Who sets the Middle East War Agenda? The Banks and the Oil Companies

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Hamas’ Political Impasse: Between Principal and Necessity
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2009-07-03

Thomas Greco, Marjorie Cohn, Michael Hudson, James Petras and Rima Laibow on The Global Research News Hour
Host Stephen Lendman, June 29 – July 3
– 2009-07-03

Banks own the US government
There are smart ways to raise money and regulate the market, but Wall Street is working to kill any meaningful financial reform
– by Dean Baker – 2009-07-02

Battling Neoliberal Urbanism
Toronto City Workers on Strike
– by Greg Albo, Herman Rosenfeld – 2009-07-02

The Military Invades U.S. Schools: How Military Academies Are Being Used to Destroy Public Education
In Chicago, there’s a push to replace public schools with military academies
– by Brian Roa – 2009-07-02

Banksters Love Cap-and-Trade: Economic collapse about to accelerate
The well-placed and well-connected are set to make trillions off new climate bill
– by James Corbett – 2009-07-02

Troop Movements Are not a ‘Withdrawal’
– by Dennis Kucinich – 2009-07-02

US seeks deal between Honduran coup leaders and deposed president
– by Barry Grey – 2009-07-02

Michael Jackson’s death
– by David Walsh – 2009-07-02

Reporters Without Borders’ Lies about Cuba
– by Salim Lamrani – 2009-07-02

America’s Third World Healthcare Plan
Conversation with Dr. Quentin Young, Former Obama Healthcare Confidant
– by Dr. Gary Null – 2009-07-02

Italy to Declare Independence from US Military
– by David Swanson – 2009-07-02

Covering (up) the coup in Honduras – the BBC does its bit for the Empire
– by William Bowles – 2009-07-02

VIDEO: Market continues to be propped up by government intervention and manipulation
– 2009-07-02

It is Independence Day as We Become More Dependent
America Is In Hock To The World And We Have To Accept The New Reality
– by Danny Schechter – 2009-07-02

Iraqi government approves BP oil field offer
– 2009-07-01

Setback for Tony Blair’s ambition to be president of Europe
Former prime minister, who is believed to be considering bidding for the post, faces stiffening opposition from Sweden and Spain
– by Ian Traynor – 2009-07-01

Rockefeller launches initiative to boost health systems in Africa, Asia
– 2009-07-01

Whistleblower Who Linked “Taliban” Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated
Analysts claim enemy of slain tribal leader is protected, funded by CIA
– by Steve Watson – 2009-07-01

UN team begins probe into Bhutto’s killing
– 2009-07-01

The Truth Behind The Iraq “Sovereignty” Propaganda
Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops to remain stationed at dozens of U.S. military bases throughout the country
– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2009-07-01

Pirates of the Mediterranean
Israel Kidnaps Peace Boat Crew
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2009-07-01

Color Revolutions, Old and New
– by Stephen Lendman – 2009-07-01

The US and the Honduran coup
– by Alex Lantier – 2009-07-01

The Launching of U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).
Offensive Operations in Cyberspace
– by Tom Burghardt – 2009-07-01

Venezuela & Iran: Whither the revolutions?
– by Eric Walberg – 2009-07-01

Obama’s Czars “R” US!
– by Rev. Richard Skaff – 2009-07-01

California’s Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity
– by Ellen Brown – 2009-06-30

The Great Bank Robbery: How the Federal Reserve is destroying America
– by Robert Bridge – 2009-06-30

Ahmadinejad orders probe into Neda’s ‘suspicious’ death
– 2009-06-30

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to blame over Iraq war, says Army report
– by Rupert Hamer – 2009-06-30

Oil and the Iraq “withdrawal”
– by James Cogan – 2009-06-30

Scotland: Parliament get power to fine over climate change
– by Jenny Haworth – 2009-06-30

Chavez threatens to invade as Honduran army stages coup
Venezuelan leader vows to ‘act militarily’ after leftist ally Manuel Zelaya is overthrown and exiled to Costa Rica
– by David Usborne – 2009-06-30

Can credit default swaps be abolished?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2009-06-30

$2.775 billion in US aid supports Israeli nuclear weapons program
– by Grant F. Smith – 2009-06-30

The Honduran coup: another US destabilization operation
– by Barry Grey, Rafael Azul – 2009-06-30

Honduras: Telesur Journalists Detained by Coup Forces
– 2009-06-30

Honduran army smothers media after coup
– 2009-06-30

Israeli doctors colluding in torture
… while world’s medical ethics chief turns blind eye
– by Jonathan Cook – 2009-06-30

Police, Basij ‘imposters’ arrested in Iran
– 2009-06-29

Worldwide Depression: Review of Global Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-29

The Coup in Honduras
Obama’s Real Message to Latin America?
– by Nikolas Kozloff – 2009-06-29

H.R. 675: Building Obama’s Civilian National Security Force
– by Kurt Nimmo – 2009-06-29

Obama administration preparing order for indefinite detentions
Following in Bush’s Footsteps
– by Tom Eley – 2009-06-29

The Geopolitics of the US-North Korea Standoff
– by Tim Beal – 2009-06-29

Debt Deflation in America
What the Jump in the U.S. Savings Rate Really Means
– by Michael Hudson – 2009-06-29

Coup d’Etat Underway in Honduras: OBAMA’S FIRST COUP D’ETAT
– by Eva Golinger – 2009-06-29

President Zelaya of Honduras has just been kidnapped

Democrats and Republicans Join Hands Over Immigration
– by Shamus Cooke – 2009-06-29

China Mega-trend Stocks Stealth Bull Market Update, SSEC Up 47%
– by Nadeem Walayat – 2009-06-29

Is the Fed Juicing the Stock Market?
– by Mike Whitney – 2009-06-29

Rothschild and Freshfields founders linked to slavery
– by Carola Hoyos – 2009-06-28

CIA seeks laid-off bankers in N.Y. recruitment drive
– by Frederick H. Katayama – 2009-06-28

US ‘has agents working inside Iran’
– 2009-06-28

EU and Turkey Sign Pipeline Deal
Nabucco, an American piece for a European orchestra
– 2009-06-28

Iran’s Presidential Elections, Islamic Populism and Liberation Theology
– by Prof. Akbar E. Torbat – 2009-06-28

Members of U.S. House Financial Services Committee snapped up or dumped bank stocks as bottom fell out of market
– 2009-06-28

Ahmadinejad Won: The Real Source of Interference in the Iran Elections was the US
– by John Chuckman – 2009-06-28

What China’s Push for An Alternative World Reserve Currency Means
– by Washington’s Blog – 2009-06-28

Military Coup in Honduras
– 2009-06-28

Chavez calls US a threat to Venezuela
– 2009-06-28

Bioweapons: Biological threats to Canadians and World Citizens
– by Canadian Action Party – 2009-06-28

Winning the war on drugs
– by Prof. Steve Jonas – 2009-06-28

From Mossadegh to Ahmadinejad: The CIA and the Iranian experiment
– by Thierry Meyssan – 2009-06-28

CIA Crucified captive in Abu Ghraib Prison
– by Sherwood Ross – 2009-06-28

US states’ budget crisis sets stage for new attack on the working class
– by Tom Eley – 2009-06-27

America’s “Bases of Empire”
– by Stephen Lendman – 2009-06-27

Africom to Continue Under Obama
– by Daniel Volman – 2009-06-27

US sends ammunition and guns to Somalia
– 2009-06-27

It’s high time to pay back colonial debt to African countries – Medvedev
– 2009-06-27

Lessons from the Humbling of General Motors
– by Sam Gindin – 2009-06-27

U.S. grants support Iranian dissidents
– by Ken Dilanian – 2009-06-26

Canada to Vaccinate Entire Population
– 2009-06-26

Iran’s Coming Revolution: For Civil Rights Or Beyond?
– by Shamus Cooke – 2009-06-26

What the Big Banks Have Won
Regulatory Capture
– by Mike Whitney – 2009-06-26

Obama Moves to Fund Iranian Dissidents
Despite Claims of Not Meddling, US to Send $20 Million to Opposition
– by Jason Ditz – 2009-06-26

Former US National Security Adviser: US Has Intelligence Agents Working In Iran
– by Steve Watson – 2009-06-26

Wary of dollar, China wants super-sovereign currency
– 2009-06-26

EU mulls IMF solution to gas crisis threat
– by Andrew Rettman – 2009-06-26

EU to help China test carbon capture
– 2009-06-26

G8 mulls Iran at Italy summit
– 2009-06-26

European heads of government bow to banks
EU summit in Brussels
– by Peter Schwarz – 2009-06-26

Gordon Brown hasn’t beaten off the EU financial regulators
– by Irwin Stelzer – 2009-06-26

Obama administration seeks to quash suit by 9/11 families
– by Barry Grey – 2009-06-26

The Economic Crime of Our Time
Bernie Madoff . Will Other Financial Criminals Be Investigated And Prosecuted?
– by Danny Schechter – 2009-06-26

Beyond Politics: People for Sale in Hungry World
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2009-06-26

NATO Tweets Too
– by Kit Eaton – 2009-06-26

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