Why Are U.S. “News” Media Ignoring Important News? Western Media is Hiding War Preparations Directed against Russia

On December 5th, it was “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?”

On December 6th, it was “Ukraine Receives New Weapons.”

On December 7th, it was “NATO Prepositions Weapons In Poland for Attack on Russia.”

Are the public supposed to be surprised when the war between NATO and Russia starts? Because it is already a hot war, and it has already begun in Ukraine; it’s being waged between the invading Ukrainian Government, proxying for Obama after his successful coup to take over that Government, and the defending breakaway region of the former Ukraine, proxying for Putin (because the Obama-installed leaders of Ukraine are dedicated to destroying Russia).

NATO is preparing to invade Russia, but our ‘news’-media are hiding these preparations. And the earlier phases of these preparations have already spurred counterpreparations by Russia (which, unlike the precipitating-events on ‘our’ sidedo receive press-coverage in the West, because, taken out of context in that way, these reports present Russia as if it were the aggressor, which it’s not; the U.S. is, but the media controlled by America’s aristocracy — and their servants — censor that fact out of their ‘news’).

Is the ‘news’-media collectively hiding the biggest news-story of our time: the perhaps now uncontrollable buildup to World War III, with Ukraine serving as the bait, the pretext, and an eager staging-area for an attack against next-door Russia?

All of those news-reports (on December 5th, 6th, and 7th) were submitted to virtually all ‘news’-media in the U.S. and Britain, but were published by only a half-dozen very small ones, and hidden by all of the rest (including by the major ‘news’-media and almost all of the alternative-news sites).

When are America’s ‘news’-media going to start reporting, instead of covering-up, the biggest news-story of our time: the likeliest buildup toward a nuclear war since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis?

Or is the biggest news-story of our time actually that cover-up itself: the control of virtually all of our ‘news’-media by the same aristocracy — the same interconnected group of billionaires and their servants (including their ‘news’ executives)? And, if that’s the case, then how will the public even possibly come to know about the biggest news-story of our time?

After all, when it’s the case that the “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?” the question that’s being asked there is a very serious one, indeed.

Perhaps the only way to spread the news now is via word-of-mouth and social media, as well as via reddit and other news-following sites. But the ‘news’-media themselves are not reporting it. So, the news-following sites likewise report little if any of it.

Of course, the aristocracy themselves already know about it. If nothing else, the editors they’ve hired, who are censoring it out at their ‘news’-media, can tell them about it, because they receive those reports (such as from the present independent reporter), even though the general public don’t receive these reports.

Practically the only way that the general public can find out about it is by clicking onto the links in this and the few other news-reports that get published about it, and checking and verifying the sources, all of which are online, so that you can determine for yourself whether these sources are reliable ones.

Newspapers, magazines, books, TV, and radio, don’t provide any similar means of easily checking out and verifying the reliability of their cited sources (no links are available in those old-style media); so, deceiving the public is much easier done in those media, than it is online.

But, of course, the traditional offline ‘news’ media denigrate the online ones as if only gossipy “blogs” were online; they do this in order to discourage the public from being able to verify (via the links, at sites online like this) for themselves, what is actually happening.

A build-up to World War III is happening. You’ll see it verified in those links.

And that’s big news, even though it’s already months old (specifically since at least 24 July 2014, as I noted on December 7th).

It’s not alarmism; it’s fact. It is an alarming fact, that’s not being published. All that’s generally being published in the West is the counterpreparations by Russia. But that’s not even half of the real story. And, taken out of context like that, it’s a dangerously prejudiced less-than-half. America’s aggressive genocide against the residents in the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew is being entirely ignored. Obama is trying to bait Putin into a pretext to invade ‘Ukraine’ (the separatist area, to defend the people there). But America’s press report as if Obama is instead simply defending Ukraine against Putin’s ‘aggression.’ To ‘report’ that way is to lie. It’s to lie about what might be the biggest news of our time. And there’s lots else they don’t report, so as to enable this to happen. Anyone who pays a cent to traditional ‘news’ media, and to any of the many ’alternative news’ sites that also are participating in this cover-up and massive deception of the public, is rewarding it.

On December 8th, Jonathan Cook at Dissident Voice headlined “Monbiot: A Compromised Critic of Power,” and he closed: “Most telling is that [George] Monbiot [of Britain’s Guardian] does not even suggest that this area of corporate power [reporters’ subservience to the line of command up to their aristocratic masters] needs fixing, let alone propose ways it might be done. That, ultimately, is because he is an employee of a corporation, one that sets implicit limits on what he can write about in relation to an area that is his stated expertise. For this reason, Monbiot is fatally compromised as a critic of the corporations. Not because most of what he writes is not excellent, but because he has to omit from his concerns a central problem he claims to be addressing.”

A democracy cannot function like that. Only an aristocracy can, otherwise called an “oligarchy,” “plutocracy,” “kleptocracy,” or “fascism.”

Anyone who says that ‘the Western democracies’ could never instigate World War III are assuming something that has now become false: that the phrase “the Western democracies” refers to something that still exists and that includes the United States. None of that assumption is true any longer.

Our country has changed in a fundamental way.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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