Who is Pushing Dope to Destroy Our Indigenous Youth
By Karakwine and MNN Staff
Global Research, August 06, 2008 6 August 2008
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MNN.  Aug. 4, 2008.  Drug abuse in Indigenous communities is not random.  Someone wants us to be pacified and to push us to have a total social breakdown.  They want our brains, morals and ambition destroyed.  They want our Indigenous youth to be criminalized and minimized.  Drug abuse creates misfits and society dropouts who are supposed to be discarded and discredited.  It stops us from campaigning for our social and political rights.  The colonists want us to shut up.  They don’t want to acknowledge their obligation to us.  They don’t want to admit they are on stolen land.   
It’s an old strategy. 

Going back to the 1830s Britain was the world’s major drug trafficker.   The Europeans were jealous of the Chinese.  They had so many beautiful items like silk, porcelain, spices, etc.  Britain only had wool to trade, which the Chinese did not need.  The Europeans had to get silver to trade with China.  They also had tobacco from Turtle Island.  To increase demand for tobacco they cut it with opium from India.  Before long, huge numbers around the trading ports in Canton [the modern city of Guangzhou] were addicted.  Silver began draining out of China and ruining the economy. 

The Chinese emperor passed a law forbidding the import of opium.  They wrote to Queen Victoria asking her to control her nationals and stop the illegal trade.  The Chinese announced all opium would be seized and burned.  U.S. traders ignored the ban and brought in a shipment to Canton.  It was confiscated and burned in public. 

The Americans got the British to declare war on China.  The “Opium War” was to defend the “right” of drug dealers.  The Chinese were not warlike.  They did not have a big army to defend themselves from the British.  The British won the war and forced the Chinese to give them a lot of land around Hong Kong.  This has since been returned to them.  China was forced to make opium legal along with unrestricted propagation of Christianity.  The affect was devastating. 

A lot of research was done on how a few were able to defeat a population of millions through drugs. In the end the Chinese regained their independence.  We Indigenous People of Turtle Island are in the midst of this same kind of struggle.   Shouldn’t we ask why is the U.S. in Afghanistan?  It is the source of over 90% of the world’s opium!  Does somebody want the whole world to be stoned!       

In the 1940’s, British writer Aldous Huxley, who wrote “Brave New World”, went to the U.S.  He recruited Allen Watts who became the guru of a nationwide Zen Buddhist cult in California in the 1950s and 1960s.   He founded the “Pacifica Foundation” which sponsored two radio stations that pushed the “Liverpool sound”.  This was the British imported “hard” rock twang of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the Animals.   They also pioneered “acid rock” and eventually “psychotic punk rock”. 

In 1943 LSD was developed by Albert Hoffman, a chemist at Sandoz A.B. – a Swiss pharmaceutical owned by banker, S.G. Warburg.  [He’s a Federal Reserve shareholder].  British and U.S. intelligence were directly involved. 

The book “Aquarian Conspiracy” described how new age philosophy was blended with the promotion of the drug culture.  “The introduction of major psychedelics in the 1960s was largely attributable by the Central Intelligence Agency CIA’s investigation for possible military use”.  It was codenamed “MK Ultra”.

In the 1960s kids in the U.S. were protesting against the Vietnam War.  The U.S. establishment did not know what to do.  On May 4, 1970, the National Guard shot four kids at Kent State University in Ohio.  They were protesting against the U.S. invasion of Cambodia ordered by President Nixon.  The shooting was meant to quell the demonstrations against the war.  It didn’t work.   

To divert the youth, a humongous drug movement was started.  The 1968 mega concert at Woodstock in Sullivan County New York was part of the drug and “free love” movement sponsored by companies like Capitol Records.   In New York City the “Ed Sullivan Show” displayed these groups nationwide to promote the drug culture. 

For the U.S. to continue its warmongering it had to corrupt and destroy its opposition, the youth.  According to recently released CIA documents, Allen Dulles, the then head of the CIA, purchased over 100 million doses of LSD – most of which flooded the streets of the USA during the late 1960s.  []. 

The plan is for every instinct for survival to be controlled by drugs.  The drugs produced naturally by the body are being replaced by drugs being manufactured by the multi-national corporations.     

Today, as a result of 911, the climate of fear has been promoted over the U.S. and Canada.  The kids are told that fear can be shut out by going into this false artificial world created by drugs, pills and music.  The kids lose touch with reality and are not able to understand or cope with social abuse. 

Today multi-national corporations and pharmaceuticals have control of recording companies, music, radio stations, television programming, films, mainstream news [msn] and advertising [almost total mind control].  A common theme is U.S. based “ghetto rap”.  They are producing these themes for the vulnerable minds of the young people to confuse and control them.  The kids learn to switch into rap and drug culture talk.   Computers, games and cell phones are programmed to take them into this world. 

It is normal for people to react when there’s a problem.  Often they blame people improperly like their fathers, mothers, girlfriends, boyfriends or people around them.  The drugs divert them so their critical thinking doesn’t develop to a level where they can understand complex issues.  Drugs create a rift between older generations and young people and to break up families.  When people are emotionally hurt by broken families, they can’t think straight.  This leaves them insecure, paranoid and open to  manipulation by big business. 

Drugs have replaced the residential school program as a means of committing genocide.  The difference is that they’ve persuaded our youth to commit the crimes on themselves.  Anyone who wants to get out of it can if they are determined.  Elders are there to counsel them.  While they are off the drugs they start talking to them and get them back into reality and with their families.    After treatment they need help and support and to occupy themselves. 

It’s an uphill battle for these counselors.  Drugs are being flooded into Indigenous communities to stop people from thinking or asking questions.  The colonists want to be able to lure us into giving up everything we have.  In the majority of cases the youth experiment with drugs and then reject it.  They get on with their lives.  The oldest and the youngest are not involved.  Those escaping it are able to stay in school.  They are taught to deal with enticement from other kids and dealers.  In any society the youth in between are vulnerable.  Many of our elders know there’s hope for this generation. 

Marijuana is many times more powerful than it was in the 1960s.  Other drugs are even more dangerous.  Some, like chrystal meth, cause brain damage after one shot.  The teachers and medical personnel get children on Ritalin and other drugs.  Some parents use it to shoot up.  It’s vicious!  Those Indigenous people who are bringing drugs into our communities have been colonized into wanting power and control over us.  Thus, the push for more powerful drugs onto our people!

For this plan to be effective, they need to keep us idle and spaced out.  Some government or police agents or medical personnel who say they are fighting drugs are actually promoting drugs.  The whole dirty business keeps a few people rich.  In some cases the dealers are co-opt to become “snitches” in exchange for protection.  They purportedly supply information on us and are free to provide drugs to the community to weaken and destroy us.  They’re never busted when there’s a “crack down” or a raid!  Why? 

There are people in every Indigenous community who are fighting it.  The battle will be won.  We have the power to say “no” when somebody offers us drugs.  We have to finish school and get a job.   We all have to help our communities.  Our indigenous youth are smart, dignified, respectful of elders and not prone to act without thinking.  We are not “terrorists”.  We are builders.  Our young people are relearning our languages, ceremonies and carrying them on.  We are defenders of Turtle Island.   That’s who we are!

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