America’s War on the World. Libya, NATO, and the American Empire

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Global Research Selected Articles

Why Does America Go to War?
Read “America’s ‘War on Terrorism'” to learn the truth
– by Prof Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-04-30

New Theaters of Conflict and the Risk of a Multi-Regional World War
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2011-04-26

Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa
The Imperialist Powers’ Odyssey of “Return” into Africa
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-04-26

Imperialist powers are on their own odyssey of “return” into Africa. This project is also tied to Southwest Asia and the drive into Eurasia, but also has an economic backstory.

VIDEO: NATO War Based on Lies, Tripoli Was Never Bombed by Gaddafi
Watch the report on GRTV
– by Sukant Chandan – 2011-04-25

New Exposé of Big Oil’s Role in the Iraq War
– by James Ridgeway – 2011-04-25

McCain-Hillary in 2009: Libya is “An Important Ally in the War on Terrorism”, Gaddafi is “a Peacemaker in Africa”
– by Manlio Dinucci – 2011-04-25

Your Local Military Industrial Complex
– by David Swanson – 2011-04-24
US, Russian and Chinese Weapons: Both of Libya’s fighting camps are taking delivery of weapons shipments
– 2011-04-24

Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)
– by Manlio Dinucci – 2011-04-24

The largest sum ever blocked in the US, held “in trust for the future of Libya.” It will serve as a cash injection into the U.S. economy. …

Britain, the Traitor Nation: Media Disinformation and Crimes against Humanity in Libya
– by Dr. David Halpin – 2011-04-24

NATO candidly acknowledges its war crimes: 3,438 sorties and 1,432 strike sorties since March 31
– 2011-04-24

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian War Crimes in Afghanistan
– by Prof. Michael Keefer – 2011-04-24
The Protest Movement in Bahrain
Radio Interview. Live from Manama with Timothy V. Gatto
– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-04-23

US atrocities reach all time high in Afghanistan
– by Zia Sarhadi – 2011-04-23
Obama Approves Drone Strikes in Libya
– by Jason Ditz – 2011-04-22

Hype of America’s Mainstream Media: “Giving War a Chance”
– by Robert Parry – 2011-04-22

NATO Military Advisers In Libya: “Clear Launch Of Ground Conflict”
– 2011-04-22

Worst Case Scenario: Will Ongoing Conflicts Lead To a World War?
– by Anna Forostenko – 2011-04-22

NATO Warplanes Bomb Libyan Capital, Kill Seven Civilians
– 2011-04-21

Detained Bahraini Medics: Brutal Crackdown against Pro-democracy Movement
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland: Putting Money Before Human Rights
– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-04-21

Canada’s Military Industrial Complex
Ottawa’s Complicity in the Multibillion Dollar Arms Trade
– by Richard Sanders – 2011-04-21

Libya: Another Neocon War
– by David Swanson – 2011-04-21

Military Surge in Afghanistan Launches Reign of Terror
U.S. officer: ‘You have to show up at their door … and start killing people’
– by Brian Becker – 2011-04-21
British Mission to Libya: “No Evidence of Gaddafi Violence”
– by Tom Rayner – 2011-04-21

Libyan War: Humanitarian Disaster, West Getting Bogged Down In Africa
– 2011-04-21

US NATO has Started the Invasion Of Libya, Ground Operations Next Step
– by Konstantin Garibov – 2011-04-21

Libya and Western Hypocrisy
The West has been lying, cheating, and deceiving people…
– by Devon DB – 2011-04-21

The Ground War has Commenced: NATO Establishes a “Joint Operation Room” with the Libyan Rebels
Weapons are being supplied to the rebels under NATO supervision
– by Manilo Dinucci – 2011-04-21

The Libyan mission is creeping, no doubt
– by Simon Tisdall – 2011-04-21

Lies about the war on Libya
– by Thierry Meyssan – 2011-04-20

Gulf allies: A Record of Repression and Torture – Part 1: Saudi Arabia
US State Department human rights reports
– by Kate Randall – 2011-04-20
Britain and France Escalate War in Libya
Intensified bombing, military “advisers” on the ground
– by Patrick Martin – 2011-04-20

Afghan History: The Central Asian Grand Chessboard
– by Dean Henderson – 2011-04-20
Escalation of Libya Bombing Campaign: NATO Doubled Missile, Bomb Strikes
RAF Tornados carry out ‘deliberate, multiple strikes’
– 2011-04-20

Humanitarian Intervention Again
– by James Bissett – 2011-04-19

NATO Data Confirms the Magnitude and Destructive Nature of the Libya Military Operation
2771 sorties since March 31st
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-04-19

Libyan rebel’s story shows links to Taliban, Al Qaeda, NATO
– by Ned Parker – 2011-04-19

Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq
– by Paul Bignell – 2011-04-19

Bahraini Rulers Play Sectarian Card in Bid to Trump Pro-democracy Movement
– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-04-19

Deconstructing the US Military: America’s Global War against Planet Earth
– by Dana Visalli – 2011-04-18

Canada’s Involvement in the US-NATO led War on Libya: Some Important Facts
– by Ian Hunter – 2011-04-18

Saudi Protests Against Bahrain Invasion, Repression
– by Bill Van Auken – 2011-04-18

VIDEO: Libya Campaign: The Longer the Fighting, the Better?
Interview about Libya on GRTV
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-04-18

Libya in face of Humanitarian Imperialism
– by Jean Bricmont – 2011-04-18

Imperialist Powers Prepare Escalation of Libyan War
– by Patrick Martin – 2011-04-18

U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups
Cables released by WikiLeaks show
– by Craig Whitlock – 2011-04-18

US-NATO Forces Used Depleted Uranium Ammunition in Libya. Selected Articles
– by Vincent Lane – 2011-04-17

‘US To Recoup Libya Oil From China’
Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of US Treasury
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-04-17

When War Games Go Live: “Staging” a “Humanitarian War” against “SOUTHLAND”
Under an Imaginary UN Security Council Resolution 3003
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-04-16

Under an Imaginary UN Security Council Resolution 3003… The war on Libya as well as the armed insurrection were planned months prior to the Arab protest movement…

U.S. Military Spending Has Almost Doubled Since 2001
– by Judd Legum – 2011-04-16

The Colonial “Axis of Evil” prepares for the invasion of Libya: U.S., Britain and France step up War Plans
– by Brian Becker – 2011-04-16

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