Zbigniew Brzezinski goes radical performing new role on political stage
By Alexey Frolov
Global Research, March 21, 2011 21 March 2011
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Obama’s adviser and major US political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski is back on political stage. In his recent book he writes, “America urgently need to fashion a truly post-Cold War globalist foreign policy. It still can do so if the next president, aware that “the strength of a great power is diminished if it ceases to serve an idea,” tangibly relates American power to the aspirations of politically awakened humanity.”

Thus, the former US Security Council clearly outlines a personality capable to promote US leadership under global shift of the world policy. Brzezinski sees Obama as a sole “savior” bringing change not only to the United States country but to the whole world.

Obama – Brzezinski’s duo arouses suspicion in many countries. Brzezinski backing of Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer (authors of The Israel Lobby) has been harshly criticized by rightist Israelis. Meanwhile, Obama counters allegations that he would sacrifice Israel in return for a settlement with the Muslim world. Though that’s probably what Brzezinski wants him to do.

Brzezinski updates political vocabulary with a new term: “the global political”. Brzezinski asserts that, “the worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakening.” He perceives the global political awakening as fundamental reality and driving force of history, incapable of being overcome through conservative approach and even suicidal for those who dare. He writes that only by identifying itself with the idea of universal human dignity can America overcome the risk that the global political awakening will turn against it that is to say instead of scrambling to retain existing balance America should lead the revolutionary change.

Being perfectly aware of anti-Western sentiment as a central fact of global political awakening he writes that “global political awakening is historically anti-imperial, politically anti-Western, and emotionally increasingly anti-American. In the process, it is setting in motion a major shift in the global center of gravity. That in turn is altering the global distribution of power, with major implications for America’s role in the world.” Obviously, the foremost geopolitical effect of global political awakening – let’s name it world revolution – is the demise of America as a global empire, decline of a “New Pax Americana” and beginning of post-imperial age.

Brzezinski concludes, “Anti-Westernism is thus more than a populist attitude. It is an integral part of the shifting global demographic, economic and political balance. Not only does the non-Western population already far outnumber the Euro-Atlantic world (by 2020, Europe and North America are likely to account for only 15 percent of the world population), but the non-West’s awakened political aspirations generate significant momentum for the ongoing redistribution of power. The resentments, emotions, and quest for status of billions are a qualitative new factor of power.”

Brzezinski’s speculations on US leading a “world revolution” are not really brand new. After the Second World War the USA was all busy with “interception and rerouting” of revolutionary activities towards their rivals – British Empire and later Soviet Union.

However, Brzezinski goes beyond. He considers Islamism as a legitimate and most powerful emanation of global political awakening. This is kind of political protest to counter Western imperial domination. He assumes that ongoing complex processes depend in many respects on US ability to deal with Islamic world. Otherwise it will be China’s gain.

Then he comes up with a clear statement that the US has to be in the forefront of Islam’s revival if it wants to lead world change. He sees US – Islamic link as a key success factor and consequent China’s joining would eventually turn this alliance to triumphant trio reestablishing America as a global leader.

It’s clear that suggested US-Islamic alliance is meant to be anti-Russian. Brzezinski considers Russia as anti-Islamic and pro-imperialistic stronghold yearning to counter “awakened humanity” led by Obama the Savior. All in all, America will shine again as the principal defender of “insulted and humiliated”.

If this plan comes true or fades out due anti-US sentiment in Islamic world – only time knows. Anyway Russia will pursue a policy aiming at conflict prevention, world stability and deterrent Neo-Totalitarian New World Order.

Alexey Frolov – NEO journal staff correnpondent. The article written in Russian on the basis of Boris Mezhuev’s “Second Chance of Brzezinski, or the Dark Side of Obama” (

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