Exiting the War System of NATO

The 70 Years of NATO: From War to War

The Following text is the last section of

The 70 Years of NATO: From War to War,

by the Italian Committee No War No NATO


Documentation presented at the International Conference on the 70th Anniversary of NATO, Florence, April 7, 2019

In the course of the next two weeks, Global Research will publish the 16 sections of this important document, which will also be available as an E-book.


1. NATO is born from the Bomb
2. In the post-Cold War, NATO is renewed
3. NATO demolishes the Yugoslav state
4. NATO expands eastward to Russia
5. US and NATO attack Afghanistan and Iraq
6. NATO demolishes the Libyan state
7. The US/NATO war to demolish Syria
8. Israel and the Emirates in NATO
9. The US/NATO orchestration of the coup in Ukraine
10. US/NATO escalation in Europe
11. Italy, the aircraft carrier on the war front
12. US and NATO reject the UN treaty and deploy new nuclear weapons in Europe
13. US and NATO sink the INF Treaty
14. The Western American Empire plays the war card
15. The US/NATO planetary war system
16. Exiting the war system of NATO



1. While the acceleration of ongoing conflicts increases the risk of a great war that, with the use of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, would jeopardize the very existence of humanity and planet Earth, It is vitally important to multiply efforts to get out of the war system. This raises the question of Italy’s membership in NATO.

2. There are those who say that one can stay in NATO while preserving his autonomy of choice, meaning having the possibility to decide from time to time in the national parliament whether or not to participate in a specific initiative of the Atlantic Alliance. It’s an illusion or worse. The North-Atlantic Council has established the NATO rules in which “there is no vote or majority decision”.  “Decisions are taken unanimously and by mutual agreement”, meaning in agreement with the United States of America, which they are entitled to by the right of controlling the position of Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and other key commands, including that of the Nuclear Planning Group.

3. In the great media spectacle of politics, magicians and acrobats launch appeals for a world without nuclear weapons, which is currently impossible, but they do nothing to achieve what today would be possible: a decisive political battle to free Italy from nuclear weapons, which do not serve our security but expose us to increasing risks. Taking a real step forward towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way in which Italy could really contribute to defusing the escalation that leads to nuclear war,.

4. To do this, we need to fight in the open for Italy to stop violating the non-proliferation treaty it has ratified, requiring the United States to immediately remove its nuclear weapons from our national territory. By doing so, Italy would adhere to the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

5. The principles of our Constitution and our real national interests make indispensable the removal from our national territory not only nuclear weapons, but U.S. and NATO bases under US command. In other words, the Big Taboo that dominates the political and institutional world must be broken, clearly indicating the goal to be achieved: Italy’s exit from NATO and NATO from Italy in order to contribute to the dissolution of the Atlantic Alliance and  any other military alliance.  It may be an objective considered crazy by those who see the Atlantic Alliance as something sacred and untouchable and be considered dangerous by those who know that by putting themselves against NATO, they put their political careers at risk. It may also be considered impossible by those who think that a sovereign and neutral Italy cannot exist.

6. The obstacles that stand in the way of achieving this goal are enormous. The dominant power bases its strength not only on political, economic and military instruments, but on the control of minds, made possible by a pervasive media that, above all through television, leads us to believe that only what is seen exists and what is not seen does not exist. The control of minds through the dominant media apparatus allows politicans, on the one hand, to reassure public opinion by hiding real threats, and on the other to alarm it by making holograms of dangerous enemies appear, so as to justify rearmament policies, military operations and wars, justifying at the same time a military expenditure that in Italy amounts to about 70 million euros a day and, according to the commitments made in NATO, will have to rise to around 100 million euros a day. And, again as a result of mind control, there is the spectacle of those who have supported the wars that have demolished entire states (the last one in Libya) and have caused dramatic mass exodus now in the front row welcoming the victims of these same wars with open arms.

7. The vast majority, therefore, know nothing or almost nothing about the mechanisms that determine the increasingly rapid escalation of war, making the scenario of the third (and last) world war ever more real: the thermonuclear one. It is spoken of in small circles of “experts”, in “gray rooms” (with reference to the color of hair as a person ages) from which the young are largely absent. It’s about getting out of the closet, finding ways and languages to make people understand that time is running out, that it is absolutely necessary to move while we have time. What to do is in the hands of each of us.

8. In the face of impending danger, we must show that there is still an Italy that remembers, not only in words, its own Constitution; an Italy for which the word “sovereignty” is not just a term for political change; an Italy that refuses to remain caged in an alliance that under foreign command damages us and brings us to the brink of catastrophe; an Italy capable of emerging from the anti-historical vision of a West perched in defense of its supremacy; an Italy capable of playing an active role in the construction of a multipolar world in which the aspirations of peoples for freedom and social justice are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


This text was translated from the Italian document which was distributed to participants at the April 7 Conference. It does not include sources and references.

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