G. W. B. ‘s Downhill Scooter Ride

Scooter: key Architect shaping the NeoCon manifesto.


Did anyone notice how the White House Staff was “holding it’s breath” last week waiting to see who Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald would indict? If you’re Innocent, you breathe easy. As advised by the most expensive lawyers in DC, everyone anywhere near the White House has been holding it for weeks. Those on the inside know the Truth. Fitzgerald is a true American hero, and for nothing more than doing his job, competently. Much like Rosa Parks, you just do what you need to do when it needs to be done. With more to come, the NeoCons are waiting for the other shoe to fall — on Rove or Cheney — or both? Does anyone anywhere out there believe for a skinny minute that Scooter acted alone?

But who was “Scooter” Libby? Why does he matter? He’s been hiding in the shadows of the White House since Gulf Oil War I under GwB’s Daddy, along with the same crew of other NeoCons who were stretching and molding false intelligence information to create Gulf Oil War II.

Scooter is a key Architect shaping the NeoCon manifesto.

Remember the “Peace Dividend” when Russian Communism collapsed? Remember that one bright, shining moment when some of us believed a hugely massive military budget could finally be transformed into good schools, national health care, better libraries, parks and museums, better levees for New Orleans, or perhaps even for space exploration? The long Cold War sponge of our domestic tax dollars was gone. Now could we finally live in the Peace we had won in WWII?

But Ike signaled us, on his way out of office, having seen the inside of the greatest World War, and then corruption inside an enormously profitable post-war machine with time on its hands. “Beware of the military-industrial complex,” he warned. Military fascism was beaten. Now comes corporate fascism.

Wars in Korea and Vietnam were dress rehearsals for what was to come. War employs people. War creates profits. War is paid for by willing, subservient taxpayers. War cannot be audited, nor the flow of money diminished. Here is the perfect solution for perpetual profits: perpetual war.

That’s what the NeoCons realized. They would hijack the Conservative movement and transform it through lies, spin, and fear into the most lucrative cash cow propaganda machine in the history of humankind. To run such a global machine takes a lot of energy. Energy is oil. Control of oil is power.

Scooter, as a key architect of this NeoCon plan, had two words for the idea of a Peace Dividend: “No way!” No hammering of swords into plowshares. More military spending, not less. If we don’t have a war going on, create one, using any excuse.

No renewable energy. No messy environmental rules. No merciful health care. No money wasted on domestic programs, only for foreign conquests. Not even for space exploration, unless it’s for military purposes.

They used oil to defeat Carter to install their first puppet, Ronnie Rayguns, long time TV spokesperson for GE, one of the major military-industrial corporations. Ronnie’s first act in the White House was to tear down the solar panels Jimmy had installed on the roof. No damsolar. Oil. Gas. Nuclear. Gasoline. Only things that can be metered for profit.

Saddam’s attempt to take over “our” oil in Kuwait provided a reason to drag out the war machine again. Only GwB’s Daddy chickened out and didn’t get control of Iraqi Oil.

Scooter was back in the shadows, invisible like an Architect should be, forging a Master Plan to control the World. Oil was the key, and the Mideast was full of it, but because we pissed off Rummy’s buddy Saddam, he was selling to the French and Russians, but not to us. So a plan to invade Iraq was put in place, well before dimwit GwB was put up for the 2000 election to be the front man for their madness. (You think a guy who can’t even read his cure cards can strategize to launch a war on multiple fronts? Get real!)

Once they overthrew that first election, it was a piece of cake to install warmed over NeoCons like Scooter, Karl Connie, Rummy, Wolfowitz and others less visible, to aid oil man Cheney’s management of Oil War II plans. The stage was set. All they needed was a reason to invade Iraq. Any reason at all would do. True or not. It didn’t matter.

Everyone but brainwashed propaganda idiots on AM Hate Radio and Fox News-Abuse now knows that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 tragedy. Well, it did, but only Scooter and his crew knew it. 9/11 was the excuse to start the hunt for Osama, then to shift gears to the Master Plan, their only Plan: invade Iraq, establish oil control in the Mideast, then move on Iran and more oil. He who controls oil controls the World. 9/11 was their opportunity to launch The Plan.

Under no circumstances did those raghead Muslim Arab camel-jockies have any right to riches from “our” oil. Our SUVs need it to grow our economy! Camels don’t need oil. What do they eat, anyway, out there in that desert?

Only, they forgot. Some Iraqis don’t like to be invaded, even if it’s for their own good. And most folks don’t like to be occupied, especially by those who kill them with bombs that blow up their towns, schools and livelihood, and kill their women and children. For oil. They know why we’re there.

So what caused Scooter to risk coming out of the shadows? Was it just bravado, thinking they were now on top of the New World Order, and no one could stop them? Maybe.

But we so easily forget the timeline of history, when it’s thoroughly confused by NeoCon spin, lies and diversions. The crimes Scooter is charged with didn’t happen last month. They happened back in 2003. Before NeoCon puppeteers put GwB back in charge again at the 2004 selection.

Cracks were forming all along the fraudulent claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We KNEW he did, because Rummy and Cheney provided them to him years ago! But Scooter KNEW we didn’t, because spy satellites had photographed every movement on the ground in Iraq from before Oil War I to Oil War II — every square inch. But there was this persistent inability to reconcile public lies with bothersome facts that kept surfacing. One of the scariest was that forged documents about Saddam trying to buy ‘yellow cake’ uranium in Niger might be exposed.

That one alone was enough to blow the lid off the whole deal. Not only was there fear that Gulf Oil War II could be declared a mistake, or even a crime, but more importantly, this could wreck decades of NeoCon plotting and lying and scheming for the success of the 21st Century fascist New World Order. Hitler had it right. He just went about it the wrong way. World Domination IS the prize.

Scooter — as the clandestine Architect behind the scenes for for both Gulf Oil Wars — panicked.

Their move was one often successfully used: when you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger. Joe Wilson’s message had to be diluted, confused. But they couldn’t spin it, or have their lackeys at Fox News shoot it down. So they went after Wilson’s wife. Libby and Rove blew her cover to ‘liberal’ reporters to teach an indelible lesson to anyone on the inside who might ever again dare to expose their bogus wars.

Did anyone else notice what GwB announced immediately after Fitzgerald’s press conference, just before he retreated to Camp David for a weekend of damage control programming?

First, GwB said he accepted Scooter’s letter of resignation. But hadn’t we had been told Cheney was his boss? True enough. And Cheney has had to appoint two (2) people to take over the jobs Scooter was doing for him (each being a more stealthy NeoCon slime ball than Libby).

But Scooter also was a Special Assistant to the President, giving him unlimited access to GwB’s #1 handler, Karl Rove. And he had other jobs, giving him open security clearances.

Scooter, the Architect of the NeoCon Strategic Battle Plan and Cheney’s chief cheerleader, needed all these connections, so he could sneak around with no one watching him. Thanks to American hero Patrick Fitzgerald, now we’ll see more of this invisible Architect’s clever handiwork. And Karl is left still spinning in the wind. Not a bad week, Mr. Fitzgerald!

But Scooter will never see the inside of a courthouse. He will plead guilty to some charge for a reduced sentence in a country club prison. He’ll never go into a public courtroom under oath, with Rove and Cheney called to the stand to tell the Truth, laying open his entire NeoCon nightmare for all of us to see.

Meanwhile, what can we True Blue Americans do to assist? Now is the time to work harder than ever to defeat every Republican running for office in 2006. The foundations for impeachment are being laid. Defeating 15 in the House and 5 in the Senate will grease the skids, and accelerate GwB’s Scooter ride, inevitably headed only downhill from here.

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