Alberta’s “Pandemic of the Triple vaccinated”: Excess Deaths Surge Past 10,000 — Evidence of Government Cover-up

Part III: As the triple vaccinated got sicker, govt deleted ALL vaccine outcome data...

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Alberta’s COVID-19 double vaccinated population developed severely damaged immune systems after their jabs, and by January 2022 Omicron (BA.1) wave #5, they were the sickest group of Albertans, leading the province in infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths (see part 1).

Instead of halting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as science and medical ethics required, Jason Kenney’s Alberta government deleted this data from their website and pressed on with booster shots, which failed after only 2 months, requiring even more data to be censored, and deleted by our government (see Part 2).

On March 19, 2022, Alberta entered into COVID-19 (BA.2) wave #6, led by the triple vaccinated who made up 33% of the “currently hospitalized”, 48% of “new cases” and 50% of “active cases” (click here).

See link to Interview to Stew Peters 


By June 24, 2022, COVID-19 Wave #6 was over, and throughout the wave, the triple vaccinated continued to get sicker and sicker. As of June 24, 2022, the triple vaccinated made up 52% of hospitalizations and 58% of all deaths (click here).

By June 24, 2022, the triple vaccinated were showing significantly more immune system damage than the double vaccinated. How do we know this? It’s in the numbers (click here).

38% of Albertans were 3x-jabbed => 52% of hospitalizations, 58% of deaths.

39% of Albertans were 2x-jabbed => 27% of hospitalizations, 20% of deaths.

We can compare the 2x and 3x vaccinated to each other (the government would treat them the same); but we can’t compare them to the unvaccinated who were treated and tested very differently in the hospitals, in order to make the vaccines look better.

By June 24, 2022, the Alberta government had administered 1.7 million 1st booster shots and 191,000 2nd booster shots (click here).

Since the latest COVID-19 wave seemed to be over, the Alberta government simply ignored the fact that the triple vaccinated population was now showing even more immune system damage than the double vaccinated population.

From June 25, 2022 onward, Canada has been in a permanently sustained Omicron wave (some have called these mini-waves #7, #8, #9).

This ongoing wave has been once again driven by the triple vaccinated. But notice something important – the hospitalizations have never come down. We now have an elevated background level of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations of over 4000 patients in Canada. The vaccinated are now being infected and re-infected…over and over.

Alberta’s “top killer” announced…

On July 6, 2022, CTV news reported the following story (click here):

The number one cause of death in Alberta in 2021 was “unknown causes”, killing 3362 Albertans, up from 522 in 2019 (an increase of 544%). This caused quite an outrage among Albertans, who began asking serious questions: why were these “unknown causes” not being investigated? Why were autopsies not being done?

Mark Steyn covered this on his show “The Steyn Line” on GBN UK at 5:38 minute mark (click here)

Let’s look at the situation in Alberta hospitals just one week later on July 11, 2022 (click here).

81% of hospitalizations were vaccinated (50% were triple vaccinated).

83% of deaths were vaccinated (63% were triple vaccinated).

With triple vaccinated at only 38.4% of the population, they were disproportionately filling the hospitals and morgues. Sadly, this is the last data set we would ever see.

With the international community watching the disaster unfolding in Alberta with #1 cause of death being “unknown causes”, the Alberta government decided to delete and permanently terminate the “vaccine outcomes” section on their website, on July 21, 2022 (click here).

Once again, instead of terminating the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, as science and medical ethics required, Jason Kenney’s Alberta government chose instead to deprive Albertans of the crucial data they needed to make informed medical decisions.

This was a crime. And I have just walked you through the crime scene.

British Columbia data and cover-up were even worse…

Many of us used to access and look at hospitalization data in British Columbia, especially as the BC Centre for disease control would put out nice donut charts that were easy to read:

The July 16, 2022 BC COVID-19 health outcomes by vaccination status charts showed:

87% of hospitalizations were vaccinated (67% were triple vaccinated)

89% of deaths were vaccinated (77% were triple vaccinated)

Admittedly, this data was even worse than Alberta’s. But here is the crucial point. BC’s population was more boosted: 52% vs 38.4% in Alberta. And they were doing worse. To put it very plainly: more COVID-19 jabs meant worse health outcomes.

To give credit where credit is due, BC Public Health Authorities actually announced their cover-up on July 28, 2022 (click here):

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control has stopped reporting case outcomes by vaccination status on its COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard because the data had become “hard to interpret,” according to the Ministry of Health.”

At least they had the courage to stand behind their crime against the population of British Columbia. Alberta’s Public Health authorities simply deleted the data from their website on July 21, 2022 and didn’t inform the Alberta public at all.

In Part 4, I will wrap up this series by a look at how all this data on severe damage to the immune systems of the double and triple COVID-19 vaccinated, which Jason Kenney’s Alberta government repeatedly covered up, ties into the excess mortality and sudden deaths we are seeing now.


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