What Do We Know About the Dirty War on Syria?
By Mark Taliano
Global Research, October 26, 2017

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What do we know about the dirty war on Syria, beyond a reasonable doubt?

1. We know that all of the terrorists in Syria are al Qaeda or al Qaeda-affiliated, including “ISIS”.1

2. We know that there are no “moderates”.2

3. We know that all of the terrorists in Syria are proxies/strategic assets for the West (including SDF)3

4. We know that the West and its allies commit war crimes in Syria as policy.4

5. We know that civilians are targets, not collateral damage.5

6. We know that the West continues to supply all of the terrorists with weapons.6

Each of the aforementioned points has been proven over the course of the war beyond any reasonable doubt.

We also know that informed Canadians who remain silent in the face of this overwhelming evidence are complicit in the war crimes of their government.


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