Working Hand in Glove with US State Department? Hacking Network Anonymous declares Cyber War on Syria
Global Research, December 02, 2012
Russia Today
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Global Research Editor`s Note

Anonymous –which is affiliated to the Occupy Movement– is not an NGO. It is an instrument of the US government acting covertly in the hacking of Syrian government websites. This attack follows earlier cyber attacks in 2011 directed against Iran and Syria.

The US and its allies are preparing to wage war on Syria under a NATO R2P “humanitarian” mandate. The actions led by Anonymous (which are upheld in the name of civil society and democracy) are coordinated with those of the US and its allies,  with a view to closing down Syria’s communications network including the internet and telephone.

Michel Chossudovsky, December 1, 2012

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Anonymous have said they will shut down the Syrian governments websites around the world in response to Syria’s internet blackout. For the second day all internet services, mobile phones and many fixed line phones are out of action.

­A tweet on Friday from the group read, “Government of Syria cuts country’s internet access – anonymous goes on warpath.”

Anonymous quickly called their campaign Opsyria. At 02:00 am GMT on Friday they started removing all the Syrian government’s internet properties that remained online, after the country’s Web access was severed, they also targeted domains ran by pro-government sympathizers.

Some of the Syrian organizations and companies that have been hacked by Anonymous include Syrian Railways, the Syrian parliament, Syrian TV and the Syrian Embassy in China.

The hackers also managed to download 1GB of confidential memos and emails from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs including details about plane loads of cash from Russia and arms from Ukraine, which they have uploaded for public viewing.

Hacking by pro Syrian regime forces – who had previously targeted Al Jazeera and Reuters – has dried up in the last few days presumably because of the Syrian internet blackout, Security Week, an online internet security journal, reports.  Although, it is not possible to verify many of these claims because of the internet blackout.

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