreme Court the approval to stop the vote count.

This is Florida’s 2000 election deja vu, except now in multiple states and not just involving voting irregularities in 3 counties in that state.

In 2000 the outcome was the Supreme Court de facto ‘selected’ the president, George W. Bush, with its 5-4 decision to stop the vote recount in Florida.

In 2020 the Supreme Court will be even more likely do the same–i.e. stop the vote count and ‘select’ Trump’– with a 6-3 vote. Except this time it will not even be a vote recount; it will be a first count of mail in ballot votes.

The 6-3 clear majority now gives Trump even more encouragement to implement this strategy: stop the vote count, direct the decision to the Supreme Court, and keep any resolution out of the US House of Representatives where, constitutionally it belongs.

Democrat leadership will be easily outmaneuvered in the Supreme Court nomination process about to begin. They will be outmaneuvered as well, I predict, in the post November 3 vote counting. The Democrats once again will prove themselves strategically and tactically inept in stopping Trump, as they have the entire previous four years.

One more nail will soon be hammered into the coffin of American Democracy, and this time a very large one.

Since the Republican and Democratic Party conventions in August I have been following and commenting on the unfolding of Trump’s strategy to engineer a legal de facto coup d’etat surrounding the November 3 elections. I have shared these reflections and observations in my almost daily tweets on the revealing of Trump’s strategy–as well as his statements showing his intent to destroy even the remaining remnants, as few as they are, of democratic and civil rights in America today in order to stay in power. Indeed, as he has publicly declared in his campaign speeches, he’s planning not only to win in November but is considering, as he put, “four more years after that, and maybe even four more, we’ll see”. In lock-step, his Attorney General, Bill Barr, has also publicly declared that protestors (including those protesting a future coup no doubt) should be considered “treasonous” and prosecuted under the sedition acts. For Trump too, protestors are “insurrectionists”, which means terrorists and ‘enemy combatants’ under the Patriot Act.

A political crisis, the dimensions of which have no precedent in America’s history, may be just around the corner. It’s negative impact on the present economic Great Recession 2.0 will be no less profound. It will ensure a further economic relapse and the W-Shape trajectory I’ve been predicting, or worse!

The following are my comments on twitter ever since the two parties’ conventions, as it was becoming increasingly clear what Trump, Barr, McConnell, and the others have in mind, and are planning, for the November elections and its aftermath.

(Join me for my future day by day comments on Twitter as Trump’s legal coup d’etat continues to unfold. Sign in to my Twitter account at @drjackrasmus)


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Jack Rasmus writes on his own blog site where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. 

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