Why Are Humans Enemies?
By Van Robison
Global Research, June 15, 2017

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What is wrong with the human mind and heart that human beings grind their teeth at one another? The history of mankind is an ocean of blood, death and destruction and why? Virtually no one on planet earth in the world of politics or the world of religion has ever had the answer or solution. Everyone points the finger at others, but never at themselves as problem makers. No one looks in the mirror, but rather makes the claim that they are “fighting terrorism.” Who has military bases by the hundreds the world over and why?

If you are a paid assassin, why are you? Are you so brainwashed that you don’t have a mind, heart or conscience of your own, but you are controlled like a zombie or robot? If you murder other human beings in war, why do you do so, because you have been brainwashed that other humans are the “enemy”, or that you are “fighting for freedom?” Most likely the other side thinks the same way you do.

Are humans really “intelligent?” If so, why do humans kill, torture, rape, mass-murder, lie, deceive, propagandize, steal, lust, tax, enforce, imprison, spy, forge and hate? If that is human intelligence, then the world is ruled by juvenile minded humans who have never matured into adult humanity with wisdom and understanding.

Perhaps the greatest “enemy” of all nations on earth is SELF. Self is always right in its own eyes. Self slanders, self is self-righteous, self is selfish, self is not trustworthy, self is programmed to believe and accept lies and propaganda as truth, self always points the finger at others, but never at itself.

Why are humans enemies? Because religions divide humans into warring camps, because some are aggressors while pretending “defense.” As long as human beings brainwash their children to believe that they are “special” in the eyes of a “God”, no one ever sees, then there is no solution to animosity among humans. As long as the few will do anything on earth to control the world and all of its resources, there is no solution to peace and harmony on earth.

Humans are enemies because those who cause problems on earth are juveniles in mentality. Encyclopedias of information have been penned about the problems of life on earth, but no answers or solutions have ever come forward to make planet earth a utopia of peace, no military, no wars, no mass-death and destruction, no lying, no propaganda, no deceit, no spying, no taxation, no control by the few over the many or life without government control over humans, such as courts, judges and thugs.

Why is love, compassion, mercy, empathy and humility foreign to those who rule and who make decisions in life on earth that impact the whole world?

Someone, somewhere has to start thinking in a radically different manner about life on earth, because the world is sick and tired of being subjected to the diabolical and demonic evils of perpetual violence, war, death and destruction that rulers of nations subject the world to. There has to be an answer and so far in human governments, there never has been.

Is there not some reason for human life besides violence, hate, mass-murder and control by politicians, judges, enforcers and the few who wield power over the many?

Why not rethink virtually every man-made system in life on earth? Government is cause for more pain and suffering in life than almost all other causes of suffering combined. Is government God?

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