Conflict Diamonds: “A Linguistic Deception”

According to the westernized thingish way of thinking, everything must be assigned a name, label, or definition. Many times the categorization assigned to things, tends to lead people further away from the truth, rather than closer to it.  Nevertheless, the minds of western phraseologist are at it again, with an extremely disingenuous classification regarding the wars and conflicts within the diamond rich regions of Africa. 

The terminology being employed by these specialists of misinformation is “conflict diamonds”. This phrase was apparently created to describe the persistent wars on the continent of Africa, while attempting to reduce these conflicts to merely ethnic factions fighting one another over diamonds, hence the term. 

However, the western architects of this twenty first century jargon have apparently – once again; left out an extremely critical element of how many of these wars are created, subsidized, and maintained. 

Over the past several decades, the United States, Britain and the imperial powers of the western world have funneled billions of dollars into the continent to fund these alleged wars; and have likewise supplied countless countries on the continent with an enormous amount of military hardware; such as heavy machine gun weaponry, tanks, armored personnel carriers, rocket launchers, military airplanes and logistic satellite communiqué in support of these so-called ethnic conflicts. The disguised narrative for supporting these conflicts rest in the western powers necessity in protecting their investments – the billions, of dollars in natural resources pilfered from the continent annually. 

The constant supply of military weaponry has produced millions of deaths on the continent, and has likewise produced famine, starvation and abject poverty. 

Through the strategy of divide and conquer implemented by the imperial powers of the west; these never-ending wars and conflicts provide a cover for them to continue to financially exploit the continent of its natural resources, .i.e., (diamonds, gold, iridium, osmium, titanium, manganese, cobalt, etc.) – not to mention the vast food supplies, such as fish, shrimp, soybean, wheat, etc. 

The strategic minds of the western world understand, that the path to power for ‘Black” African people to insert themselves back onto the world stage – once again; is to control the natural resources of their homeland, and the richest real estate on the planet, “Africa”. This remains one of the primary reasons that we have been lead to believe that the myriad of regional wars and conflicts in Africa are merely Black folk fighting one another over diamonds and other natural resources – which is categorically not the truth in its entirety. 

To date, some eighty to ninety percent of the alleged ethnic and regional conflicts in Africa are funded by those in charge of the social, political and economic system of the western world, with an uncompromising policy of self preservation. 

In fact, in an article posted on the Project Censored website, entitled; “The Repackaging of Colonialism in Africa”; the following is articulated. 

“During the cold war years (1950-1989), the U.S. sent $1.5 billion in arms and military training to Africa thus setting the stage for the current round of conflicts. From 1991-1995 the U.S. increased the amount of weapons and other military assistance to fifty of the total fifty-three African countries. 

In June of 2002, leaders from the eight most powerful countries in the world (the G8) met to form a New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) as an “anti-poverty” campaign. One glaring omission, however, is the consultation and representation of the African nations. Not one of the eight leaders was from Africa. 

The article further cites that the danger of the NEPAD proposal is that it fails to protect Africa from exploitation of its natural resources, and that this development plan reads like a mad dash to grab up as much of Africa’s remaining resources as “quickly”, as possible” (Source:The Repackaging of Colonialism in Africa” 

As a culture, people of African descent have bought into and have likewise been transformed by innumerable social and cultural falsehoods, and can no longer afford to take anything else at face value. We must begin to check and recheck everything fed into our minds whether it’s through the media, the educational system, religion and most definitely Washington D.C.  

It is likewise essential for Africans worldwide to develop a comprehensive knowledge on the art of misdirection and the mechanics of misinformation, which has been employed against the African world community for so many years. We can no longer accept half-truths and misleading information as our foundation without sifting through every particle, and thus arriving at our own conclusions.  

M. QUINN is a San Francisco Bay Area Author of the book “Removing the Veil”, and a freelance writer and columnist for, the and the UC Berkeley newspaper “The Onyx” specializing in social, historical and political analysis, and commentary. 


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