Another Fake Al Qaeda Tape


Atta’s Father Says Video Fake, Credibility of ‘Hijackers Tape’ Crumbles
Islamic Terror Expert: “Was this a video by al-Qa’ida or by a security agency?”
“New” footage was previously used in a docudrama

Steve Watson & Paul Watson | October 3 2006

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New revelations about the so-called ‘laughing hijackers’ tape expose its release as a stage-managed politically timed trick. The father of Mohammed Atta blasts the video as a “fake” while contradictory claims of its origin and nature baffle even mainstream terror experts – while even the media admits that the tape was released not by Al-Qaeda but by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

Firstly, the father of Mohammed Atta, who has previously stated that his son is still alive, has blasted the video as a total fake. “The video-testament of my son is false and I continue to believe he is innocent” Muhammad al-Amir al-Sayd Atta, 71, told Saudi daily al-Watan. “The Americans tampered with and falsified that video” he alleged, ” they want to change the truth in order to achieve their goals in the Middle East.”

“There is a big difference between this photo and the images shown by the Americans – that one is not my boy.” he went on to say.

In a separate revelation, AP is reporting that an expert on Islamic extremism has deemed the latest Al Qaeda footage as so out of character for al-Qa’ida it could have been taken by a security agency.

Diaa Rashwan, an Egyptian expert on militant groups, said he found it strange that the cameraman focused not only on bin Laden but also on his audience. He said al-Qa’ida videos of bin Laden usually focused on him alone.

“Was this a video by al-Qa’ida or by a security agency?” Dr Rashwan asked. “I have never seen such a video.”

Also questioned is the strangely different appearances of Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah : “Both seem younger, are bearded, and the infamously bleak gaze of Atta, the ringleader, is replaced by a somewhat softer expression.” reports AP.

Indeed, the two may even be Dopplegangers, especially given the strange case of Ziad Jarrah, photographic evidence of whom confirms that he was not a 9/11 hijacker.

Jarrah #1: Authentic photo of alleged hijacker Ziad Jarrah taken in 1996. [BBC]
Jarrah #2: FBI Photo of Jarrah
Jarrah #3: Passport photo of “Ziad Jarrah” found in the wreckage of Flight 93.
Jarrah #4: Another Passport photo of Jarrah [CNN]
Jarrah #5: Student visa photo of “Ziad Jarrah”.

These are clearly not the same man, there are up to three different people feature\d here! The passport found in the wreckage does not show the face of the Jarrah in the latest video release who is Jarrah #1.

As I reiterated in yesterday’s article, Ziad Jarrah’s family provided evidence days after 9/11 that Jarrah, wasn’t even onboard Flight 93 and that if he was, it was only as a passenger who was just as much of a victim as the rest of the people on the plane.

Diaa Rashwan is just another in a long list of terror analysts who can smell the stench of fake intelligence agency propaganda from a mile off. In my article yesterday i questioned the contradictions over where this tape originated from, stating “Not questioned also is the fact that although the London Times says it “obtained” the tape, other reports say things like “The video released this weekend was found when the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001. NBC News has obtained an analysis of the tape by U.S. intelligence experts, which scrutinizes every frame.”

It also seems that this tape has been seen before, it is not new. The very same footage of the Rally featuring Osama Bin Laden on January 8th 2000 , features in the docudrama Road to Guantanamo (they are not sure whether its 8/1 or 1/8 in the dramatization). At 1hr and 14 mins into the docudrama, an inmate at Guantanamo Bay is shown the same footage.

The dramatization of the experience of three British inmates who were later released and went public, portrays US interrogators forcing Guantanamo Bay prisoners to admit to appearing in fake videos in which their likeness has been doctored to suggest their presence at Al-Qaeda meetings.

It was admitted on Sunday that the US Government has had the footage since 2002. See the news report below for this admission and the confusion as to who released it. The media know that the government has had this video since 2002 but they deny reality and engage in literal doublethink by becoming confused over who released it. Note that the reporters also say that Al Qaeda “forgot to add the sound”.They “cannot lip read” the footage and there’s no audio, but they know Atta is reading his last will? How? He could be reading the football scores, it is amazingly pathetic journalism.

All indicators suggest that it was filmed by U.S. intelligence and purposefully timed for a politically expedient release to coincide the the passage of the Military Commissions Act. The fact that Atta and Jarrah appear in the same release, even though it was not the same day as the Rally and they may not have been in the same location as Bin Laden makes the whole thing stink to high heaven.

Check the video footage below for yourself. Go to 1hr 14mins of Road To Guantanamo to see the same footage as was released this week.

Think about this for a second. The government is passing off old stuff as new and almost waving it in front of our faces in plain view that it’s a fraud by using it in the context of a dramatization where US interrogators show Gitmo detainees fake videos with their likeness pasted in in an attempt to get them to confess to being Al-Qaeda members.

How many more times can they get away with this perpetuating lie?

We have previously reported how a number of these Al Qaeda tapes are uploaded from government websites in America.

Below is a ‘catalogue of terrors’ if you will, a full analysis of the history of Fake Al Qaeda tapes.

9/11 Hijacker tape:

The latest tape comes hot on the heels of a previous release last month that purported to show Bin Laden meeting with alleged 9/11 hijackers Wail Alshehri and Hamza Alghamdi days before the attack in Afghanistan. Telling therefore it is that Wail Alshehri was one of the accused hijackers reported by the L.A. Times to still be alive and protesting his innocence in Saudi Arabia after 9/11.

It has previously been reported that up to nine of the nineteen alleged hijackers are still alive. Yet the FBI still maintains it has the correct mugshots of the right men.

Furthermore, the other alleged hijacker in the previous tape, Hamza Alghamdi’s original mug shot as it appeared on the splash of 19 hijackers bore, “no resemblance” to the real Hamza Alghamdi – according to his own father after being informed of his son’s involvement in the attack. The Hamza Alghamdi in the new video does appear to be the same individual in the FBI’s mug shot parade. As with at least seven of the hijackers, it seems that there are two of each one, and the ones that appear in the tapes are patsies or dupes.

The London Telegraph not only reported that four of the named hijackers were still alive, THEY INTERVIEWED THEM! Furthermore one of the “hijackers” they interviewed was Hamza Alghamdi, the very same man who is supposed to be in the “Bin Laden meets the hijackers” tape.

The BBC also reported that some of the hijackers are still alive.

Experts have pointed out that there were no Arabic sounding names on any of the flight manifests or autopsy reports of the planes that “crashed” on 9/11.

London Bomber Tapes:

After months of flip flopping contradictory statements about Al Qaeda involvement in 7/7 from the British Government, a video of alleged London Bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan was released apparently showing him in attendance at a terror camp in Pakistan and admitting his future intentions to take part in the bombings.

However, the people closest to Khan were extremely skeptical over the video. the London Guardian reported:

His friends were less easy to persuade. Paranoid that their conversations were being recorded by MI5, none would give their names but their sentiments were clear.

“It’s a fake,” said one. “Look at the way his lips were moving; they looked odd, the whole thing is a fake.”

It is not just the young who need persuading. Many older men in the grid of potholed streets and boarded-up houses which back on to alleys where rubbish lies uncollected believe Khan, a dedicated teaching assistant at Hillside Primary school, is the victim of a conspiracy.

“It’s crap,” said Mohammed Afsal, a father of five and member of the Hardy Street mosque.

“I know people can change in a second, but I can’t say he is one of them. He taught my son, he was a very good teacher. He was never hardline – no one could say he was an extremist – he was peaceful and dedicated to the children. They all loved him.”

A further video made at the same time of Shehzad Tanweer, one of the other bombers, was then later released TEN MONTHS LATER to coincide with the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London.

The schedule is so scripted, timed and orderly that Brian Ross at ABC News was able to report days in advance that the tape was about to be released.

If intelligence is so good that it is known in advance when tapes are going to be released, you’d expect intelligence agencies to also know the exact location where these tapes are coming from and who is releasing them, but no.

The videos could have been filmed under the proviso that the role players were just acting out another scene in the script of their MI5 training exercise – after all once again terror experts came forward to stress that the ringleader Mohammed Siddique Khan was on the payroll of British Intelligence. He was also under MI5 surveillance before the bombings.

Another terror expert, John Loftus, told Fox news that the reported mastermind of the bombings was working for British Intelligence.

Ayman al-Zawahiri Tapes:

In May 2003 A Zawahiri tape’s authenticity was seriously questioned by counter terrorism experts:

“The authenticity of the latest message purported to be of Ayman al-Zawahiri,” B. Raman, a former Indian government official and director the Institute for Topical Studies, wrote on May 22, 2003, “is yet to be established. According to counter-terrorism experts familiar with the voice and accent of al-Zawahiri, while the language and accent in the tape resemble those of al-Zawahiri, the voice seems to be of a person younger than al-Zawahiri, who is 51 years old.” As Raman notes, “one generally depends on the voice analysis experts of the US intelligence community” to establish the veracity of such recordings, although it “is not certain how accurate are their analysis and conclusions”

There is also a glaring flaw in the al-Zawahiri tape: in the May 21, 2003 message, al-Zawahiri mentions attacking Norway for its support of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. “Some observers have interpreted the reference to Norway in the message as possibly a mistake and said that he was probably having Denmark in mind,” notes Raman, writing for the South Asia Analysis Group. “Al-Zawahiri is reputed to be an intelligent and well-informed person. It is difficult to believe that he would have mistaken Norway for Denmark. This indicates the possibility that the message might have been recorded by someone else, not well-informed and hence not able to distinguish between Norway and Denmark, in the name of al-Zawahiri in order to mobilize the remnants of Al Qaeda and the IIF [Bin Laden’s International Islamic Front] for action in retaliation for the occupation of Iraq.”

Al Zawahiri was also reportedly captured and jailed in Iran one year before this tape was even made. He was also reported as captured in Pakistan by an Israeli news network in September 2004. Just like Bin Laden, Zawahiri keeps seeming to miraculously escape and evade near death situations.

Musab Al-Zarqawi Tapes :

Irrefutable evidence confirms that Musab Al-Zarqawi was a US agent provocateur used to both sell the necessity of the war in Iraq and as a patsy to take the fall for numerous suspicious bombings which only had the effect of realizing a long-held US and Israeli goal to deliberately foment civil war in Iraq and break up the country along sectarian lines.

Furthermore, before he was laid out to pasture earlier this year, presumably because it was getting ridiculous the amount of times he had already been reported captured or killed, Musab Al-Zarqawi’s role was exaggerated by The Pentagon in order to subtly link Iraq and 9/11 and quell criticism of the war.

Leaked documents even admitted that the Pentagon had concocted fake Al-Zarqawi letters boasting about suicide attacks and leaked them to the New York Times. The same documents directly stated that the false promotion of Al-Zarqawi included marking the the “U.S. Home Audience” as one of the targets of a broader propaganda campaign.”

The last video of Al Zarqawi was a series of “outakes”, much like the latest Atta/Bin Laden video has been described as, which revealed the fact that he didn’t even know how to fire a gun.

Al Zarqawi’s shining achievement in terms of aiding his Neo-Con bosses was to launch a wave of copy-cat beheadings after appearing in the production of the fictional Nick Berg beheading tape.

Azzam the American Tapes:

Last month saw the release of another “Azzam the American” tape and allowed an opportunity for thorough debunking and exposure on our part. We revealed the shady past and the possible MOSSAD links to this Al Qaeda convert in a feature article stating “Adam Gadahn is in fact the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl Pearlman was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993. This information today also appeared in the Jerusalem post. “

We also highlighted the various uses of Al Qaeda as a front group by several different intelligence agencies around the globe.

Bin Laden Tapes:

Four days before the 2004 presidential election, bin Laden appeared with Bush’s ‘October surprise’ – claiming he ordered 9/11 and appearing to goad Americans with threats of more attacks. The tape enabled Bush to recover vital approval ratings that he had lost to John Kerry in the weeks before and win re-election.

Even veteran newsman Walter Kronkite went public to suggest the tape was a set-up masterminded by Karl Rove.

Previous to the 2004 election, Bin Laden surfaced on a video on the eve of the two year anniversary of 911. Once again impeccable timing to deliver a video, given that he was reported to be hiding in the mountains of Pakistan. However, the video was quickly recognized by experts as simply a re-hash of old material cobbled together quickly and so amateurish that it could not have fooled anyone.

Previous to the beginning of the Iraq war, Bin Laden appeared in February 2003 on an audio tape that was touted as proof positive of Al Qaeda links with Saddam Hussein. In another amazing timing coincidence, the tape came barely a week after Colin powell’s attempts to link Al Qaeda and Saddam in his botched presentation of lies and exaggerations before the UN Security Council.

In an even more bizarre twist, just hours before the tape was found and aired by AlJazeera, Colin Powell announced in the US Senate that a “Bin Laden tape is coming proving Iraq’s links with Al-Qaeda.” How does Colin Powell know what AlJazeera are going to broadcast before they do?

The tape voiced support for Iraq, but did not prove any link between al-Qaeda and the Iraqi leadership. It was described as dubious at best and at worst as an outright fake.

Previous to this tape a poor quality release in November 2002, deemed to be completely authentic by US Experts, was determined to be a total fake by the Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland. This time Bin Laden was said to be admitting to recent small scale terror attacks. Yet the voice on the tape was different to around twenty previous recordings of Bin Laden.

And of course, then there is the all time classic Bin Laden video, the number one hit from december 2001. The one we like to call the “Fat nosed” Bin Laden video.

This one was magically found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. It featured a fat Osama laughing and joking about how he’d carried out 9/11. The video was also mistranslated in order to manipulate viewer opinion and featured “Bin Laden” praising two of the hijackers, only he got their names wrong.

This Osama also uses the wrong hand to write with and wears gold rings, a practice totally in opposition to the Muslim faith. Despite the fact that the man in the video looks nothing like Bin Laden, the CIA stood by the video whilst many have declared it an outright fake.

The last Bin Laden Tape was back in January of this year, and was once again declared a fake. Professor Bruce Lawrence described the tape as “like a voice from the grave”.

He thinks bin Laden is dead and has doubts about the tape. Lawrence recently analyzed more than 20 complete speeches and interviews of the al Qaida leader for his book. He says the new message is missing several key elements.

We have previously highlighted the evidence to suggest that Bin Laden is dead. More and more experts and intelligence agencies are now coming forward with the same opinion. Every time a new tape is released it seems to become shorter and more vague or is a cobbled together montage of old footage.

Articles by: Steve Watson and Paul Watson

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