Atavism, A 9/11 Anniversary Waltz

False flags will be flown by fraudulent leaders to prepare us for totalitarianism

(Ancient genetic signals can be resurrected after lying
dormant for millions of years, awaiting only the right
trigger to release them.)
In the early Carboniferous there arose an organism
with, for the very first time,
more information in its brain than in its genes,
and the brain grew more dominant over time.
The modern brain’s blueprint is a story
of successive accretion and specialization,
which freed us from the hard-wired tyranny
of DNA’s monopoly on total information.
The three interconnected parts of the modern brain
correspond to the evolutionary emergence
of reptiles, mammals and primates –
especially humans –
constitute a developmental leap forward
in overall brain development,
each step adding a new function and a new layer.
And since these were laid down over existing systems,
the pre-existing systems had to be accommodated,
because making basic change deep within the fabric of life
very frequently turns out to be fatal.
Adding new layers while retaining the old ones
allows major change consistent with survival.
Today’s triune, or three part brain,
consists of the R-complex at its core,
surrounded and surmounted by the limbic system,
which is enveloped by the massive neo-cortex.
The R-complex is the most ancient part,
the dinosaur component of human nature,
seat of reptilian ritual and aggression,
territorial and hierarchical behavior.
No carefully-weighed decisions happen here,
no nuances of emotion’s wrenching contradictions,
just the stolid acquiescence to the dictates of its genes,
no thought or action taken of its own volition.
The R-complex lies below the limbic system,
which was added during the development of mammals.
It generates emotions, changes of mood and states of mind,
and the maternal instinct found in warm-blooded animals.
Emotions can be triggered by hormonal exudations
of endocrine systems such as the amygdala.
Stimulating the amygdala can make a placid animal frenzied
or cause a cat to cower from a mouse in abject terror.
The limbic system is the seat of subtle emotions
which we think uniquely ours among the animals,
but altruism may have gotten started here
and love may be an invention of the mammals.
The neo-cortex is layered over the limbic system,
and accounts for 85% of the brain’s mass.
Its frontal lobes most likely are connected
with deliberation and regulation of our actions.
Transforming experience into symbolic languages
is a primary function of the neo-cortex,
the extrasomatic manifestation of knowledge
expressed as reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics.
It may control anticipation of the future
and cause worry about the possibility of disaster,
but in our attempts to regulate the future we produced
ethics, science, legal codes, and magic.
There’s a price to be paid for knowing there’s a future,
and the price is living with anxiety about it.
But we also know how to sidestep many disasters
by foregoing short term gain for long term benefit.
And while control of many bodily functions
is shared by different parts of the brain,
the parts that lie beneath the neo-cortex
still operate in ancient hardwired ways.
At the core of the complexity of the modern brain,
the R-complex still performs its simple reptile duties,
because it’s woven so deeply into the fabric of life
it can’t be bypassed or discarded with impunity.
     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
If you control the means of communication,
and five mega media corporations do,
you control The People’s views of world events
and can make public opinion mirror your own views.
All the vehicles for transmission of information,
newspapers and radio, magazines and TV,
give exposure to only your side of the issues
and create the world the way you want it seen.
This manipulation is particularly insidious
when you know that your views, if stated openly,
would be voted down, rejected by The People,
so you make them unwitting accomplices to your story.
First, you create a problem –
an assassination, a terrorist attack, a war,
an economic collapse – it could be anything,
and then you get your media to report it.
And now that you’ve created the problem,
you also have to set up a scapegoat.
Again, this could be anything or anyone,
as long as it furthers your original purpose –
communists, “illegal” immigrants, liberals,
single welfare moms, drug users, gays and lesbians,
affirmative action recipients, pacifists, public workers,
but let’s go with Middle Eastern Arab Muslim men.
This provides the further advantage
of tapping into reliable latent racism,
fear of strange languages, peoples and religions,
and revenge based on jingoistic nationalism.
The People will be eager to attack this scapegoat,
who’s also the designated Fall Guy/Boogey Man,
created to get The People to ask you to do
what was originally unacceptable to them.
Crank up faux-balanced pundits and talking heads
reading talking points off scripted teleprompters.
Dumb down public opinion by using oxymoronic phrases
spouted by “reporters” who are neo-con stenographers.
Using talking points to dumb down national discourse
by shrinking the range of what it is that’s talked about,
is like using a, b and c, but not the rest of the alphabet,
and refusing to entertain any reasonable doubts.
“They hate us for our democracy and freedoms.”
        9/11.       Al-Qaeda.       Saddam.
“If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.”
Yellow cake.     Aluminum tubes.     Smoking gun.
“Fight ’em there, or fight ’em here.  War on Terror.”
       9/11.       WMD.       Saddam.
“Mushroom cloud.”     “Islamofascistic jihad.”
Slam DUNK.     Cake WALK.     “Bring ’em ON.”
Marinate the airwaves, print media and American minds
with a shock and awe bouillabaisse of your views
with relentless, ritual repetition of propaganda
via newspapers, talk radio and Evening Entertainnews
with carefully orchestrated images of the event
   – 9/11.       9/11.       9/11.       9/11. –
a 24/7 blitzkreig of terror by the best means
of manufacturing consent ever invented.
Want to give police and military more power
for home invasions and warrantless searches?
Wire taps on citizens?  A National I.D.?
The ability to detain citizens without charges?
The People will react with “Somebody DO something!”
and that something will dovetail quite precisely
with what it was you wanted in the first place,
now presented as a way out of this crisis.
    9/11.       9/11.       9/11.       9/11.
They’ll come running to you for protection,
cowering in fear of the Fall Guy/Boogey Man
created specifically to control and to oppress them
into accepting growing limits on their freedoms and their rights
which is passed off as in the national interest,
but has nothing at all to do with The People’s agenda
and, in fact, is a laundry list of your own wishes.
And that’s really all that there is to this “sting”.
Problem.       Reaction.       Solution.
A simple, yet Machiavellian technique
that short circuits even thoughts of Revolution.
You actually set up those who’d oppose you
to see your legislation as the only possible solution
to the problem you created in the first place
and then get them to demand you introduce it.
The people who proposed the legislation are the people
who created the problem so they could impose it.
The cost?  A few thousand American sacrificial lambs
and hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslim scapegoats.
It works by exploiting instincts that are hardest to control,
triggering our most ancient behaviors by pushing our hot buttons
of territoriality, hierarchy, ritual and aggression,
the basic bundle of R-complex reptile functions.
                LET’S BE CLEAR 
Territoriality limits not only area, but outlook,
a provincialism prone to becoming vainglorious
when amplified by the injection of terror alerts
transforming it to full-blown xenophobia
and a proprietary identification with the “Homeland’,
which serves as a springboard for wanton aggression
that may begin as threats, but always escalates
to an unprovoked act, an assault or an invasion.
Hierarchical behavior is a pecking order
based on the infliction of pain.
Each member submits to pecking by those higher
and pecks those below without fear of retaliation.
It’s intrinsic to vertebrate evolution, since it’s the first
primitive thought pattern and cerebrative mode of action.
In non-cerebrating, cold-blooded vertebrates,
pecking order is completely genetically mechanical.
Each level assumes authority over the one below it,
fostering unquestioning obedience to authority
instead of individual freedom of judgment and action
and paves the way for a dictator’s rise to glory
or that of a small, dictatorial cabal
which assumes it has the right to command,
enforce dogma and obedience, and make all final decisions
while promoting their own private interests and personal plans.
Ritual is a way of doing things,
an obligatory ceremony set in concrete,
considered right and proper, with a strict set of rules
established by custom, by habit or by authority.
Territoriality.       Provincialism.
Proprietary indentification with the “Homeland”.
Hierarchical behavior.       Xenophobia.
Authoritarianism and Unprovoked Aggression.
Ritual ties them all together and reinforces them,
ax of aggression in the center.  This is the fasces,
an ax tied up in the middle of a bunch of rods,
the symbol of the Roman Empire’s iron authority.
We need more terror to sustain our Foreign Policy,
so laws were passed to create the levers of power
for declaring martial law and suspending elections.
We’re one False Flag from living under Big Brother.
But since the brain can resist the reptile’s siren song,
they need to do an end run ’round the neo-cortex sentry
and speak directly to the dinosaur component
that longs to hear the talking points of tyranny.
And the only way to achieve these obscene objectives
is to play the last card left in the neoconservative deck.
They punch down through the volatile limbic system
with a massive dose of terror in order to affect
what was once held in check by the distractions
of the smokescreen we call the American Dream,
and resurrect it from the depths of the reptilian R-complex
by sacrificing what makes us human beings,
replacing it with the atavism of the reptile “mind”
by using “Remember the Maine!” and the Lusitania,
the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor-like False Flags
to rouse The People into a terrified hysteria
and get us to acquiesce to the neutering
of our constitutional freedoms and unalienable rights
and support what the Nuremberg Tribunals termed a war of aggression,
the supreme and most heinous international crime.
Our purchased puppet leadership makes a fetish
of our most ancient instincts and involuntary reactions,
enshrining the authority of black-and-white certainty
over the individual liberty of democratic action.
And by punching down through reason with emotion
to reach instinctual pecking order submission to authority,
they’re replacing our representative democracy
with a government by stone-cold, corporate sociopathy.
What makes us so uniquely human is our free will,
choice based on critical thought and reasoned deliberation,
conscience, empathy, just and honest actions,
humility, and the ability to put off gratification.
We don’t have to be governed by sociopaths
just because they’ve figured out how to exploit us.
Contrary to Hobbes’ assertion life’s nasty, brutish and short,
human nature doesn’t doom us to a life misery and injustice.
But lurking at the base of our impressive modern brains
lies waiting patiently one day to be anointed,
the primitive, reptile atavist to be used
by other reptiles with the ability to exploit it.
False Flags will be flown by fraudulent leaders
with psy ops, public diplomacy and perception management
at critical, historical junctures intended to prepare us
for totalitarianism using terror as the catalyst.
9/11.       9/11.       9/11.       9/11.
Problem.       Reaction.       Solution.
False Flag.       Martial Law.       Fascism.
                The antidote?
           Accept no substitutions.
                – Vi Ransel, 

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