Bipartisan Deadlock: Working People and Youth Must Call for President Trump’s Resignation Now! Joe Biden is Not An Alternative
By Massoud Nayeri
Global Research, June 17, 2020

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The deep and insolvable differences among the wealthy elite indicate that the next U.S. President will be in the office by use of force, not through election and votes. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are preparing the American people in advance that the result of the presidential election will be controversial. “

This president is going to steal this election” said Mr. Biden during an interview on “The Daily Show.” On the other hand, President Trump for many years had been undermining the legitimacy of elections in general by emphasizing “voter fraud”; and recently claiming that the “vote-by-mail” due to the pandemic is a Democrats’ scheme to “steal” the election. The fact is both Democrats and Republicans are fearful of a genuine people’s uprising which is angry and demands change.

Both parties believe during this charged political atmosphere a “normal” presidential election is not feasible and a clear victory will not be certain. Mr. Trump as the self proclaimed “Law and Order” President, has already tried to convince the military to carry a soft coup to establish his position as the Authoritarian President, but failed. However, the Trump Administration saw this first attempt as a rehearsal that needed some corrections and adjustments. The Administration has concluded that more provocation is needed to divide the nation into two clear camps, that of pro-Trump and anti-Trump.

Considering these alarming facts, the question remains should working people and youth direct their energy and hope toward a Biden victory in the presidential election for fundamental changes? The answer is NO. As a matter of fact, the massive and spontaneous demonstrations in the U.S. suggest that the illusion of having a “democratic” election is fading. However, the current movement is not clear on how to move forward due to lack of a conscious leadership. The ambiguous “Defund the Police” demand which has been introduced by some leaders of the “Black Lives Matter” and the middle class reformists in the Democratic Party raises more questions than solutions.

The reality is that the massive and spontaneous demonstrations in the U.S. and around the world are shaking the foundation of the 1%. The powerful and colorful people’s marches for justice in honor of George Floyd who was murder by coldblooded police has already surpassed the question of race and police brutality. Today, the old and new problems are being discussed among all layers of society. People around the world have already witnessed that the immediate response by the authorities in the U.S. and different countries in Europe has been more police brutality! The senseless killing of Rayshard Brooks, a young Black father, after 19 days of daily demonstrations against police brutality once again proved that the role of the police is not to protect and serve ordinary people but to maintain order in the interest of the wealthy elite in power; through intimidations, threats and shoot to kill – as if they are soldiers in the territory of a hostile enemy.

The use of teargas, pepper spray, shootings, beatings and arrests (by all types of Police in riot gears, unidentified policing forces, use of active-duty troops and National Guard to confront the peaceful demonstrations); not only did not demoralize the determined youth, but on the contrary, these measures energized more people with diverse backgrounds to join the movement. Now the parents of the young people who have been marching day after day are supporting their children. At the same time, the working people – who had to endure the mismanaged and chaotic lockdown for weeks due to the coronavirus are fighting in their own workplaces along with the demonstrators in the movement for justice. The cry of the meatpacking workers, the strike by Amazon workers and the workers of many other factories are demanding safe workplaces that can only be heard through those independent journalists and organizations that are loyal to the voiceless people.

This unique political situation has drawn people with different backgrounds to a live discussion to change the current dysfunctional system. Some young activists based on the occupy movement experience have, as an experiment declared a few blocks of the city of Seattle as a “Free Cop Zone”. Although the atmosphere is festive and participants are peaceful, they have not presented a clear short or long term plan. The working people, in general, are watching these events sympathetically from the sideline. The Trump Administration is calling these young people “ugly domestic terrorists” while Democrats are buying time to intervene forcefully at a later time and end this saga as they did with the occupy movement.

It is evident that the Democratic Party leadership is in disarray.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have embarrassed themselves and endured a painful kneeling for a photo-op to show that they are sympathetic to the cause of “Black Lives Matter”; at the same time, Ambassador Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, a Black woman claims that “Foreign Actors” and Russians are stirring up the recent demonstrations!

The intellectuals, community leaders/organizers, old-timer activists and well-known Liberal figures are doing their best to analyze these situations and suggest the next steps.

However, some of these suggestions which are not based on the revolutionary heritage of working people actually are misguided and are potentially harmful to a young movement.

Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis are propagating an unsubstantiated narrative that if Joe Biden became the next occupant of the White House, people would have a better chance to fight for their demands. The so-called Progressives and Liberals have lost their confidence in the power of the actual producers in the U.S., and have capitulated to a section of capitalists in order to defeat Trump.

They are asking everyone that vote for Joe Biden is the “only alternative” against President Trump. These intellectuals have closed their eyes to the undeniable reality that today both Democratic and Republican corrupt parties have no credibility among the majority of people. Mr. Biden’s record as a senator and as Vice-President is as reactionary as any GOP leader. The truth is that he became the nominee of the Democratic Party through disgraceful and undemocratic DNC manipulation against the will of the Democratic Party membership. Also, it must be noted that Democrats might disapprove and criticize President Trump’s behavior in front of the TV cameras; but since 2016 in the House of Representatives, they have had no problem giving President Trump everything he asked for and sometimes even more!

Working people and youth must lead the mass movement to force Trump out of office now! President Trump has shown in many ways that he does not believe in the will of people or even the Constitution of the United States. He does not need an election to stay in power. He already has consolidated a group of loyal wealthy elite, politicians, military figures and functionaries in the police departments and different security agencies as well as servants in the judicial system to stay in power.

Meanwhile, through his rallies and deceitful tweets and provocative executive orders and inciting messages, President Trump has gathered the most rightwing elements, anti-immigrants and immoral evangelists among people throughout the country as his admiring followers (following the footsteps of Benito Mussolini in Italy). He is also dangerously moving this country toward a military confrontation with China. HE MUST RESIGN! This should be a rallying demand that challenges President Trump today before he actually succeeds in becoming the first U.S. Authoritarian President.

A call for President Trump’s resignation does not mean to replace Donald Trump with Mike Pence or Joe Biden. In a charged political situation, the dynamic of mass movement and uprising does not follow the constitutional laws. Having a liberal exception that the November Election will stop the fascistic minded President Trump is a utopian idea.

A call for his resignation with uncompromising stand against Democratic nominee, Joe Biden is a unifying demand. This demand allows the revolutionary-minded youth in the movement for justice to focus on the immediate danger that President Trump is posing rather get distracted by ambiguous demands like “Defund the Police”. The current movement for justice must unite with the hard-working people, independent of the billionaires’ political influence and their intellectual apologists.


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