Deporting Blair

Mr Blair, before you raise the subject of deportation, you need to look in the mirror

“I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar or who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values & people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage.” (Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2, 1835, British Parliament)

Mr Blair, before you raise the subject of deportation, you need to look in the mirror, and remember that the entire episode of migration started approximately four hundred years ago; when your ancestors arrived on our shores, without a visa, without invitation and without anything to offer. They (East India Company) arrived claiming to be traders, but constantly plotted and eventually, colonised the entire continent and plundered its resources; proving to be pirates disguised as businessmen. At that time, India was a fairly prosperous nation, as testified by Lord McCauley, by the time your people left in 1947/48 it was one of the poorest.

Unlike the Mogul rulers that they replaced, they never settled into the country, but pillaged its abundant raw materials, following the footsteps of their Dutch (Dutch East India Company) rivals in Indonesia. The building of roads and railways in India leading to the ports had one central purpose, transporting India’s rich raw materials, which gave employment to your populated cities. The goods manufactured in England were sold back into the Indian market. It made everyone wealthy, except the Indian population who owned those resources in the first place.

Likewise, in South Africa, all the Gold and Diamond mined has effectively been stolen, this naturally made your ancestors very rich but left the native Africans very poor. Then the missionaries tried to sugar-coat the grand theft by selling them the Bible. Those who resisted British Imperialism physically, like the Zulus were no doubt the “terrorists” of that time, in their own lands, and those who opposed using political means must been the preachers of “hate”

Many of the indigenous members who personally benefited from your rule, naturally argued in favour of British Imperialism, there are always profiteers selling their loyalties in every society. The likes of Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham MP) who passionately supports “your” (or the US) foreign policies; he supports the actions of your armies that are helping the larger US armed forces to invade nations that have not attacked or threatened the UK or US, consequently, men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan have been murdered in their tens of thousands. The latest reports from Iraq, confirmed by humanitarian organisations, [1] highlight that even children are being imprisoned, raped and tortured at the hands of foreign forces. So now you are “liberating” Iraqi children to deliver them into the clutches of sadists and paedophiles that fill that ranks in your armies, something you can’t deny, as the world has seen the Abu Ghraib evidence. From Abu-Ghraib to children, surely you have now excelled Saddam Hussein.

The self-serving individuals in our midst are like the coolies that served your forefathers in the British Raj. They argue in collusion with some of the Muslim moderates in favour of deportation, desperately trying to preserve their self-interest. How is it that immigrants are now behaving like those on the far right, by using a language that is racist? Too often, I get asked the same question by those so-called “free” thinkers with a coolie mindset – why do you live here if you oppose the policies of the British government. Am I obliged to agree with the government on every issue or leave? I thought all citizens were equal and had right to disagree, the right to speak freely against wrongs, which is also an evidence of a free democratic society? In reality questions of what are you doing here then?” are posed in desperation when they are unable to intellectually answer the arguments posed to them. It would be far more accurate to call such people non-thinkers, the neo-coolies of today who believe the only legitimate view, is that of their masters.

Anyway, Mr Blair, you may have left India and most of Africa but it is doubtful you have left the other parts of the Islamic world where you and/or your American cousins continued to rule through proxy (neo-colonialism), by imposing dictatorships that align with your interests and are supported or go off script and then get toppled (Saddam for instance). A further illustration is your early version of X-Factor, where your foreign policy found such talent amongst those illiterate Bedouins in the deserts, as they herded their goats, that you immediately recognised them as royalty and turned them all into Princes and Kings. After 80 years of “independence” these Arabs are still incapable of extracting and refining oil by themselves, as those hand-picked Arabs have no interest, no desire and no will to become independent, as long their tribes are getting fatter than the camels. It is said that if there is a will there is a way so the reverse must also be true. In short, styles may have changed, but good old fashioned colonialism of exploiting the resources of other nations, has not!

It is definitely unfair to continue to blame your government for all the ills in the Islamic world. However, you do still play a significant role in maintaining Western interests, by keeping the Islamic world divided into small artificial nations, as opposed to the Caliphate you have so strongly rejected. Now why would you not want the Muslims to be united and in control of their own people, resources and lands, I wonder? Maybe it is because you want to continue making lots of money? So you frown at the idea of a unifying Caliphate, and you consider it a crime for the Muslims to unify but not the Europeans or the Anglo-Saxon world. Many thanks for clarifying what you mean by democracy for the Islamic world, as many of the moderates are under the impression that you want the Muslims to decide their own destiny.

Your fanaticism against the unification of the Muslims was exposed, when Iraq invaded its own former province of Kuwait (which you had divided some 40 years earlier). It was enough to move you into military action to maintain your puppets and interests. You killed indiscriminately, women, children, the old and the retreating soldiers on the road to Basra (highway of death) without remorse, but none of that is terrorism or genocide. Let us be honest for once, the US General said if Kuwait grew carrots we would not give a dam about its fate and I suppose your inaction over the real genocide in Rwanda is further proof of the reasons behind your militarism in the region. Iraqis never hurt your people, but you think in your arrogance you have right to do as you please.

The continuous destruction of our economies through maintaining these despotic puppet rulers, burdening our nations under crippling loans, strangling domestic industry and craft by dumping your subsidised over productions into our lands and the resulting misery, these are the main reasons why you have so many economic migrants, not counting those displaced by wars fought in your name or interests. Your successive governments have maintained colonialist foreign policies that have made our countries unliveable and ungovernable. Those ugly despotic puppets are not interested in anything beyond their tribal interests, and that suits you as long as your economic interests are met. A recent example of this petty self interest from ruling elites is the Tsunami disaster; the meanest contributors were the richest Islamic countries. Only recently we saw those same miserly regimes donating 20 million pounds to a French Museum that apparently has an “Islamic” section, while the mothers and children in Niger, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan starve and bleed to death.

Now, Mr Blair, you threaten to expel second and third generation Muslims who have lived peacefully in the UK. You push for their assimilation, capitulation and complete subservience to your dictates; at the same time repeating your mantra of upholding multi-cultural identity and freedom.  Being drunk with imperial arrogance you do not see the internal contradictions of your message. Note the distinction; we live in the UK as law abiding citizens that have made substantial contributions towards this society, unlike the example of your colonisers in our lands with stealth bombers and cruise missiles. However, deportation may not be such a bad idea, if it is carried out consistently and we all know inconsistencies are traits of hypocrites and liars, the selective application of UN resolutions naturally comes to mind!

So, deport the Muslims from UK, and in return Christian Anglo-Saxons should be expelled from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, Caribbean, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc where they have not integrated, they have refused to learn the language despite living their for years, refused to accept the desirability of the indigenous peoples culture and practises, and have instead used violence and extremism, preached hate for their neighbour, totally destroyed their way of life, and abused their hosts hospitality. We welcome your bold and courageous steps, and welcome your applying these rules consistently across all such extremist, violent and racist communities wherever they are. Also don’t forget to close all the embassies and remove the military bases and the multinational companies from the Islamic world.

Who knows, eventually the Celts in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland may also demand the deportation of your tribes. Effectively, then you would be quarantined to a section of your own tiny island. Then you can enjoy the company of Nick Griffin, Richard LittleJohn and all the other like minded little-people and enhance your “cultural” diversity, while the rest of the world can finally live in real peace.

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