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By Global Research
Global Research, December 28, 2011
28 December 2011
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We get a lot of positive and constructive feedback from our Readers, almost everyday.

We are much indebted to our readers for their moral support, for their words of encouragement during difficult times.

There are certain fundamental moral values including truth and justice which prevail in the minds of millions of people across the land.

The shared commitment by our readers to Truth in Media constitutes the driving force behind our endeavors. 

In the course of the last year, our readership has increased dramatically. We now have more than one million unique visitors a month. 

War is presented as a “humanitarian” “peacekeeping” endeavor. The lie prevails over common sense.  Realities are twisted and turned upside down.

America is on a war path. How does one break a war agenda.

Against all odds, we have worked on the presumption that truth and honesty will triumph over lies and fabrications.

Our best wishes and greetings to our readers,

Let us forcefully Reverse the Tide in 2012.

May 2012 bring Peace and Social Justice,

Michel Chossudovsky on behalf of the Global Research Team

ps. We occasionally get negative comments as well as hate mail….

A Selection of Global Research Readers’ Comments

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  • I’ve been following Global Research for almost a year now and I find myself to be smarter and more analytical of the world around me. New thought paths have been created and nothing can ever take that away. The rose coloured glasses have shattered 
  • Global Research is not just a news source, it is a great source to different ideas and takes on what it currently going on it the world. I commend Global Research for the great articles.
  • Keep up the precious work you are doing. We need information that is honest and unbiased on the net! God bless!
  • Global Research is an absolutely essential and unique website. I have been a subscriber for years, and recommend it to one and all.

  • Absolutely indispensable resource for any self-respecting leftie (or concerned citizen of the world, for that matter)!
  • The many and various articles, covering subjects such as Iraq, the ‘war on terror’, militarization of space, Israel/Palestine, energy/oil, globalization, police states and the 9/11 truth movement to be found on Global Research’s website are an essential resource for anyone genuinely concerned with peace, justice and truth in increasingly troubled times.
  • Thanks for something True! Global research has more info than I have ever seen in one place info that shines a light on what is true and who and why a few are trying to rule the world and explain how they have done such a great job…until the most powerful force on earth “world opinion” says no more..
  • May God richly bless you for your honesty, truth and courage in these dark times.  Our prayers are with you.  Pamela

  • Thank you for sharing your analysis of the world. It is a powerful gift.
  • Superb and we are in solidarity with you
  • Keep going, your work is of utmost importance to the world!
  • Thank you so much for your great disclosures of news not found anywhere else.
  • To the honest, truthful journalists and researchers of Global Research, I simply want to congratulate the whole Global Research team on their dedication and willingness to report the real issues of today’s society. It really angers me to see controlled corporate media report stories in misleading and manipulative manners at best and simply ignore or blatantly lie about important stories when it suits them (or should I say their bosses).
  • The Centre for Research on Globalisation, and its Website perhaps above all others has continuously carried analysis that if disseminated widely would result in much needed higher levels of political-economic literacy at a time with great potential for public uptake of such information.
  • God love and bless you for your great passion and work for social justice.
  • I have been an avid reader of your website and all the wide spectrum of information from all the sources you all have gathered. Out of the many websites dedicated to revealing truth about the state of our world, this website is the most informative and complete, focusing on all events in every country including our own. I am from Ontario Kingston and I see this site originates in Montreal.
  • Anyhow, the only sad part I see from knowing that everything we’ve been told is a lie and that the only actions available to the common person is to speak out and to be heard which to no avail falls on the deaf ears of the masses. Sure we can march around holding signs stating the truths and we can peacefully demand a change but that simply doesn’t work.
  • Thank you for the service your doing, the world needs more people to read and think over your many ideas.
  • I’ve been much impressed with your work, over the years. Excellent scholarship in combination with a very clear, compassionate perspective… thanks.
  • Please keep up this great reporting. Such phenomenal work. Let’s keep the truth movement growing.
  • Thank you Prof. Chossudovsky and all of you who contribute to the establishment of globalresearch since 911 and have greatly helped educate me and many others to the historical political and economic complexities of its patristic one-sidedness.  I have profound respect for you.  Just finished reading your contextual analysis on Obama/Biden/McCain and I totally agree, but I do not agree they are the beginning or end of “informed choices” “we” can make
  • Your website is bound to the truth, independent and managed by idealism.Thanks for that.
  • Thank you for your flash news (seems to come from Global Research before any other news wire — boy, are YOU hooked up!), yas well as all of your writers views and articles.
  • Receiving information from your organization is like a breath of fresh air As someone with insatiable curiosity stuck in a country that no longer allows tv or radio news from any other country except Mexico, I want to thank you for your work at Global Research. I don’t even want to think about what life would be like for some of us if we couldn’t hear from the rest of the world. We are in an information prison here, not even our satellite networks are allowed to offer news from any other country. Bless you all, and keep it coming. I send it on to fellow inmates, those with inquiring minds stuck in this vacuum.
  • I really do want to congratulate you on the calibre of your research and publications. They are most impressive and informative and I’ve been passing some of them along to friends.
  • Your information is so rich and I am very much appreciative to receive it.  I honor your commitment in dispensing this to all who are willing to look at the real truths you’re offering.

    Just wanted to say, I absolutely love the site, and try to visit at least once a month. It’s like my internet Bible, of sorts. Please keep up the awesome work in keeping those of us who want to know the truth, informed. I now have at least three others hooked on your site and wish I could convince more to believe in this site. Fear is a powerful emotion, and I believe it to be the reason, that people who are afraid of the truth that they will read among your pages, keeps them from coming back.

  • I thank you for your valued information, and between Michel Chossudovsky, Peter Dale Scott and David Ray Griffin my eyes are wide open to the false information and political agendas that attempt to manipulate public opinion.
    Thank you for your wonderful work and I will continue to spread the truth about where we are going as a species and the repercussions as a result of the Anglo-American agenda.
    Thank you for all the work you people do to gather all this information. Although my heart feels very heavy, I am reading with great interest. Sylvia
  • Dear Professor Chossudovsky, I am a huge fan of yours! Your brain power AMAZES me and the level of documentation and research you put into your books is incredible. I have read them both and eagerly scan your website at least once a week for the latest articles and news stories posted there. May God bless you for the work you are doing in trying to wake people up to what is going on in our world!
  • Your work is just SO invaluable , although I get v scared as an ordinary citizen.
  • Just wanted to say you guys/gals offer Excellent Information.
  • If only we Americans could DO something about it. Why does it have to be so difficult to have new people in government with a great change in policy without all these corporate lobbyists in Washington D.C. bribing/running our country.
  • You are invaluable. The only civil weapon against entrenched insanity is accurate information. Press on
  • You are a most valuable source of real information on the net.
  • The information carried by  Global Research is consistently far superior in interest and objectivity to that carried by corporate media
  • I just wanted to let you know that I came across your website around 2.5 yrs ago & now it is bookmarked & the first place I go to for news. Every time I have the opportunity I forward and tell people about your website. I went out of town last week & told three people on the plane, one at breakfast & anyone that would listen at the bar – about your website. Hey I am trying to get the word out & wake up those still asleep…little by little. We read your entire site & since my husband is originally from Mexico City we are especially thrilled with the insightful and correct news on that entire region as well as South America & the rest of the world. Thanks for your website & knowing you will keep up the great work. I send links via email every time I have the chance. Elaine in Florida
  • Be well, be strong…kick ass! a real admirer!
  • I just wanted to say that I appreciate your excellent website and refer it to others often. I visit at least once a day and it is one of my “go to” sites to stay informed.
  • I came across your website quite by accident about a week ago.As I scanned over the highlights on your website and barely got started on your list of links, it was very gratifying for me to see there is information of astronomical proportions available to the world to see the REAL DANGER that is upon us.I wonder how many people know when the wording A New World Order was first uttered on TV, and by whom. Oh yeah and what was meant by the term. Thank you
  • I recently visited your site for the first time. I took a look at the murdered children and I cried. You all are doing a fantastic job. The world has to know.
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