Video: Al Nusrah Terrorists Launch Powerful Assault in Aleppo Province, Repealed by Syrian Forces
By South Front
Global Research, November 27, 2015
South Front 25 November 2015
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On Wednesday morning, the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Al-Nusra” supported by Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, Jund Al-Aqsa and Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen launched a powerful assault on the Al-Zahra Association Quarter in the Aleppo province’s western countryside. The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions near the Great Prophet Mosque and the Air Force Intelligence (AFI) building were hit.

Following a series of intense firefights, the terrorists temporarily captured the Great Prophet Mosque. But, they were unable to advance forward after the Russian Air Force’s warplanes conducted air raids against them. Then, the SAA launched a counter-assault to recapture the territory around the western sector of the Al-Zahra Association Quarter that was lost to the terrorists.

In northern Aleppo, Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen and Al-Nusra conducted a full-scale offensive on the town of Bashkoy. Unfortunately, for the terrorists, they were unable to advance into the Al-Afghani Farms and retreated to the nearby village of Rityan. According to the local sources, about 60 terrorists were killed in these clashes.

The SAA in coordination with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) imposed full control over Katf Al-Ghanimah and Point 1154 around Kabani last night. 25 terrorists from Al-Nusra and its allied groups of the Free Syrian Army and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham were killed.

The Syrian forces mop-up operations in areas to the East of the recently-recaptured Marj al-Sultan airbase in the Damascus province. Al Nusra positions in Douma and near Adam gas station in Aliya farms were destroyed, the reports said.

The SAA, the NDF and Hezbollah advanced against ISIS near al-Hayyal and deployed their units in the Southern side of Palmyra. According to the pro-government forces, the Syrian warriors are preparing to launch a final advance on the city, while the Russian Air Force strikes the Palmyra Military Airport and the road leading to the East district.

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