Will Turkey Give Up and Bring Back the Syrian Militants from Libya?
By Khaled Iskef
Global Research, March 24, 2021

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A security source in Tripoli said that all the Syrian mercenaries were placed in one camp west of the city of Tripoli, in order to facilitate their transfer in batches to the Maitika airport.

The source added that Turkish and Libyan planes would transport them to a border city in Turkey in preparation for pushing them to the Syrian city of Afrin.

The source explained that the first flights took off yesterday.

And in early December, the United Nations Acting Envoy Stephanie Williams revealed the presence of 20,000 foreign and mercenary force” in Libya, considering this a horrific violation of national sovereignty. She also indicated that there are 10 military bases in Libya, which are partially or totally occupied by foreign forces. And mercenaries.

On December 22, Turkey extended the deployment of its soldiers, experts, and mercenaries for a period of 18 months.

Several media reports spoke of  actual Turkish preparations to bring its militia from the Syrian armed men present in Libya back to their country, days after the formation of a Libyan national unity government headed by Abd al-Hamid al-Dabaiba.

Regarding this, sources reported what is being circulated among the militants present in Libya that is Turkey has already issued an order for them to be prepared for a return to Syria provided that returning all of them will be completed within the next ten days.

The sources reported that the return of dozens of militants belonging to the Turkish backed “Sultan Murad” faction was registered on Sunday, but it is circulated that this return is temporary, not permanent, as they will be transferred to Turkey in order to complete their contracts, without knowing their final destination.

On the other hand, the weights indicate that these militants returning from Libya will be thrown into the Yemeni conflict to fight against the Houthis,

Several armed factions in rural Aleppo, including Hamzat Division and Sultan Murad announced the opening of offices in Hewar Kilis area to register the names of militants wishing to travel to Yemen, tempting them with monthly salaries up to $2500.

Despite the opening of these offices, no Syrian militants have yet been sent to Yemen, and what is currently taking place is merely tempting and mobilizing fighters, in the context of the Turkish policy based on exploiting the militants and plunging them into the regional conflicts in the region to serve its interests.


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