Why Are Fauci, Redfield, and the “Presstitutes” Deceiving Us About the Masks?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, October 19, 2020

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Twitter, the Censor and Explainer Controller for the Deep State, removed a tweet from White House Covid adviser Dr. Scott Atlas who reported accurately that the masks people are wearing do not prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

As I have reported to you from the beginning, the only mask available to the public that provides protection against Covid is a N95 mask.  Even this mask does not provide 100% protection.  The masks people are wearing provide zero protection.  

This is simply a fact. Dr. Atlas knows it as does every one familiar with masks, including Fauci at NIH and Redfield at CDC.  Indeed, both Fauci and Redfield along with the World Health Organization originally advised people not to wear masks.  If the masks people are wearing were effective—and they are not, just look at the containers they come in which do not say that they protect against viruses—there would be no point for masks that are effective such as N95.

A N95 mask fits tightly and, is engineered to prevent the transmission of virus and bacteria along with other pathogens.  A N95 masks restricts breathing more than the pretend masks that people are wearing. It is difficult to wear one for very long.  These masks, now that they are available, are worn by medical personnel treating Covid patients.  Those who wear them have to take breaks to avoid oxygen depletion.

Allan Smith, possibly simply an uninformed NBC News reporter, but more likely a person who needs to hold on to his job by accusing Trump and his advisor of false and misleading content that violates Twitter policy, used an assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services to contradict President Trump and his advisor. See this.

CNN, of course, joined in.  Uninformed CNN reporters Jeremy Diamond and Paul LeBlanc also gave approval to Twitter’s censorship of a White House advisor and said, falsely, that both Atlas and Trump’s claims about masks were “misleading information” that Twitter needed to remove. See this.

Think about this for a minute.  It is an established fact that any mask less than a N95 offers ZERO protection from the transmission of Covid-19, yet Big Pharma shills Fauci and Redfield and NBC and CNN presstitutes contract the known fact and claim that ineffectual masks are effectual.

What is going on here? Obviously, Fauci, Redfield, and the presstitutes are playing the fear factor, but why?  Why deceive people into believing that masks that do not protect do protect? 

The only answer to this question that I can think of is that fear is needed for mass vaccination, and the fear has to be kept alive until Big Pharma has a vaccine approved.

In other words, the answer is money for the pharmaceutical companies.  Every company has to be in on the money.  According to reports there are four pharmaceutical companies, each with its own vaccine.  So fear is kept alive until all four vaccines are available.

Another reason for the false presstitute information about masks is to try to discredit Trump, thereby hurting his reelection chances, by presenting him as a person who gives advice dangerous to people’s heath and lives. The Democrats want the economy locked down so that the economic hardship is blamed on Trump and prevents his reelection.

We are told by presstitutes that Covid cases are exploding, but we are not told that this is the result of a test, declared faulty by its inventor, that produces false positives.  The rise in cases merely reflects the deficiencies of the test.

We are not told this, because the propaganda about the rise in cases adds to the fear and willingness to accept questionable vaccines.  

The “Covid pandemic” is about money, not a public health threat, unless, of course, they have a more potent Covid virus to release this winter.


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