Who was behind the polonium poisoning of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko?


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This detailed article by Wayne Madsen casts serious doubt on mainstream media reports which suggest that former KGB agent Alexander Litivinenko was assassinated on the orders of President Vladimir Putin. According to Independent:

“The Russian president was accused by Mr Litvinenko of sanctioning his murder. The Kremlin has rejected the claims, but the death of the former agent will add to the perception that the FSB security service is running an assassination policy…. It emerges that radioactive material is found at hotel and restaurant which Litvinenko visited. His family release statement from former spy in which he tells Vladimir Putin “may god forgive you for what you have done”.

These insinuations have the appearances of a political smear campaign directed against the Russian president.

Global Research, 17 December 2006

December 15-17, 2006 — Mario Scaramella, the Italian liaison for polonium-210 poisoned ex-Russian KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, is connected to an array of companies, smuggling operations, and right-wing politicians, according to press reports in Italy. Scaramella ran an organization called the Environmental Crime Prevention Program (ECCP) from his base in Naples in the Campania Region. He is politically-connected to Campania officials, his uncle having once served as the President of Campania. He has also been linked to activities of the powerful Camorra criminal syndicate in Naples.

In 2004, Scaramella’s ECCP established a presence in the tiny Republic of San Marino, known for its tight banking secrecy laws. The ECCP proclaims itself as “permanent intergovernmental conference” with rotating presidencies by such countries as Samoa and Angola. Scaramella concocted a story that “KGB agents” were active in San Marino, but it now appears that he sabotaged an international law enforcement investigation of Russian-Israeli weapons nuclear smugglers that were using San Marino as a base. That weapons smuggling operation involved other Russian-Israeli Mafia agents and operatives in Zurich. Fugitive American-Russian-Israeli Mafia capo Marc Rich (former major client of Vice President Dick Cheney’s indicted former Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby) maintains his headquarters near Zurich.

In May 2002, he attended a top secret conclave of Italian intelligence officials in the town of Priverno, south of Rome. Scaramella attended under the affiliation of “Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Program for Environmental Security.” Also in attendance was Franco Frattini, Security and Intelligence Minister in the Silvio Berlusconi government; Mario Mori, chief of SISDE (the civilian intelligence service), Niccolo Pollari, director of SISMI (military intelligence), and Luigi Ramponi, the former chief of SISMI. Pollari was recently fired and is under criminal investigation for his role in the CIA’s kidnapping and rendition of Abu Omar, an Egyptian imam, from a Milan street in 2003. Pollari’s deputy, Gen. Nicola Calipari, was assassinated in March 2005 by U.S. military forces in Baghdad while on a rescue mission for an Italian journalist taken hostage by insurgents. Calipari’s widow, Rosa Maria Calipari, is now a Senator in the governing left-center coalition of Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Scaramella and Litvinenko were involved in political dirty tricks operations against Prodi. Scaramella also targeted Alfonso Pecararo Scanio, the leader of the Italian Green Party and now Minister of the Environment) and Antonio Bassolini, the current President of Campania. As with the law enforcement investigators in San Marino, Scaramella accused Pecararo Scanio and Bassolini of being involved with the “KGB” to cover his own illicit activities. The District Attorney for Reggio Calabria, Alberto Cisterna, and a Parliamentary Committee has a case file on the illegal dumping of toxic waste in which Scaramella’s name appears as a suspect in the sinking of the “Rigel,” which was loaded with toxic waste, off the Calabrian coast.

Mario Scaramella: Links to various “usual suspects” indicate that Litvinenko affair may be the tip of the iceberg that could lead to past and future global false flag terrorism operation aimed at the United States and its allies. If Vladimir Putin hit this criminal network, he deserves our eternal thanks and not our condemnation.

Scaramella’s reported involvement with the Imam kidnapping confirms earlier reports that the CIA (or more likely, the parallel Pentagon operation established by Donald Rumsfeld, Stephen Cambone, and Douglas Feith) was assisted in the operation by private Italian intelligence agents linked to SISMI and SISDE. Scaramella reportedly had a fleet of SUVs, Range Rovers, and well-armed private security guards at his disposal. The Naples Camorra is also reportedly now under the operational control of the Russian-Israeli Mafia.

Scaramella has also been linked to the operational chief for the kidnapping and rendition of Abu Omar, Robert Seldon Lady, reputedly the CIA station chief in Milan. His official cover was reportedly Political Military Officer at the U.S. Consulate, a portfolio not usually assigned to a consulate but only to embassies or special missions. Lady and his CIA associates are now wanted by Italian authorities in the kidnapping. Lady has ties to CIA contra activities in Central America in the 1980s. Lady has also been linked to the Rocco Martino-Manucher Ghorbanifar bogus Niger “yellowcake” uranium documents used to justify the U.S. attack on Iraq. Martino is an Italian intelligence broker who tried to frame the French in the yellowcake affair and Ghorbanifar, a native of Iran, is a longtime agent of influence and back channel liaison to Iran for the Israeli Mossad. Lady retired from the CIA in 2004 and departed Italy in 2005. If there are now links between the CIA and organized crime, it marks a dramatic return to the past for the agency. In the 1950s and 1960s, the CIS coordinated a number of its activities with members of the Italian Mafia.

Lady is reportedly spending much of his time in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a place where he was active in the Contra affair in the 1980s at the same time John Negroponte, now Director of National Intelligence, served as ambassador to Honduras and effectively ran the CIA’s death squads in the country. Lady also reportedly maintains a residence in Abita Springs, Louisiana, near New Orleans. During the Iran-Contra affair, a scandal engineered partly by Ghorbanifar, Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, current National Security Council official Elliott Abrams, and Michael Ledeen, now of the American Enterprise Institute, Lady ran Contra support operations from the Honduran military base at Ojo de Agua, 30 miles northwest of Tegucigalpa.

Scaramella apparently used his environmental organization as a way to establish close contact with various Green Party officials. He also has a past connection with Michael Penders, a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) legal counsel for criminal enforcement and now President of Environmental Security, Inc. (ESI), headquartered in the Willard Office Building in downtown Washington, just one block from the White House. The firm also maintains an office in Manassas, Virginia. According to the Italian magazine, Panorama, Scaramella boasted of his contacts with Penders. Penders’ biography on the ESI web site states, “In 2004, Mr. Penders chaired a U.S.-Israel group of experts that developed the draft international standard for Security Management Systems (SMS). Last year, ESI led pilot studies testing the integrated SMS standard at critical infrastructure facilities in the US, Israel, and Italy.”

ESI’s website has the conference agenda for a Nov. 15 and 16, 2000 conference in New York City on “Combating International Eco-Crime in a Global Economy: The Use of Technologies and Information Management to Monitor Compliance with International Agreements, Prosecute Environmental Crime, and Reform Environmental Law and Trade.” Penders and Scaramella both spoke at the conference. Their biographies are included:

“Michael Penders is the president of Environmental Security International (ESI), a new company with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Phoenix, and Rome. ESI conducts investigations, implements environmental management and security systems, and offers consulting services involving the application of new technologies, policies, legislation, and training to improve environmental performance. Previously, Mr. Penders was the Director of Legal Counsel with EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement.”

“Dr. Mario Scaramella, a professor at the University of Naples in Italy and Secretary General of the ECPP, described the mission of the ECPP as providing environmental protection and security through technology on a global basis, particularly for developing nations. ECPP has offices at the Fucino Space Center in Italy, the largest civilian space center in the world. ECPP has used aerial surveillance and the remote sensing capabilities of satellites to detect environmental crimes in Eastern and Southern Europe and eco-terrorism in Central Africa and South America.”

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that Scaramella has “deep knowledge” of nuclear materials and where they are located. In addition, Scaramella claims a connection to Colombia. He claims he was a professor of environmental law at Externado University and the University of Nuestra Senora del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia from 1996 to 2000. He also claims to have been a professor during the same time at the University of Naples. The University of Naples says it has no record of Scaramella being a professor at the institution. He also claims to have been a visiting professor at Stanford and was the director of a Stanford NATO program that visited Lithuania. (Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the former Provost of Stanford). In 2002, Scaramella says he was in charge of a training program for the Colombian police and was a visiting professor at Greenwich University in London.

The links between Litvinenko, Scaramella, Boris Berezovsky, and other elements of the weapons smuggling Russian-Israeli Mafia and Litvinenko’s poisoning on Nov. 1 in London, just a week prior to the November 7 elections in the United States, may indicate that a much larger plot was afoot than in just the corporate media fantasy that Vladimir Putin silenced a political opponent. If Litvinenko and Scaramella were involved in the smuggling of dangerous radioactive material for an early November “surprise” designed to influence the American election and an “accident” arranged by Russian intelligence resulted in the plot’s failure, President Putin, if he is knowledgeable at all about the case, deserves the utmost thanks and gratitude of the American people for helping to expose what may be a key operational element of a failed attack on the U.S. or U.S. interests abroad and other false flag operations directed against the United States, including 9/11.

The reported links between Alexander Litvinenko’s Italian interlocutor Mario Scaramella and at least one former official of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Criminal Enforcement’s Center for Strategic Environmental Enforcement raise some troubling issues, according to an EPA insider.

A top EPA official attended, along with Scaramella and former EPA criminal enforcement branch legal counsel Michael Penders, the Nov. 15 and 16, 2000 conference in New York City on “Combating International Eco-Crime in a Global Economy. The official represented the EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement’s Center for Strategic Environmental Enforcement. That office has been described by an EPA insider as consisting of “cover up artists.” The insider further stated the EPA criminal investigative branch “has access to NASA skyviewing . . . geographical information system (GIS), they know where every little ounce of bad stuff is in the world and they can get access to it.” The insider said it would not surprise him in the very least that “the [polonium] 210 came from people inside this group. Their loyalty ties strongly to Bush and company” and that previous external-to-EPA criminal investigations “thwarted some of their past misdeeds.”

The EPA enforcement center’s data import/export database system has the capability to “identify suspect shipments,” according to the EPA. A number of other EPA officials, including those involved in international issues, attended the New York conference.

Scaramella’s Environmental Crime Prevention Program, falsely billed as a European counterpart to the EPA’s Center for Strategic Environmental Enforcement, also claims a similar role: “aerial surveillance and the remote sensing capabilities of satellites to detect environmental crimes in Eastern and Southern Europe and eco-terrorism in Central Africa and South America.”

The compromise of agencies in the United States and Europe that are responsible for monitoring the location and transport of nuclear materials represents an immense danger to public safety around the world.

Equally interesting is that Scaramella once offered FS (the Italian Railway) an estimated 17 million euro video surveillance system for free. The system would have covered every train station and other railway facility in Italy. Scaramella’s deal was that he would provide the system for free in exchange for the exclusive use of the video images captured by the system.

Scaramella offered Italian Railways free 17 million euro video surveillance system in return for exclusive use of captured images.

December 15-17, 2006 — The UK Independence Party (UKIP) vehemently denies our Dec. 11 report that the party has any ties to the British National Front/Party. We based our report on press reports linking some of its past members to British National Front/Party activities. We accept the UKIP statement to us that they have no current ties or links with the British far right/neo-fascist parties. A supporter of the UKIP, in an email to the editor, says the UKIP’s interest in Alexander Litvinenko was merely due to the fact that a former KGB officer had information on Romano Prodi, a former European Commission President (and current Prime Minister) being a KGB agent. Litivinenko was apparently invited to speak to a UKIP conference about Prodi and the KGB. The UKIP is adamantly opposed to the European Union and may have been taken in by the bogus attempt by Litvinenko and his Italian counterpart, Mario Scaramella, to paint Prodi, the former top EU bureaucrat, as a KGB agent. The Scaramella-Litvinenko operation was an operation designed by forces loyal to Italian right-wing then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to conduct a dirty trick operation against Prodi and his leftist-centrist alliance.

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