Dr David Kelly’s unnatural death: Murder of the Law


A commentary on BBC 2 ‘ConspiracyFiles’ – Dr David Kelly’s unnatural death of the 17th of July 2003 broadcast on the 25th of February 2007 

A sleek black limousine slid onto the screen a week ago. The many devices of slick Beeb film making were to be seen; a raven doubled as mascot on the bonnet. Presumably Mr Blair had others in reserve at the Tower. The vehicle was steered soberly along the highways of Oxfordshire for the first half hour during which we were introduced to a misty woman who had turned up years late for a screen test of ‘French Lieutenant’s Woman’ . It later emerged that she had no scientific knowledge although she was happy to field questions regarding toxicity of Coproxamol and other forensic matters. The road was level and the ride smooth.

In the last half hour the sky darkened and the chauffeur wrenched the wheel between potholes.

The camera dwelt more on Meryl Streep and on a Mr Michael Shrimpton – counsel to MI6 and to others he claimed. He had been introduced to the group of doctors who had, as informed citizens, first raised questions about the forensic and judicial responses to the unnatural death of David Kelly MSc CMG. This barrister was reported as saying that Dr Kelly had been shot in the back of the head. There were other lurid allegations. He was quickly turned away from the medical group on the assumption that he had been inserted to discredit it. This group had contained up to eleven doctors at one time and had within it senior men from all specialties relevant to this very sad death.

The vehicle veered from ‘conspiracy’ to ‘selbstmord’ – self-murder. A signpost to Inquest Completed and Proper was missed. Titillation was needed and the lane to Harrowdown Hill chosen. There lay a blunt pruning knife and three used blister packs of Coproxamol, but with one tablet in situ. Prof Plum and Miss Scarlet etc were in the wings.

The evidence from the professorial experts was very much open to question, but the questioning has yet to take place at an inquest rather than on prime time TV. Trial by TV, though customary, is yet to be incorporated in English law. The psychiatric expert purported to know a great deal about Dr Kelly’s thoughts without knowing him at all, and the forensic scientist conveyed an impression that a fit man like Kelly could die from almost trivial haemorrhage. The entertainment ended with Professor Alistair Hay stating his wish for this fine public servant to be remembered for his qualities and not with a miasma of ‘conspiracy theories’ about the grave.

Let this vehicle exit for use by an escort agency. What is needed in the investigation of this – arguably the most high profile death in the UK for decades? The doctors have said that there was little right about the forensic investigation, that many questions were not asked or left unanswered and that due process had been subverted at every turn. Their answer was not to shout ‘murder’, but to urge that the inquest be re-opened and with all rigour.

(www.informationclearinghouse.info/article5685.htm )

They were told that a judicial review was required to achieve that since the coroner had seen no ‘exceptional circumstances’ to re-open it. He was advised by Lord Falconer in this.

The rigour of the Hutton Inquiry is symbolised by the following extract from the transcript. Note that no relevant questioning of Dr Nicholas Hunt, Home Office forensic pathologist, follows the extraordinary phrase ‘if one ignores ….’:-

Q. You have already dealt with this, I think, but could you confirm whether, as far as you could tell on the examination, there was any sign of third party involvement in Dr Kelly’s death?

A. (Dr Hunt) No, there was no pathological evidence to indicate the involvement of a third party in Dr Kelly’s death. Rather, the features are quite typical, I would say, of self inflicted injury, IF ONE IGNORES ALL THE OTHER FEATURES OF THE CASE

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say concerning the circumstances leading to Dr Kelly’s death?

A. Nothing I could say as a pathologist, no.
Lord Hutton: Thank you for YOUR VERY CLEAR EVIDENCE …..

The writer said this in the first letter published on this case in the Morning Star of the 15th of December 2003. Nothing has changed since then and the ‘conclusions’ of my Lord Hutton’s inquiry have not been given as a verdict by a coroner. Instead, the inquest remains adjourned – though confusion has been added here as well.

‘As a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon I cannot easily accept that even the deepest cut into one wrist would cause such exsanguination that death resulted.  The two arteries are of matchstick size and would have quickly shut down and clotted.  Furthermore we have a man who was expert in lethal substances and who apparently chose a most uncertain method of suicide.’ He soon learned that only one small artery had been cut, and that cleanly. Cleanly cut small arteries contract, retract and clot very quickly.

The BBC has a lot to answer to since its founding in 1922. Its stated mission is to inform, educate and entertain. The latter function has been served by Conspiracy Files. Its record has been consistent. In the General Strike it promulgated the parliamentary line and allowed no serf to speak. With its skills, reach and ‘brand’ its political potency is great. It has for instance reinforced black propaganda in the lead up to Bush/Blair’s ‘shock and awe’ – the ‘sturm und drang’ of the Third Reich. So only 3% of broadcasting time on Iraq was given over to people with firm ‘anti-Iraq war’ views. And it is no surprise the same imperialist agenda is being given respectability by the BBC for pre-emptive and massive bombardment of another sovereign country, Iran. The other day the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Mr Richard Perle was able to mouth his apocalyptic nonsense on the Today programme with hardly a tutter from Mr Naughtie. Deja vu is in order. All this is hardly the BBC’s motto ‘Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation’ is it?

(See www.informationclearinghouse.info/article5413.htm)

The inclusion of Mr Richard Spertzel in ‘Conspiracy Files’ encapsulates a good deal of the lying, the Atlanticist, the racist and supremacist qualities of the ‘special relationship’ which is fed by the BBC in mostly subtle ways.

He is said to have been a friend of David Kelly’s and served with him on the deeply contaminated UNSCOM. He said strongly that his friend had been assassinated, but by the Iraqis! Irony is certainly dead, but here was one of the rednecks accusing a people who had lost thousands upon thousands of souls, and three times as many their limbs, eyes and minds at the hands and with the high explosive of his ilk. In Congressional hearings in September 2002 he was claiming all sorts of things – ‘It has had 12 years to advance its viral capability and, as I have cited elsewhere, this almost certainly includes smallpox as an agent.”

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_O._Spertzel  )

He was adding this most terrible virus to the medium of fear which Chalabi had also been culturing. He was alleging that Saddam might use the same virus as was used by the Europeans on blankets in the genocide of the North American Indian. Did David Kelly believe any words of Spertzel’s? Whatever, Mr Spertzel can be listened to on the speaking circuit, and he will shortly be joined for bigger fees by our own 45 minutes expert. ‘Experts’ are to the fore.

We must cling to the laws that we have left and in the case of the unnatural death of David Kelly

MSc CMG the doctors’ group demands a full inquest with a jury.

David Halpin FRCS 

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