Delta Variant Propaganda: COVID Mongering Biden, Fauci and Jab Extremists Are Stoking Fears to Deny Freedoms

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They are back at it again. The same people who endorsed and funded “gain of function” research that created Covid-19 are fanning flames of anxiety and fostering social strife as they hype the dangers of the delta variant. Without any proof that the mutation—which supposedly emerged in India—is deadlier than the original Coronavirus, they are doing their level best to induce panic in order to manufacture “vaccine” consent.

The only thing that is known about the Delta variant is that it is more transmissible, but even that is painting a half picture because the establishment are intentionally omitting something that the NIH admitted last year.

Medical professionals who are not tied at the hip with Bill and Melinda Gates admit that people who caught Covid-19 and recovered acquire antibodies, specifically T-cells and B-cells, that provide enduring immunity from this dreaded virus.

There is no proof as of yet that the variants are reinfecting people who recovered from Covid-19, the same cannot be said for people who got “vaccinated”.  Dr. Richard Urso, whom I had the honor of interviewing a couple of weeks ago, stated that these natural antibodies people attain post-infection have been known to last a lifetime in past SARS studies.

So why would politicians, media personalities and public health officials hide this truth from the public? For the same reason they went out of their way to conceal the growing body of evidence that early treatment and alternative regimens like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are astoundingly effective. Normally, I would attribute this type of malicious news suppression to greed; after all, there are fortunes to be made off these unproven mRNA and adenovirus “vaccines” that are being pumped into the arms of billions of people around the world.

When I came down with Covid-19 back in February, I asked my doctor to prescribe Ivermectin. He complied with my request and my wife was able to go to a local clinic and pick up a medicine that I believed prevented me from following in my mother’s footsteps. I only paid $8.00 and this is precisely why “vaccine” cultists are waging an all out war against early treatments and prophylactics. If tens of millions of people who are lining up to take part in ongoing clinical trials—sadly subjecting themselves to risks like myocarditis, blood clots, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and death—knew that there were other options, they might think twice before they turn themselves into lab rats for biotech corporation experiments.

After emotionally manipulating more than a 150 million Americans and billions of people around the world to get jabbed by using fear and PSYOPS operations like the one Dr. Stanley observed during his compliance studies, the political-media-corporate industry has run into a wall. All the “low hanging fruit” have already gotten “vaccinated”, they are now pivoting to coerce the rest of us to do the same. There is a reason why governments around the world are rushing to get 70% of their citizenry jabbed, the closer they get to that target, the easier it will be to demonize and ghettoize the rest who don’t obey and get “vaccinated”.

Reviving the ugly and racist legacy of Tuskegee Experiments, politicians like DC’s mayor Muriel Bowser are teaming up with criminals like Fauci to pressure African-Americans to get jabbed

Joe Biden sounding apoplectic and ringing the alarm about Covid-19 has nothing to do with protecting society, he is just carrying out the desires of the healthcare industry that contributed over $70,000,000 to his campaign. Fauci, who should be in prison for his four decades of criminal negligence while director of NIAID, is likewise channeling Chicken Little as he warns of impending death and doom unless everyone gets “vaccinated”. There is less truth in them then there is decency, and by that I mean zero. Even if 100% of Americans get jabbed tomorrow it would not end the pandemic because these biotech snake oils do not prevent contraction nor transmission of Covid-19.

The entire variant narrative is more suspect than O.J. Simpson. Last year, Oxford University teamed up with AstraZeneca to develop a “vaccine”; the three countries they deployed their product to were Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Know what those three countries have in common? See Brazil variant, South Africa variant and the UK variant. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that the very same nations that were being used as a test bed for these experimental “vaccines” happen to be the sources of the variants that are spreading throughout the world.

Before some naive says “correlation is not causation”, I direct you to Dr. Robert Malone—inventor of the mRNA technology that is being used in the “vaccines”—who is sounding the alarm about the jabs:

“My concern is I know there are risks but we don’t have access to the data. One of my concerns are that the government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are. I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.”

Far from bending the Covid-19 infection curve, these “vaccines” are shattering the lives of people who have received the injections. According to a study published by the UK government, the death rate among people who are jabbed is up to six times greater than those who are unvaccinated. The same outcome is borne out by the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS); more people have been harmed and died from getting vaccinated in the past year than all the people who have been injured and died post-vaccination since its inception in 1990.

In 2009, Fauci pushed a vaccination campaign in response to the Swine flu. The “vaccines” were recalled after 47 people died. We’re nearing 4,700 deaths yet they keep pushing these unsafe “vaccines”

There is a wider agenda at play beyond just making money; the way the ruling class are hyperbolically manipulating people to get “vaccinated” lets me know that they are up to something depositing millions of dollars into their vaults. I really feel like we are at the calm before the storm; you better celebrate Fourth of July like never before because this might be the last year we mark our independence. They are talking up the delta variant in advance of a new onslaught of deaths that will make 2020’s first wavelook like a walk in the park. When these mass-casualties arrive, hospital beds start filling up and morgues start to overflow with bodies, Biden, Fauci and their ilk will blame the “unvaccinated”.

Governments and businesses are enticing people to get jabbed using million dollar lotteries, scholarships, free guns, beer, donuts and lap dances. If Covid-19 “vaccines” were really good for you, do you think they would resort to this level of bribery.

In reality, what we could be witnessing as early as this fall is the first wave of “vaccine” deaths. God forbid I am right about this prediction because that would mean my own family members are in the cross-hairs given that a lot of them were “vaccinated”. However, the past is prologue; all we have to do is look back to past with respect to mRNA “vaccines” to see what could be in the offing. Ferrets and cats that were injected with these experimental boosters died in droves once their synthetic antibodies expired and they were reinfected with SARS. Almost all of them developed a deadly condition called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and were wiped out as a result.

Experts at the CDC and NIH know this horrific outcome could very well start impacting people who were “vaccinated”. That is why media narratives are being spun to gin up anxieties about the delta variant. If and when the day of reckoning comes, they will blame the “unvaccinated” and will downplay the fact that legions of people might be dying who were jabbed. A couple of months ago, the CDC revised the Covid-19 test guidance for people who got “vaccinated”, while they kept the PCR threshold for those who have not been jabbed at 40, they lowered the threshold to 28 or lower for those who have received the shots.

At a PCR of 40, the level was so high that it induced a lot of false-positives. By lowering the threshold to 28 for people who got “vaccinated”, the opposite might occur as people who get tested for Covid-19 post-jab could test negative even if they are actually infected.

Why would they have one threshold for the “vaccinated” and another for the “unvaccinated”? Because they are trying to muddy the pictures and conceal the number of people who are dying from Covid-19 after getting jabbed. An article at USA Todayis trafficking in this type of Enron accounting as they present a half-truth as news without explaining what I just detailed above.

The same way that Bill Gates used to sell shoddy Operating Systems that were susceptible to malware so Microsoft can turn around and hawk antivirus software, biotech corporations are peddling nostrums that offer limited benefits so they can keep you coming back for boosters on a regular basis. If you think all you had to do was get one or two jabs and you are safe, think again my friend! Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, criminal companies that keep paying hefty fees for medical fraud, are telling jab recipients that they will need booster shots. Caveat emptor!

Like CIA agents torturing Iraqis at Bagram Air Base, governments around the world are alternating between draconian measures like lockdowns and social isolations and giving us back the freedoms we once took for granted. They reopened businesses and are “allowing” us to forgo masks right before they lower the hammer. The delta variant is a slow motion false flag; if we do not push back severely and resist this global fascism that is gashing humanity, we might as well wave goodbye to our freedoms and be ready for full-boar tyranny to arrive at our doors.

“Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” ~ George Orwell


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Teodrose Fikremariam is the co-founder and editor of the Ghion Journal. Prior to launching the Ghion Journal, he was a political organizer who once wrote a speech idea in 2008 that was incorporated into Barack Obama’s South Carolina primary victory speech. He is originally from Ethiopia and a direct descendent, seven generations removed, of one of Ethiopia’s greatest Emperors Tewodros II.

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